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Player - [Grengo]

Name - Virul Bassior

Race - Human

Sub-race - Ravillan

Class - Fencer

Allegiance - Caessen Empire

Appearance - Virul has a lean, tough build; hardened by years of training, madly running away from raging street vendors (he likes shiny objects), and getting the crap beat out of him on the off chance he got caught. Slender and muscular, he stands at 5'9 and weights around 160 or so; though it usually fluctuates between the times he's escaping and the times he's eating. To fairly match his tannish complexion, Virul's hair is dark brown, fairly unkempt and a tad bit curly, and a bit long on the sides and back. His eyes are naturally narrow and dark, which contrasts with his carefree and careless nature, and his face is a bit weathered, yet youthful. Smack on the middle of his left cheek lies a small cross-shaped scar; the result of an accident involving a farmer, his gold, and his cattle prod. Not to mention a blind farmer at that. Besides all this, he has a particularly striking face (which he is all too aware of) and tends to tie his hair back with a string.
Virul's preferred choice of attire consists of, first and foremost, a forest green scarf wrapped around his neck. Besides stylish purposes, he uses this useful cloth for sliding down ropes, strangling people, wrapping around wounds, wetting it and smacking faces with it, and whatever odd circumstances that allow it usage. Besides the scarf, Virul is also fond of wearing a poncho of a lighter green texture, it reaching near his waist. Many small designs of leaves adorn the poncho, making it useful as camouflage in forested areas. Underneath it, Virul also wears a cape of darker green, though it's not as dark as the scarf. Why go through the trouble of wearing two separate, unneccessarily warm items when he could just buy a double-layered cloak? Because the said-mentioned cloaks are expensive and Virul's a stingy bastard. Anyway, underneath all this, he wears a long-sleeved, very fancy, and very expensive white & silver shirt (which he stole, by the way) and rather baggy, moss green pants, tied to the shins. Along with this massive mess of green, he wears (yep, you guessed it) green shoes resembling that of slippers, allowing Virul quick and silent movement.

Age - 22

Personality - Carefree, careless, quick with tongue and brain... all this pretty much describes Virul. He's more lax on honor than most people, usually considering it as a nuisance in the battlefield. Living to steal and stealing to live, Virul's a bit of a roguish bloke, but he's a likable fellow; laidback and easygoing. Just remember to hide your gold. And your food. And any other valuables you have on your person.

History - Born in the countryside near Decima City, Virul doesn't remember, or care, much about his early childhood. All he knows is that he grew up with his sister for the better part of 16 years (his estimate). They got by through thievery, commiting countless petty acts of crime, sparring against one another to hone their skills, fighting off rival bandits, and other assorted acts. Despite being related, the two were miles apart in terms of character, personality, and even fighting styles. Virul considered his robbing and fighting others as one big thrill, a constantly challenging game which tested his limits. Nethea, his sister, barely tolerated this lifestyle, but accepted the fact that, without support from anyone else, must continue living it in order to survive. She was the powerhouse of the two, preferring strength and axes, whereas he was the speed demon with a penchant for rapiers and acrobatics.

Anyhow, on his 17th year of living and her 19th, the two were slowly falling apart; their goals and ideals polar opposites from the other. One particular day, a young nobleman from Decima caught the eye of Nethea and the two often flirted with each other. This led down to that and the two became engaged, though Virul knew none of this. In fact, during this time of wooing, Virul, in an unfortunate coincidence, was making plans on robbing the nobleman's home. Nethea learned of this and, choosing between her husband-to-be and her kin, betrayed the latter and informed the former of her brother's plans on the day he chose to rob the estate. At night, Virul snuck into the living room through a window and was immediately apprehended. Stunned and wondering how he could've possibly gotten caught, he was shocked to see his coldhearted sister standing by, holding hands with his would-be victim. Distraught, confused, and angered beyond belief, he tried to escape from his captors and very nearly succeeded when his head was struck from behind. Before he blacked out, he once again saw the sneering face of his kin looking down at him, her fist holding a now-shattered lamp.

Imprisoned and humiliated, Virul spent the better part of six months in his cell. He tried to escape several times, but each time was unsuccessful. Finally, after the end of the sixth month, he managed to dig a hole out and fled away. He soon set out in search for his sister, but gave up in despair after hearing that she and Lord Faulfurn had moved away three months prior. Noone knew where they were. Deciding to 'forget' and let go of the past, Virul returned once again to his lifelong hobby of thieving... though alone this time, and with more caution.

Weapon of Choice - Rapier

Other - Though carefree and easygoing, Virul may occassionally grow somber and regretful during an odd night, and will change completely into an angry, bitter man when any mention of his kin is involved. He also tends to plot odd strategies and plans to reach his goals.

