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The Kingdom Of Darkstorm.

<img600*0:stuff/Best%20examples%20of%20free%20wallpapers%2c%20hot%20wallpapers%20and%20free%20desktop%20___.jpg> King Issac Van Wielder of Darkstorm and Demons.

<img:stuff/C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved%20Images_large.jpg> Princess Luna Diana Dragomir of Meridian and of Dragons. Secret Queen Luna Diana Dragomir Van Wielder of Darkstorm and of Demons.

The Kingdom of Mist Haven

Queen Evelina Hallowell Everwood of Mist Haven and of Magic.

<img700*0:stuff/Fantasy%20NED_%20Five%20Classes%20Unveiled%21.jpg> King Xander Everwood of Mist Haven and of Magic.

The Kingdom of Meridian

King Roman Wyatt Dragomir of Meridian and of Dragons.

<img:stuff/Snow%20by%20Zolaida%20female%20elf%20princess%20wizard%20sorceress%20witchr%20_%20Create%20___.jpg> Queen Dove Marbella Snow Dragomir of Meridian and of Dragons.
The kingdom of Darkstorm was ruled by a demonic human Van Wielder family while the kingdom of Meridian was ruled by pure souls and dragon tamers Dragomir family and the kingdom of Mist Haven wad ruled by wizards and witches Everwood family. All three kingdoms have been rivals for the past 3000 years due to a Mist Haven Princes death.

The Darkstorm kingdom had gone through a horrible tragedy when the youngest prince Vladimir killed his family with the help of an evil witch, however the eldest brother prince Issac survived barely. Princess Luna found Issac during her early morning dragon ride, she had hidden him away and nursed him back to health. She sneaked him out of Meridian and back into Darkstorm so he could take back the kingdom. Once Issac and Vladimir had fought in a demon circle for the kingdom of Darkstorm, Issac won after a 3day dual. Issac became King and kept Luna's help a secret but he did write to her, they soon became penpals for a year.

Issac married Luna in secret when she ran away from her kingdom, he kept her hidden in the west wing of the castle for her own protection, only Issac could only enter the west wing.

Now the evil witch has been watching and waiting oh so carefully to take down Darkstorm and Meridian kingdoms. The witch,Evelina, married King Xander Everwood of Mist Haven and of Man. As a Queen, Evelina has the power to start a war between the two countries but all she needed was proof that Luna was sleeping with Issac and inform Luna's parents. Oh yes that would indeed start a war that Evelina would win and she would be queen of all three kingdoms.

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2015-11-23 [Scarekrow]: [not sure if we should have the families fidn out about it or Nox and Lissianna keep it a secret]

2015-11-23 [Cerulean Sins]: [I think it should be a secret ]

2015-11-23 [Scarekrow]: [alrighty, so I'm thinking Lissianna teleprots and gets stuck in a tree, Nox finds her and helps her out of it]

2015-11-23 [Cerulean Sins]: [Sounds good ]

2015-11-23 [Scarekrow]: [want me to start?]

2015-11-23 [Cerulean Sins]: [sure thing]

2015-11-23 [Scarekrow]: [im thinking Nox and Lissianna should be a little older, maybe 10-12?]

2015-11-23 [Cerulean Sins]: [How about 13?]

2015-11-23 [Scarekrow]: [that works, alrighty I'l lstart]

Nox was out in the woods. He had no real reason for being in them except his parents wanted some 'alone time' and he had no desire to head into the village. The forest was peaceful and he enjoyed exploring deeper though Claire always got annoyed with him when he came back with scraps and bruises from climbing rocks. Today seemed like any other until he heard a voice in the distance. He stopped and frowned, wondering if he should head back ,after all it could be a bandit. However when he heard it again he realized it was a girls and he went on to look. He soon found the source of the voice, a girl around his own age stuck in a tree. What surprised Nox was her outfit, she wore a dress that looked like it belonged on royalty.

2015-11-23 [Cerulean Sins]: "Help!" Lissianna shouted at the top of her lungs. This would be the last time she ever played around with her grandmothers spell book. She needed to get home before she got in trouble with her parents and grandparents.

