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User Name: [The Black Goat]

Character name: Vincent Gladstone

Mutant Name: Achilles

Classification: X-Men

Abilities/powers: Incredible strength and high density bones. Vincent's strength is beyond that of a regular human's, allowing him to be an even match for guys who spent all of their time training without much effort. In addition to this his bones have a density eight times what is normal. Nearly as durable as steel and able to withstand a great deal of damage with out fracturing or breaking. However, his skin and soft organs are just as vulnerable as anyone else, so if he were to throw himself in front of a train he would still suffer enough internal damage to kill him, even if his bones are all intact.Like wise if he were to punch a concrete wall his bones would be fine but his skin would to shred at the contact points.

Sex: Male

Age/Date of Birth: 19, 27 August

General appearance: Vincent is a good looking guy with unruly, light brown hair that curls if he let's it grow out too long and angular, but masculine features. His eyes are a very light, subdued green, almost grey and very expressive. With high cheekbones but a wide chin, and lips that are full without being overly large, he is often mistaken for a male model. He stands at a comfortable six feet and sports a trim, if slender build.

Additional Appearance: He has a preference for comfortable tee-shirts and jeans and occasionally wears a studded leather wrist band.

Personality: Vincent had two very distinct personalities that change depending on who he's around. Around other guys he acts tough, stubborn, and rebellious, but when he's around girls, especially sweet, nice girls, he's a big softie. However, his view of women is almost to the point of being chauvinistic, viewing females as being weaker and in need of his protection.
Special Skills: An excellent cook, though he wouldn't admit it.

Place of birth: Illinois
Weapon(s) of choice: Just his fists

Medical information: Due to his high bone desinity he can't float in water and can barely swim.

Brief History: Vincent was the product of an affair. His father had been married at the time he was concieved and it ended bitterly after he was born. His mother was a less than ideal parent and within the first year his father took custody, however when Vincent was five his father died in a car accident and custody was reawarded to his mom. The years after that were spent in and out of foster care as her drug habits worsened. They moved from place to place, never staying in one place for longer than a few months and her boyfriends popping in and out of the picture.He was twelve when she overdosed and he was put back in the system again. Due to behvoral problems he was often moved around before finally being released when he turned eighteen.

Relatives: None known

How long your character has been in the mansion: just arriving

X-Men Characters

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2014-10-02 [The Black Goat]: heh Vincent's not that much phased by naked girls, he's good looking enough to have gotten plenty by now XD

2014-10-02 [CuteCommander]: I suddenly had a horrifying thought of an aroused Caliban *shudders*

2014-10-02 [The Black Goat]: I think every girl did (except the freaky ones ;D)

2014-10-02 [ancienteye]: ...I feel like I missed a step of this conversation.

2014-10-02 [Figgy]: I don't think you did >_>

2014-10-02 [ancienteye]: Then I just don't understand Nox's response. .-.

2014-10-02 [Figgy]: It's a direct reply to CC's comment tho XD

2014-10-02 [ancienteye]: *rereads* ....... *rereads again* ................... *rereads one more time* Ohh! I get it, now!

2014-10-02 [ancienteye]: *is brain-dead, today*

2014-10-02 [The Black Goat]: XDXDXD

2014-10-02 [~Valkyrie~]: And they say I'm innocent. :p

2014-10-02 [Ms. Steel]: could we have a diagram

2014-10-02 [Ms. Steel]: i find diagrams to be helpful

2014-10-02 [Figgy]: Ask Dur. He's the one drawing orc penis.

2014-10-02 [The Black Goat]: Hey Dur can we have a nude of Caliban? I think there needs to be a biological discussion over here XD

2014-10-02 [ancienteye]: No, thanks. I already had the "talk". I just had a brain bubble. >.<

2014-10-02 [The Black Goat]: Sorry, you can't stop it now, it's too late :)

2014-10-02 [ancienteye]: .< B-but the reason I didn't catch on is I was lucky enough to /not/ get a visual! Don't ruin that!

2014-10-02 [Figgy]: Trust me, if he does it, it'll be worth it.

2014-10-02 [The Black Goat]: ^


2014-10-02 [CuteCommander]: I really hope Dur draws him with a tiny willy

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