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Important Terms

These are the basic terms of Parasite Eve. This page was put together when I was taking my Biology courses last year. Some words contain a simplified definition that will hopefully help to better understand them if you don't already.

Mitochondria - organelles found in the cells of most eucaryotic organisms. Mitochondria contain different DNA from that of their host, supporting the theory that mitochondria are relics of separate organisms that joined with the cell nuclei of host organisms soon after life began on this planet. (An alternate theory proposed by Kunihiko Maeda holds that mitochondria intentionally entered this symbiotic relationship.) Mitochondria are responsible for ATP production, an important source of cell power.
Mitochondria - the powerhouse of the cell.
RELATED: Mitochondria Theory *A girl's school project, where she talks about the mito theory.*

Nucleus - a structure within a cell that contains its genetic material and is essential to all its functions.

Genes - Sections of DNA responsible for determining genetic traits. A unit of heredity.

DNA - Deoxyribonucleic acid. The physical gene. These strands carry genetic information on adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine bases, the four nucleotides of the DNA model.
DNA - Contains the genetic information of all living cells.

Vector - Method of DNA propagation in which a section of DNA is affixed to a virus and sent into the cells of the test subject used to rebuild gene chains.
Vector - A carrier that introduces foreign genes into cells.

DNA Replication and Mutation - When DNA replication is perfect, the offspring will have characteristics which resemble the parents. However, when replication goes wrong, the wrong number of nucleotides are locked into place before they can bounce away. Sometimes there may be an extra nucleotide, and in some places, a nucleotide may be skipped. The result is mutation. Mutation is when a new cell, or a new living creature has characteristics that are not found in the cell, or the parents from which it arose. It is these mutations that help make evolution proceed.

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