2015-11-23 [Scarekrow]: Nox looked up at the girl wondering how she had ended up here before shaking his head "Stop moving around" he called "Hold still. I'll help you get down"

2015-11-23 [Cerulean Sins]: Lissianna stopped screaming and looked at Nox."Help me!"

2015-11-23 [Scarekrow]: "I will, just hold still" Nox said, pulling a small axe from his belt. He saw Lissianna's eyes widen "Dont worry," he said slamming the axe into the tree trunk "It's to help me climb" he promised, slowly climbing up the tree.

2015-11-23 [Cerulean Sins]: Lissianna's eyes widened when she saw the axe."Oh goddess."She whispered as she shut her eyes tightly.

2015-11-23 [Scarekrow]: Nox reached the branch Lissianna was stuck on and frowned. The dress was long which made it hard for her to move her legs. He was going to cut the dress but seeing how scared she was guessed pulling a knife might be a bit to much. "Alright, what I want you to do is carefully inch over to me and put your arms around my shoulders" he said.

2015-11-23 [Cerulean Sins]: Lissianna whimpered but nodded."Okay...." She slowly inched over to him and carefully put her arm around his shoulders.

2015-11-24 [Scarekrow]: Nox waited for the girl to get her grip and gave himself a moment to adjust to the extra weight. Lissianna was light but her dress wasn't, the dress making him strain to not fall backwards. Carefully he made his way down the tree. When they reached the bottom Nox was panting, slightly sweaty fro mthe strain of not sliding down. He looked down at one hand and winced when he tugged the splinter out of it.

2015-11-24 [Cerulean Sins]: Lissianna had her eyes shut while Nox carried her down the tree, she held onto him tightly as she shook lightly. Once they reached the bottom she let go of Nox and stumbled back from him.

2015-11-24 [Scarekrow]: Nox tossed the pulled splinter out and looked at Lissianna "What were you doing up there?"

2015-11-24 [Cerulean Sins]: Lissianna looked at Nox."I got stuck up there. I was reading my grandmothers spell book just for fun and....I ended up in a tree."

2015-11-24 [Scarekrow]: Nox frowned a little looking Lissianna over. She was fro ma rich family, that much was clear, and now she revealed she had magic in her family. Nox was trying to guess where she came from "Any idea how far you teleported?"

2015-11-24 [Cerulean Sins]: "I was home at Mist Haven Castle, in the library and then....I was stuck in a tree. I don't think my dragon can even hear me from wherever I am." Lissianna panicked.

2015-11-24 [Scarekrow]: Nox frowned a little. He knew Mist Haven was far away from here but knew little else, after all what did it matter what kingdom was where when he lived in such a remote village. "My grandmother has some spell books, but they are at my house now while she and gradnpa move..." he said.

2015-11-24 [Cerulean Sins]: Lissianna shook her head."But I don't know how to use magic....."

2015-11-24 [Scarekrow]: "Well I don't know much about magic but you cant use a teleport spell unless you can do magic" Nox said.

2015-11-24 [Cerulean Sins]: "Maybe I do have magic....since I said a spell and poof I was in a tree..."Lissianna frowned.

2015-11-25 [Scarekrow]: "Well I doubt you got here by running" Nox said "Grandmother's spell books are in the attic of my house...but mum and dad are home"

2015-11-26 [Cerulean Sins]: "Ummm...okay." Lissianna would call her dragon but....she didn't know how to get him here.

2015-11-26 [Scarekrow]: Nox sighed a little "I can't do magic but I have looked over some of grandmothers books...maybe I can help?"

2015-11-27 [Cerulean Sins]: "If you don't mind helping me." Lissianna said softly.

2015-11-28 [Scarekrow]: "I already helped you out of that tree. It would be mean if I just left yo alone" Nox shrugged.

2015-11-28 [Cerulean Sins]: "Thank you." Lissianna smiled.

2015-11-29 [Scarekrow]: Nox looked back up at the tree Lissianna had been stuck in "Lucky the tree caught you"

2015-12-07 [Cerulean Sins]: Lissianna nodded."Very lucky."

