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2006-12-21 00:50:45
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Wandering in Turkey

First of all, I would like to represent special thanks to [syagre] to let me build this wiki and being a part of the Hitchhiker's guide of the Elftowners...I will try to present some cities of Turkey which are famous or not but I think It will take some time because of my works...I hope you all will enjoy to know Turkey...

Current moderator’s hikes in Turkey…

<img:> <img:>



Please enjoy having a tour in the following areas…

- Wandering in Antalya <img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>
- Wandering in Rize <img100*0:img/photo/159723_1166660844.jpg><img100*0:img/photo/159723_1166660975.jpg><img100*0:img/photo/159723_1166661154.jpg>

I will add other cities soon!:)

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2006-08-25 [banu]: I will fill this wiki with lots of information about Turkey!!!Thank you so much mon ami;)

2006-08-25 [syagre]: *grins* I'll be looking forward to this ! Make this page yours !

2006-08-25 [banu]: Sure,I'll but you are architect of it;)I am worker:)))

2006-09-20 [hendrix]: güzel olmus

2006-09-20 [banu]: teşekkürler:)

2006-10-19 [Lothuriel]: Wow! Turkey reminds me of home. How odd?

2006-10-19 [banu]: Really???That's great then!!!:)

2006-10-21 [Lothuriel]: Of course we only have lakes instead of the ocean but.

2006-10-21 [banu]: we have lakes and also seas:)

2006-10-31 [spincrus]: guzel olmus :D

2006-11-01 [banu]: teşekkür ederim, daha fazlasıda olacak inşallah:)

2006-11-01 [Marginal Shepherd]: antalyayı tanıtamazsınız.. bitmez.. yine de elinize sağlık.. :o

2006-11-01 [banu]: zaten daha bitmedide:)eklenecek bir sürü şey var Antalya'yla ilgili:)Teşekkür ederim...o^_^o

2006-11-28 [IRoNBuTTeRFLY]: gercekten de güzel resimler bunlara bakınca antalyaya gıdesım geldı denize girmek için abla bulursan ikide tuncelinin resmini atsana yaw ben anlamıyorum bu wiki işlerinden <img:img/mood/44166_1164145171.gif><img:img/mood/61691_1126352591.gif>

2006-11-28 [banu]: sende Tunceli'nin varsa fotoğrafları bana yolla.öncelikle resmi kendi sayfanda yükle daha sonra ben koyarım wiki, altına not düşerim senden aldığım:)

2006-12-26 [LiKeaNaDDiCt]: istiosanız pamukkalede koyabilirsiniz :)

2006-12-26 [banu]: Pamukkale yi ziyaret ettim fakat elimde maalesef oranın fotoları yok. Aslında var ama eski usül çekim ve çokta net değil :)Scanner'dan geçirsemde pek iyi olmaz:)Senin elinde bilgisayarda varsa Pamukkale için de bir Wandering in Pamukkale wikisi hazırlayabilirim :)

2007-01-05 [Paul Doyle]: Wild weather in eastern Turkey o__O

2007-01-05 [banu]: It's wonderful!!!!:)

2007-01-05 [spincrus]: That picture is probably from the Cildir lake, which lies towards Eastern Anatolia and lies at a very high altitude.

2007-01-05 [Paul Doyle]: That's one heck of a well-developed supercell thunderstorm. I love that clearly-defined wall cloud and updraft twisting up from the tornado funnel, further up into the mesocyclone within the storm system. WOW! We're not in Kansas, Dorothy :P

2007-01-05 [Paul Doyle]: Same storm, another angle: Anyway, enough of that :P

2007-01-05 [spincrus]: We've been getting quite a bit of those storms last Autumn here in Turkey, especially in the Mediterranean coasts. Reportedly we've had quite a bit of supercell thunderstorms, with five to six tornadoes appearing at the same time over the sea. Do I smell global warming?

2007-01-08 [modoracer1]: turkey is very, i would love to visit some day ><img:44166_1164145147.gif><img:45154_1117568632.gif>

2007-01-08 [modoracer1]: very beautiful,lol

2007-01-08 [banu]: :)I hope you will visit Turkey sometime:)I am sure that you will like it so much:)

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