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2006-08-21 17:05:56
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Wandering in Italy

Italy is a country fmad for its beautiful places, be it the impressive monuments of Rome, the medieval cities of Folrence or Siena, or some beautiful landscapes in the Alps, Sardinia or Sicily...
[syagre] shares his visits around Italy !

Current moderator’s hikes in Italy…

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Please enjoy having a tour in the following areas…

- Wandering in Milan <img40*0:> <img100*0:> <img30*0:>

- Wandering in the Piemonte <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>

- Wandering in Firenze <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>

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2006-08-20 [Yoruno]: Could you please add Wandering in Firenze? ;)

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