2015-12-09 [Scarekrow]: Nox looked up at the tree thinking "I remember my grandmother said once teleporting could leave a small 'mark' you can use to go back" he said looking up at the tree "Maybe there is one up there?"

2015-12-10 [Cerulean Sins]: Lissianna shrugged."Maybe I don't know. My parents don't want me learning magic but my grandmother has soooo many spell books. She is going to kill me when she finds out."

2015-12-11 [Scarekrow]: "Well only one way to find out" Nox said and quickly began to climb the tree. He navigated up the branches until he got to the oen Lissianna had been hanging from.

2015-12-28 [Cerulean Sins]: "Be careful!"Lissianna called.

2015-12-28 [Scarekrow]: "I'll be fine" Nox called down, deftly moving up the tree.

2015-12-29 [Cerulean Sins]: Lissianna frowned slightly as she watched him.

2015-12-29 [Scarekrow]: Nox reached the branch Lissianna had appeared on and looked around.

2015-12-29 [Cerulean Sins]: Lissianna chewed on her bottom lip as she watched Nox.

2015-12-29 [Scarekrow]: "I think I see something" Nox called, noticing a strangeness i nthe air, like smoke hanging around the branch.

2015-12-29 [Cerulean Sins]: "What is it?!"Lissianna called.

2015-12-29 [Scarekrow]: "Some like thing around this branch" he called down.

2015-12-29 [Cerulean Sins]: "That is strange!"Lissianna called.

2015-12-29 [Scarekrow]: "Might be a way to teleport you back home" Nox called down.

2015-12-29 [Cerulean Sins]: "That's amazing!" Lissianna smiled.

2016-02-05 [Scarekrow]: [was thinking we restart this.

We keep the main story and set up. Issac, king of Darkstorm has taken a wife. However no one knows who she is as there is an old Darkstorm tradition that the Queen remain hidden behind a veil. The tradition is to stop people knowing who the Queen is and to prevent attacks against the new Queen's family. This works perfectly for Issac who fears how both his kingdom and the dragomirs will react to Luna being his wife.

Meanwhile the Dragomirs have their own problems. Their heir, Roman Jnr, has come out as gay and though the family is happy for him to love who he wants it puts them in a tight spot as Roman Jnr wouldn't have heirs so he cant become king. Allegra also cannot become Queen as she is not a pure spirits (one of the biggest tests to become a Queen or King requires they briefly become possessed by the Goddess). That leaves Luna who they cant find. Though in this one they aren't concerned about Luna's disappearance as Luna often vanishes into towns to visit the orphanages and schools to help children.

In Everwood they have had to focus internally, Xander's rise to becoming King wasn't peaceful and the fact he married a commoner made many noble families want to kill him and have him replaced. Thus Xander and Evelina have been focusing on making Everwood strong and removing any problem nobles.

2016-02-09 [Cerulean Sins]: [sounds awesome :)]

2016-02-09 [Scarekrow]: [needless to say Issac marrying Luna, who he was unaware is now the heir, would bind Darkstorm and Dragomir, making Everwood very nervous]

2016-02-09 [Cerulean Sins]: [Sounds good :)]

2016-02-09 [Scarekrow]: [any ideas or twists you'd like to add?]

2016-02-09 [Cerulean Sins]: [Naw am good :)]

2016-02-09 [Scarekrow]: [alrighty, a few things to add, Raven is an ex-everwood spy who ended up falling for Allegra and thush as become the Dragomir's anti-spy.

Myrnin is Issac's closest friend and the 'Kings Champion'. He is sleeping with a woman who they know is an everwood spy, Myrnin deliberately feeding her incorrect info or minor details to make her think she hasn't been foudn out. Problem is Myrnin is fallign for her, up to you if she feels the same or not

2016-02-09 [Cerulean Sins]: [Love it :) ]

2016-02-09 [Scarekrow]: [shal lI start us off then? may need some coffee for it haha]

2016-02-09 [Cerulean Sins]: [Sure :D Hahaha coffee is always helpful ]

2016-02-09 [Scarekrow]: "That girl.." Roman said as he tried to use his magic to locate Luna to no avail "I swear teaching her to hide herself was a mistake" he said looking at his wife Dove. Roman was a little anxious as a few hours earlier he and Dove had walked in on their son RJ being fucked by a male knight. Roman and Dove had no problems with RJ being gay, if anything they were annoyed Rj had kept it a secret, but it had put them in a tight spot. With RJ gay it meant Luna was the new heir, the only problem was Luna wasn't in the castle, likely out on one of her visits to an orphanage or school to help. "I wonder how she wil ltake the news she is now heir" Roman wondered aloud as he sat on the bed to try and relax.

