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WSAL,BWWC Convos between authors

Feb 28th 2010

So what should the club be called? and it would be a pub.

6:38pm April
ah yes, a PUB would be about The Red Rose?
so are we going with scenario 1 that I mentioned?

6:39pm Jessica
Why don't we come up with some more
Lets think!

6:40pm April
okies....I can copy this conversation and save it to a word document and email it to you with the proofs when we're done..
hmmm...Name of hottie...
Oh yes---random thought--I drew a picture of the 6 main characters! Woot! Still need to scan it though!

6:41pm Jessica
Actually I am creating a wiki page so we can save this convo, which I am almost done with so you don't need to copy. AS for the hottie how about Devlin or Patrick

6:41pm April
okies....Patrick is it!!! I like it!

6:42pm Jessica

6:42pm April

6:42pm Jessica
so we have the hottie, oh and I was thinking we should leave James back in the states

6:43pm April
ya, that sounds good. He kinda gets forgotten every now and again....

6:43pm Jessica
yup. The little minion

6:44pm April
so we have Aaron, Eva, Gabriel, Nathan, and Erik going?

6:44pm Jessica
that sounds right

6:44pm April
should we make it like a roleplay where we each write what we're doing?

6:48pm Jessica
No. what we'll do is that Either you or I will right chapter 6. Then send it to the other person so she can write her pov in, but the dialogue stays the same. Then person who didn't write the original ch6 will write chapter 7. Do you get it?

6:48pm April
yep. I wasn't sure, but that sounds good. :)

6:49pm April
so do we want to make ch. 7 the breakup and ch 6 can be all the memories and introduction of Patrick?

6:50pm Jessica
Well the break up was in the past so i don't know how it would be ch 7, but I like the idea of Chapter 6 as the memories and intro to Patrick.
oh and by the feel free to disagree on me about anything.

6:51pm April
breakup of Aaron and Eva where they fight over Patrick and then make up...
(that's what I was referring to...)

6:52pm Jessica
Oh. Sorry about that. ^-^ How about we make it a competition between them not a break up.

6:52pm April
oh that would work! Either one's good with me.

6:53pm Jessica
ok, then the competition it is.

6:53pm April
but we can always worry about that later I thought you could start this one if you want...

6:55pm Jessica
All right. So usually we set a deadline for when the chapters have to be done, one that works with both of the authors.

6:55pm April
hmm. I know I have a lot going on.....will we set a date for the whole chapter or each part of the chapter?

6:57pm April
Okay. is April 10th okay? That's the Saturday at the end of Spring break for me. My school's got me doing a bunch of fund-raising planning as a class so I'm going to busy plus homework and I have testing stuff this month too....

6:59pm Jessica
sounds good, and that's with your part to?

6:59pm April
yes. I was thinking for the entire chapter...

7:01pm Jessica
that's set I should have the chapter done for me by ,March 26th so you have an even amount of time to write your part.

7:02pm April
sounds good.....You take what you need. :) We can always extend it IF IF IF we ABSOLUTELY have to.

7:03pm Jessica
Nah, I work best with deadlines. ^-^

7:03pm April
Me too, but things happen. Who of us may end up in the hospital (Heaven forbid!)

7:05pm Jessica
I would cry and wish you well.

7:05pm April
right back at ya, babe!!! ^_-

7:06pm Jessica
So recap : ch 6 is the memories and intro of pat. and then ch 7 the pub and compation of Eva and Aaron.

7:06pm April
yes. sounds good!
I'm bubbling with excitement!!!

7:08pm Jessica
Me to! and by the way I've created a wiki page for our notes to so we can keep them in track. You don't have to use it, nut it's there if you need it. In addition it has the link to our convos.

7:09pm April
okies. That would be great. Sometimes I get lost. lol! I think we should make a character page. I made bios for Eva and Aaron already so I could just add them, but I think we should flesh out the guys too....

7:10pm Jessica
That sounds awesome. How to you feel like being in charge of the character pages? I'll definitely help, but organize it and make it pretty?

7:10pm April
sure. Why not make it right now! Seize the moment!!! XD

7:11pm Jessica
Sure. That's what I"m doing. Making the pages to keep us Organized. ^-^

7:12pm April
cool! I'm going to make an event page here for us to remember April 10th...(well, I'll need it that's for sure...)

7:12pm Jessica

7:14pm Jessica
I just realized we never said what Patrick would look like

7:15pm April eyes. I love green eyes....
we could do spiky blond hair....

7:15pm Jessica
I agree, plus he is Irish, spiky red hair

7:15pm April
ah, yes, and freckles!