Party Relations: P1 - Shugu:

P3 - Gaius:

Element - Red (Fire)


Level - 7

Experience/To next level -

Equipment -
(E)Zorro D'argent (Unique Silver Epee + 5, 5 Atk, 3 Dex, 2 Mag, 1 Int, Silvered, Deals white elemental magic, Special Skills Fox's cunning, once a day, Zorro can raise its wielder's base Int by 5 for d20 minutes. Sentience Zorro appears to have developed some sort of intelligence, it can warn its master when danger is near (improved awareness) and when wielded by someone other than its master, it will behave as a regular epee, 4 wgt)
(E)Composite Bow (4 Atk, -1 Def, 10 Rng, 5 wgt)
(E)Bamboo Hat (3 Spd, 1 Car, 2 wgt)
(E)Bracers of Archery (Grants a +3 damage bonus to ranged attacks, 2 wgt)
(E)Golden Cloak (3 Car, 3 wgt)
(E)Tribal Necklace (2 Atk, 2 Spd, 1 Car, 3 wgt)
(E)Winged Boots (3 Spd, 2 wgt)
(E)Stylish Belt (3 Car, 2 wgt)
(E)44 Arrows (4 wgt)
(E)Healing Potion (1 wgt)
(E)Thief Tools (2 wgt)
(E)Rations x 2 (2 wgt)
(E)Stuffed Wolf
754 GP

HP - 22/22
MP - 10
Str - 7
Con - 5
Int - 5
Mag - 5
Dex - 8
Cha - 6

CC: 32/36 (equipped items)

Skills – Handle Sword, Lightning Speed (1), Discipline, Counterattack, Handle Composite Bow, High Morale, Awareness, Marksmanship, Rage, Frost Strike.
Skill Point - 0

Special Skills
Flashstep - Once a day for every 5 levels, the fencer can consume all of his movement by running in a straight line at very high speed, when he flashsteps, he can move through enemies and do an attack against each enemy he moves through.

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2006-05-01 [Veltzeh]: This still isn't the arena XD

2006-07-28 [Grengo]: (^'o')^WOO! ^('o'^)

2006-07-28 [Sturmi]: wow

2006-07-28 [Duredhel]: next up! Rumiko!

2006-07-28 [Lepellier]: WEEEE....He hates Darius

2006-07-28 [Grengo]: xD

2006-07-28 [Lepellier]: I might try to do the relationships for Darius, but I might not...because it seems like everyone will be a bunch of 1's or 2's..

2006-07-28 [Grengo]: The way I rank it is.... 5 is pretty much neutral (a character doesn't dislike, nor like, the other). 5.5 is fairly liked("Oh... she's pretty ok, I guess"), 6 is liked ( "Yeah, he's cool."), 6.5 = well liked ("I invite 'em for beers every now and then"), 7 is very well-liked ("I gotta' get her something good for her birthday"), and 7.5 is "best buds", pretty much ("Trust me guys, this guy is cool. We go way back. This guy is real cool"). 8-10 are totally different categories, though <_<

2006-07-28 [Grengo]: 8 = crush/lust ("That's not a gun in my pocket, I really am happy to see you"), 8.5 = love/more lust ("marry me, plz kk thx"), 9 = deep love ("Let's make bebes"), 9.5 = obsession ("I know when you're asleep and I know when you're awake 'cuz I watch you outside your window o.o"), and 10 = hopelessly devoted and will do anything, anything for that person (like a religious zealot for their god).

2006-07-28 [Lepellier]: The highest any character MIGHT get with Darius is a 6.5...

2006-07-28 [Grengo]: Mean bastard, ain't he? :p Lessee'.... oh yeah, the other end of the scale.... 4.5 = slight dislike ("What a douche"), 4 = dislike ("She's a bitch. Stay away"), 3.5 = pretty strong dislike ("That bastard will get his one day, I promise you that!"), 3 = deep dislike("Fuck him, fuck her, and fuck you t('_'t)), 2.5 = hate ("I challenge you to a duel >:O), 2 = strong hate ("Screw the duel, I'll kill you right here, right now!"), 1.5 = obsessive hate ("I will torture, maim, burn, slice, cut, pierce, cripple, and tickle him relentlessly for hours and hours on end!"), and good ol' 1 = hopelessly devoted and will do anything, anything to kill that person.

2006-07-28 [Lepellier]: enough said...Thing is thjat everyone hates him, so he may as well share the joy.

2006-07-30 [Grengo]: Well, Rei hates everyone, so there's nothing new there :p Hell, Darius is on the higher end of the like-o-meter (even if he is at 4.5).

2006-08-05 [Grengo]: Erm.... yo Dur, it should be the other Virul who has 10 HP >.>

2006-08-05 [Duredhel]: Karp XD

2006-09-04 [Grengo]: Erm... Dur? You gave the money won from the Bookies to the wrong Virul >_>

2006-09-04 [Duredhel]: Crap XD!

2006-11-15 [Grengo]: Huh... in order to be a Wanderer, he'll have to be lvl 5 fencer and lvl 5 warrior, eh? Argh >.< What sacrifices will have to be made (stat-wise, skill-wise) in order to do that?

2006-11-15 [Duredhel]: Uhm.. we could do the rebuild and then you decide if you want it or not.

2006-11-15 [Grengo]: Sure.

2006-11-15 [Lepellier]: if he has everything, then why have all the (E)'s?

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