To the outside world nothing much had changed in Misthaven since Xander became King and took a wife. However internally a civil war had been raged. It hadn't been a war of soldiers and cities, but instead assassins and spies. Xander had shocked everyone when he had taken a common woman as his wife. Despite her clearly powerful magic the noble houses were furious some common tramp had become Queen instead of a noble girl. However many of the lesser nobles had been happy as it meant the usual noble families power had now been thrown into question and the common people were amazed to see one of their own as a Queen. What had followed was a series of 'accidents' occurring to anyone who opposed the King and the new Queen. In over 3 months the old noble houses were killed off until only the loyal remained. Xander's new Queen, despite being a commoner, was as scheming and cunning as any noble and her magical power was one of the reasons Xander had been attracted to her. Her exotic tastes in the bedroom were a big bonus as well. Xander lay in bed, tied to it i na spread eagle position as a pen rested in his mouth, awkwardly trying to sign a royal order the Evelina held. Xander did his best to write his signature with his mouth as Evelina laughed every time he made a mistake.

Who was the new Queen? It was the question on everyones lips in Darkstorm. It had been a shock for everyone to ind that King Issac had intentions to marry an unnamed woman. The girl herself donned a magical veil that prevented anyone from seeing her face, knowing her voice or even using magic to see who she was. It was an old Darkstorm tradition, to ensure the girls family would not be targeted as well as making people hesitate to try and kill her, as for all they knew the girl might be in their family. It didn't stop people from trying to find out who she was however and unfortunately most of those attempts came to Myrnin, being the only close friend the King had and Champion it made myrnin the target of threats and seduction in equal measures. It was pointless however as Myrnin had no idea who the girl was. Still he didn't let that on, feeding incorrect info to the spies to keep them all confused on Issac's orders. Myrnin was trying to relax i na bath when he heard a knock and groaned "Come in" he called, knowing it would be some spy trying to get info from him. 

2016-02-09 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove sighed softly as she paces in front of the fireplace."I wish you hadn't taught her that spell. However she can't hide forever, she has to return home soon. We need to train her on how to be queen., sadly we aren't getting any younger." Dove was worried about Luna. She knew her daughter would be at an orphanage within the kingdom helping the poor children.

Luna was in the Royal Quarters which were beautiful with a private bathroom, master bedroom, drawing (living ) room, dinning room, kitchen, and three spare rooms. These quarters are used for the royal family to have some privacy. Luna spent her days alone, she would have breakfast and lunch alone but sometimes even dinner alone. She only saw Issac when he finished running the kingdom for the day. Luna was painting in the drawing room, which helped relax her because she had left a note on her dressing table in her room at her parents castle saying she has fall in love and ran away with her husband. She had packed some of her things and brought them over to her royal quarters in Darkstorm. Luna was very gifted with magic and she has casted a spell on the crescent moon to hide her location permanently, it broke her heart to leave her family but it had to happen.

Evelina chuckled as Xander struggled to sign his name."Thank you, my love." She took the pen out of his mouth and patted his cheek."This royal order will indeed come in handy." She had written up a royal order that heir to the Mistheaven has the choice to marry a noble or a commoner.

Rose slowly opened the door and walked in."Myrnin I came to ask..."She looked up and saw he was in the bath. She blushed and looked away." I'll come back later. Sorry to interrupt." 

