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2009-09-09 00:52:41
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Vintage Feel

Over half way through this part of this series, excellent. This is the Historical manip, which is why it's so textured, I was going for a 'vintage feel' :P Oddly this is the most 'different' of the series thus far, I would have thought that title would have gone to Alienated... but nope. :P

This probably could have been slightly better but I like how it is now. I may re-do it at a later date but at the moment I'm happy with it.




Genre Series:
1. STEAMPUNK - Rusted Grace
2. CYBERPUNK - Cyber Styled
3. FANTASY - Faeble
4. SCI-FI - Alienated
5. HORROR - Red Webbing
6. HISTORICAL - Vintage Feel
7. ROMANCE - Strawberry Taste
8. COMEDY - Sunshine
9. TRAGEDY - Teary Eyed
10. MYSTERY - Shroud

/[Chimes], Chimes' Manipulations

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