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Wandering in the South Eastern US

Your Host [Skydancer]
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Near Mt. Pisgah on the Blue Ridge Parkway during a rainstorm. August 19, 2006 nearing sunset.

The Biltmore Coffee Traders, on Hendersonville Rd. near the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC

One of the many tunnels through the mountains between Asheville, and Mt. Pisgah on the Blue Ridge Parkway. A little dangerous actually but if one listens carefully for vehicles you can get out of the way before they come ripping through the place.

Looking Glass Falls in the Pisgah Forest, near Brevard, NC.
should be right about the center of this map;q=brevard,+NC&ie=UTF8&ll=35.296003,-82.769022&spn=0.014291,0.043259&amp;om=1

A Henna artist working at Hookah Joe's in Asheville, NC.

Some of the dancing and merriment at Hookah Joe's on Sunday nights.
And they also have a website and live webcam.

An old waterway in the Bent Creek Wilderness and recreational area near the North Carolina Arboretum.

Whiteside Mountain. As best I know, it is supposed to be the highest cliff east of the Mississippi river. I do know it is one of the oldest rocks in the world, and this area is actually part of the Japan tectonic plate.
That wavy line of light area is the rock face of the sheer cliffs along the couple of miles of the mountain face.

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