2016-02-10 [Scarekrow]: Roman sighed "I taught it to her so she wouldn't have enemies tracking her, alas now we cant to it either" he said shaking his head. "You are right, she wil lreturn in her own time, however I wish she would return soon, this will be a big shock for her"

Issac felt bad he had to keep Luna hidden away. Despite the magical veil hiding her pure spirits was much harder to do and he feared that the moment she was placed under to much scrutiny would reveal her. He also knew Luna wasn't ready for Darkstorm politics which were far harsher and bloodier then Meridian. It was still bloody as Issac was still cleaning up the mess Vladimir had left behind as many nobles were loyal to Vladimir and though now dead those same nobles now posed a problem to Issac. An easy answer would have been to marry one of the noble girls of that side but that plan was long gone. He pushed open the doors to Luna's quarters, the magical barrier washing over him. If anyone but Issac or Luna tried entering they would be prevented.

Xander raised an eyebrow "And I needed to sign it with my mouth because?" he asked, though he knew the answer, because to Evelina it was fun.

"It's fine, you have already seen everything before" Myrnin said splashing some water over his face "And you are here now, no point running off until later"

2016-02-10 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove was about to speak until she heard a knock on the door."Enter."She said softly. She watched Luna's ladys maid rush in panicked."Calm down Lily. What is the matter?" She frowned when Lily just held out a note. Dove took the note and read it."Roman....."

Luna sang softly as she painted. She wondered when Issac would back.

"Because it was amusing."Evelina chuckled, she leaned down and kissed him.

"I'm really sorry. If I had known you where bathing then I wouldn't of knocked." Rose said softly as she looks down at the tiled floor.

2016-02-10 [Scarekrow]: Roman, who had gotten up to splash some water on his face looked back at Dove, instantly concerned about the look on her face "Whats wrong?" he asked.

Issac smiled as he heard Luna singing and quietly crept up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist "Boo"

"Knew you would say that" Xander chuckled kissing back.

"Well you are here now" Myrnin repeated "What is it you wanted?" 

2016-02-10 [Cerulean Sins]: "Lily please leave."Dove said softly then once the maid had left she held the note out to Roman. The note was from Luna stating that she had fall in love, ran away, gotten married and she wasn't coming back.

Luna jumped, dropping her paint brush and colour palette."You scared me."

Evelina smiled."You know me far too well."

"Well it wasn't so much asking you something, it was to telling you something."Rose knew she could get in trouble but she didn't care. She rather liked Darkstorm kingdom and she rather liked Myrnin. She knew her life was on the line if she betrayed her kingdom of Mistheaven.

2016-02-10 [Scarekrow]: Roman read the note, then re-read it. He checked it overm ultiple times to make sure it was Luna's writing before he took a deep breath. "We may be in trouble" he said. He wasn't sure if he should be happy, furious, worried or shocked.

"That was the point of sneaking up on you and saying boo" Issac pointed out with a chuckle.

"True, and you know me jut as well" Xander smiled

"Tell me what exactly?" Myrnin asked interested.

2016-02-10 [Cerulean Sins]: "Trouble doesn't even cover it, Roman." Dove whispered softly as she sat down on the chair by the fireplace.

Luna chuckled as she turned in his arms, she hugged him."I missed you. How was your day?" She smiled.

"Oh that I do, my love."Evelina smirked.

"Mistheaven has spies all over Darkstorm. They are planning on breaking into the royal quarters and kidnapping the queen, to return the queen King Issac must had the throne over to Darkstorm. However Queen Evelina and King Xander have no idea that their spies are doing this. I know all this because I of the spies. Yes I want to know Darkstorms secrets but I don't want to hurt anyone. The spies said they would kill the queen and king once they have Darkstorm." Rose said softly as she looked down at the floor.

2016-02-11 [Scarekrow]: "If this is true..." Roman said trailing off with a frown "Why run away? She knows we don't have any problems with marrying outside of nobility. Hell look at your sister" he said refering to one of Doves sisters who had married her own twin brother. "Why would she ru naway like this?" he asked, beginning to wonder if the letter was actually real.

"Long and tiresome" Issac said. Most of his rule so far had been solving old gripes and grievances between noble houses. He felt more like he was managing a school of unruly children instead of ruling a kingdom at times.

