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2006-12-16 18:46:06
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This contest is - as it says on the header - closed before it drops below the ratio of 1 effective entrant a year. The winning group is therefore:
*drums! trumpets! sparkling little things to throw around*

Art Contest Crew

They win a coloured drawing done by me for their magnificent display of intimidating the competition into not even entering this ruthless contest. (With the brave exception of [ally] and [Isilando]!)


This is a contest where the winner has most votes. Simple. But it's never that simple, so you'll have to continue reading if you want to participate. :P

It's a bit of a parody on a regular contest, so make sure you know what a parody means before you enter. It's meant in good fun, to get the Elftown groups to get a bit active outside their group, so I can maybe discover some new ones. :P

<img:stuff/VotemongersContestBullet.gif> Theme. Every contest has a theme, and the theme of this contest is: socks. May sound silly, and it is. The reason for this is simple: the entry itself doesn't really matter. Only the votes.
Photomanips, drawings, paintings, movies with the impression of sockness, sound files with the snoring of a sock, all is allowed, as long as they follow the UAR and remain decent.

<img:stuff/VotemongersContestBullet.gif> Participants. This is a contest for groups of Elftowners that have one thing in common. They can be member of TheRogue's groupies, players of the Myth of Altaride RPG, Anthro Lovers, the White Rabbit Society, regulars at the Enchanted Elf Inn, inhabitants of houses with a prime number, subscribed to the Hedda fan club forum, Translators, anything. Only limit: there has to be a some kind of member list I can check at the moment of subscription to the contest, and all members have to be Elftowners. People member of more than one participating group, get a "fair player's" banner if they choose one group.

<img:stuff/VotemongersContestBullet.gif> Deadline for entering is the weekend after the 10th entrant. Deadline for the votes is 1.5 times the sum of the participating members in total votes.

<img:stuff/VotemongersContestBullet.gif> Winner. The group with most votes wins. To make it interesting, the eighth place also gets a price.

<img:stuff/VotemongersContestBullet.gif> Rules. Basically, these are the same as the general rules of Elftown. For example: don't go spamming non-friends with "vote for me"'s. Don't go polluting other people's or official wiki's with "vote for me"'s. Don't post off-topic "vote for me"'s in forums. Don't go creating clone houses to vote. (Any house made after today 16 december does not count. As do houses with the Elftown secret service remark that it's a clone house and suspiciously empty ones.)
The intention if this contest is to get as much votes as possible, but not at all cost. Be original. If you want to donate to Elftown so that the image in you photo slot can advertise your group on main street, by all means do. If you want to bribe people to vote for you by making an illustration of their character. Go ahead. (But please, be fair and keep a promise!)

<img:stuff/VotemongersContestBullet.gif> Disqualifications and punishments. If I get complaints about forums, wiki's, non-friends, etc. being spammed, votes will deducted.
An official complaint from a town official equals disqualification. This doesn't mean town officials can't participate, I trust they play it fair. If you don't, don't enter.
Don't go and try to get others disqualified, it'll only result in your group's disqualification. This contest is meant to be positive fun! I trust group members keep an eye on each other to prevent their own disqualification.
Disqualified groups can trust to be publicly disgraced.

<img:stuff/VotemongersContestBullet.gif> Voting will be with a wiki poll where the names can be seen. That way it's possible to check houses. Every group will have their number of members deducted before winners are declared. Simply because there's no rule about not voting for yourself. ;)

<img:stuff/VotemongersContestBullet.gif> Final, most important note: I have the final word. Me, [Yncke]. You can debate, but if I say it's final, it's final. Again: simple. :P


Only one thing needed now:

1. Art Contest Crew, tadaa!
Our Lovely Entry:


Username (or number or email):


2006-03-27 [iippo]: *sees image* Oh that. I was put off by the monster in the picture: that kind of isi-pr0n must be against the UAR :P

2006-03-27 [ally]: xD Pssh it's not pr0n

2006-03-27 [Saffron]: Arr, we've got competition or so it seems

2006-03-27 [Yncke]: Just in time! I was planning to gently put this contest to sleep if there were no extra watchers or entrants by the end of this week. You just made my day by entering . :D (Do I understand it correctly that the group entering is the friends list of you both?)

2006-03-27 [Janouk]: I've tried to convince a bunch of Dutchies to enter a sock, but so far not many have really showed their enthusiam :( I'll try to promote it there again soon...ah, a lightbulb appears above my head!

2006-03-27 [ally]: No the group is people featured on this photo:

2006-03-27 [iippo]: Ally is not helpful.

2006-03-27 [ally]: I'm not?

2006-03-28 [Yncke]: Not really. Since 'people' is plural. :P

2006-03-28 [iippo]: I'm guessing the group is ally and isilando.

2006-03-28 [ally]: There are two people on that picture...

2006-03-29 [Yncke]: I'll run it through PaintShop this weekend, maybe my screen settings here are too dark. :) @Janouk: Ga ze maar gaan aanporren, die Dutchies.

2006-03-29 [ally]: no don't -_- it's meant to be this dark and I was hiding -_-

2006-04-02 [Yncke]: You're hiding quite well. :P

2006-04-02 [ally]: I know ^^ but you can still see some of my hair :)

2006-04-02 [Yncke]: Only if you know, actually. :)

2006-09-30 [Kah]: sock on the face.

2006-10-01 [Yncke]: O.o Noooo. Why did you pull out, [ally] and [Isilando] ? *snirfl* Now I'm back to only one valiant group... :(

2006-10-01 [ally]: Sorry but that group kinda ceased to exist .... :p

2006-10-01 [Yncke]: I'm sorry to hear... read that. :/

2006-10-01 [ally]: It's ok

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