7:16pm Jessica
oh yes. he has to have freckles. 6'2"?

7:17pm April
hmm. how tall are the other guys?
maybe...5'7" ish....

7:17pm Jessica
give me a sec to check my otes. I know there pretty tall

7:17pm April
don't want everyone to be freakishly tall....

7:19pm Jessica
Aaron is 5'7" Eva a bit shorter( didn't say by how much.) Nate 6'0", Gab 6'1" Erick 5'11" and James 5'9"

7:20pm April
okies.. we can stick Patrick in the middle with 5'8" and still growing?

7:21pm Jessica
can he be 5"10?

7:21pm April
ya. that would work, too!

7:22pm Jessica

7:22pm April
^_^ so excited!!!

7:22pm Jessica
me too!

7:23pm April
well, you better get writing little missy!! lol!

7:23pm Jessica
lol. I know!

7:23pm April
jk jk!

7:24pm Jessica
nah I think I'm going to start on Wednesday.

7:24pm April
sounds good. Whatever fits your schedule...

7:25pm Jessica

7:25pm April

7:26pm Jessica
okay give me a sec to copy the convo

7:26pm April

July 13, 2010

hey you wanted to have a powo

8:56pm April
oh Hi! I kinda wanted to talk about Ch. 10, but I already finished it...*blushes*I'm still a little fuzzy on the different character backgrounds...

8:57pm Jessica
well I just started reading now, but what else do need for the characters. For patrick you make it up if you wish.

8:58pm April
Okay. I can do Patrick's...well, I know Aaron lived in Ireland, but that's all fuzzy. I put in Eva's history. Maybe if you could do something like that for the other characters....Like Lily and Connor and Nathan and Aaron....
Have you seen the Elftown character page?

9:00pm Jessica
I just answered ur question then moved on. However, i realized as i was reading i forgot to tell you Eva's mom was a single parent and planned on having her die latter on, but we can change the idea now. And yay I'll do the other four bios

9:02pm April
Oh, okay. I added Eva's history and I was wondering if you could do something like that.....Thanks. I think that was all. :):)

9:05pm Jessica
WOW! i just finshed ch 10 thaat.... was unexpected.

9:06pm April
Awesomeness! I was unexpected writing it. I was really hungry at that moment so I just threw her hungry in there, but I then I was still hungry and I was like "Eureka!"
Do you like it? o.O

9:07pm Jessica
yup. Have to think were to take it frrom here, but It's definally good. This will help when we split up later in the summer for camp for two weeks. I'll give you amunition and something for nate and Aaron to argue on. Hmmmm ideas are forming

9:08pm April
Awesomeness. And I was thinking it's Gabe's just so you know...Why would Nate and Aaron argue?

9:09pm Jessica
Different Oppnions and out of shook. Just an idea to have them expolde then comfpt each other because they felt bad.
So was there anything in partucular you had in mind by any chance?

9:11pm April
good one! I think we've definitely hit Drama. Hmm. I was thinking of maybe having Eva stay the summer at Aaron's because Eva knows her Gran won't accept it. Marriage between Gabe and Eva would be a possibility. I definitely wanted them to come together because of it, NOT be torn apart. I think he secretly loves her and this will bring it out...

9:12pm Jessica
hmmmm. I like the idea of moving into Aarons house, but if it's okay with u I'd like to draw out them getting together.

9:13pm April
Oh ya. That would be fine. I just don't want him getting all mad and leaving her there to defend for the both of them, ya know?

9:14pm Jessica
No definally agree with you. should this cut our ireland trip short?

9:15pm April
No. I think they'll still stay there for the planned amount of time. Eva wouldn't want people to worry...

9:15pm Jessica
k. Well then that's all i can think of for now. anything else you want to add?

9:16pm April
I don't think so.....I just want to know what you know about all the character's backgrounds, that's all. :):) I think we're good, and I got done early this time! Woot!

9:17pm Jessica
Well I'm off to work on ch 10 then work on 11

9:17pm April
Yay! ^.^ Thank you!

9:17pm Jessica
Oh can you copy the conv and add it to our convo page on elftown please?

9:18pm April
sure. :)

July 14, 2010

9:53pm Jessica
Hey I was wondering are you dead set on being pregnant?

9:54pm April
I don't know....why?

9:54pm Jessica
I've got an idea for Ch11 that deals with it being a false read, but if that's only if your okay with it?

9:55pm April
hmmmm....I don't see why not. It's just as much your story as it is mine....

9:56pm Jessica
Yay! thanks. I should have chapter ten done by Monday then chapter 11 done soon after that. Man were on a roll here. talk to you later

9:57pm April

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