"So what am I thinking right now?" Xander asked "And no mind reading, that is cheating"

Myrnin kept himself indifferent. The truth was he had known about the plan for a few weeks and Issac had already set up wards and a few hidden guards to stop it when the time came. What concerned him was Rose's intent. She could be genuine, or telling Myrnin about this in the hopes of getting more information out of him. He slowly got out of the bath and walked towards Rose, his body swelling and shifting. All nobles of Darkstorm could trace their lineage back to demons and most retained some of the abilities such as increased strength, minor transformations and other abilities. Myrnin was one of few who retained the ability to completely change into a demonic form. Issac too had the ability, in fact it was one of the reasons the Weiders had become the royal family. Myrnin stopped short of ROse, towering over 8 feet tall, his curved horns brushing the ceiling, his skin a deep red. He raised one finger, which ended in a wicked claw that rested between Rose's eyes "I suggest you keep talking" he said, his voice a bass roll that filled the entire room.

2016-02-16 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove frowned as she nervously twirled a lock of her hair."Maybe she fell in love with someone that even we couldn't accept." She said softly as she stared into the fire.

"Awwww honey." Luna kissed his cheek."Brightside your home with me." She smiled brightly, as she held onto Issac tightly.

"Purple elephants." Evelina chuckled.

Rose froze when Myrnin put a claw between her eyes."I can name all the spies. I can tell you everything."

2016-02-17 [Scarekrow]: Roman frowned a little "My problem is who that could be. I mean we never had problems with royalty marrying peasants, be they men or women" he said. He gave a heavy sigh "I think we might ask Raven to go looking for her"

Issac smiled "Definitely a brightside" he agreed, kissing her cheek in turn.

"Wrong" Xander smiled "I was thinking how much I love you....that and how much I love you playing with my ass" he chuckled.

Myrninn nodded "That would be a good start"

2016-02-18 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove looked at Roman."What if she feel in love with someone outside of the kingdom? Like Mistheaven or Darkstorm?" She frowned.

Luna smiled brightly and cuddled him."So what did you do all day?"

Evalina chuckled and shook her head.

Rose nodded."When King Issac had brought his wife home, all us spies for Darkstorm left and went 10 miles north of the castle. We met in a cave and discussed how we would find out who the Queen was. I suggested getting close to you to find out information. Sadly they gave me a very small time limit but when my time was up they....decided they would kill the queen and king and steal Darkstorm for themselves. They where sick of being ordered around and used like puppets. So they wanted to be bosses."

2016-02-18 [Scarekrow]: "Even then it wouldn't have mattered...unless they were noble" Roman sighed.

"Ruled, though at the moment its settling old arguements and problems"

Xander smiled up at Evelina.

"Killing the Queen, or even trying, will see them worse then puppets" Myrnin said. Killing them was an easy option but another idea was forming, a risky one but one that may work "So they are tired of being puppets of Misthaven are they? And what if they were no longer puppets but instead agents of Darkstorm?"

2016-02-18 [Cerulean Sins]: "Yes that is what I am afraid of, Roman, that she married a noble of either Darkstorm or Mistheaven."Dove sighed.

"What old arguments and problems?" Luna asked with a smile.

Evelina sat on the bed as she ran her finger tips up and down his chest.

"I...don't know. I don't want to make Queen Evelina angry so I need to go and report this to her." Rose whispered.

2016-02-18 [Scarekrow]: "Still if she did..." Roman sighed in exasperation "We will need Raven to find out who it was."

"Old family grudges carried by people who werent even born when the grudges began, disagreements started years ago. Stuff like that" Issac answered.

Xander grinned, shivering a little at her touch.

"You do that and you will be killed. Queen Evelina isn't one to tolerate failures" Myrnin said knowing the woman's reputation.

2016-02-18 [Cerulean Sins]: "Please go get Raven."Dove said softly.

"Awwww honey."Luna kissed him softly.

Evelina ran her finger tip over his lips.

"I don't care. I just want to make things right."Rose held out a piece of paper."Here its a list of all the spies from Misthaven."

2016-02-18 [Scarekrow]: Roman nodded and left to find Raven, knowing he would be with Allegra as usual.

Issac kissed back "Dont pity me. Once you are officially my Queen they will be your problem as well" he chuckled.

Xander smiled and gently sucked on her finger.

"I do care however" Myrnin said taking the list.

2016-02-18 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove twirled a lock of her hair as she looks into the fireplace.

"And when will that be? We're married but you keep me a secret." Luna frowned.

Evelina smirked."Good boy."

"What? You want me to work as some kind of double agent?"Rose frowned.

2016-02-18 [Scarekrow]: Roman went to Allegra's roo mand knocked on the door.

Issac smiled sadly "A little longer. When it comes out a dragomir married the king of Darkstorm it will cause problems"

Xander sucked softly on Evelina's finger.

"In essence yes. If you return to Evelina she will kill you, if King Issac finds out he will kill you" Myrnin said simply.

2016-02-18 [Cerulean Sins]: Allegra got out of the bath she had been sharing with Raven, she sighed as she pulled on her black silk robe that clung to her body. She opened the door and she saw Roman, her brother in law."What do you want, Roman? This better be good or my sister will be a widow." She snarled.

Luna kissed his cheek."I know, sweetie."

Evelina slowly took her finger out of his mouth."Dirty boy."

"Oh....a double agent?"Rose frowned.

2016-02-19 [Scarekrow]: "Luna's gone" ROman said softly "She has ran away to marry someone, and we think it is a noble from another kingdom" he said, knowing Allegra had a short temper.

Issac smiled "Besides once you are pregnant it will be a done, sealed deal" he smiled. They had been working on that every evening and morning with little success. Issac thought it was due to the fact he remained in human form, technically Darkstorm royals stayed in demon form when trying to have children to offer the unborn child power. Issac had never showed Luna that side of him.

Xander licked his lips a little and smiled "Your dirty boy my Queen"

"No, I can already tell you hate being a spy. You don't look liek the kind of person who could happily stab a person in the back" he said.

2016-02-19 [Cerulean Sins]: "WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN LUNA IS GONE?!" Allegra screeched, anger clear on her face.

"I can't believe it I'm not pregnant. Normally my kind get pregnant very fast. We breed like bunnies." Luna frowned."Maybe...something is wrong with me...."

"Yea you are. No stay like a good boy you are. I have things to do." Evelina smirked as she slipped on her shoes, slipped on a beautiful dress and fixed her hair slightly. She blew him a kiss then left the room.

"I did enjoy it once but that was a long time ago." Rose frowned.

2016-02-19 [Scarekrow]: Roman winced at Allegra's screech "I mean she left leaving a letter" he said.

Raven had climbed out of the bath and put on a robe, coming up and putting a hand on Allegra's shoulder "I am guessing the King and Queen want to see me about finding her?" he asked.

"No it isnt you" Issac reassured her.

"Your kidding" Xander chuckled thinking Evelina was just teasing, but as she did up her hair his chuckle died away "You are kidding right? HEY!" he called after as Evelina shut the door. He tried to use magic to get out of his bindings only to get zapped by them Evelina having enchanted them "That woman" Xander said laying his head back. There he was, King of Misthaven, tied naked to his bed with red ribbons.

2016-02-24 [Cerulean Sins]: Allegra looked at Raven."You go and find Luna, now, Raven." She snarled then she stormed off to go see her sister.

Luna frowned shook her head."No, it must be me, Issac. I'm so sorry." She whispered as she started to cry softly.

Evelina laughed as she left the room and went about her business.

2016-02-24 [Scarekrow]: Raven frowned a little at Allegra's snarl, he of all people knowing how much of a bad mood Allegra could develop. "Ths may take a while" he said to Roman before heading into the roo mto change.

"It isnt you" Issac reassured her "In Darkstorm...the royal family earned it place because we still have a strong demon blood line. That blood line allows us to transform into a more...demonic form. Usually the marriage is consummated in that form, to ensure a powerful child." he confessed.

Xander lay stuck there staring up at the ceiling. It wasn't all bad, long ago Xander had a painter paint the night sky on the celing, the constelations helping him think.

2016-02-24 [Cerulean Sins]: Allegra walked into Dove's room, and saw her sister laying on the bed crying."Stop that right now, you powder puff." She snapped."And show me this fucking letter."

Dove sat up and looked at Allegra."It's on the dresser." She sniffed and wipped her eyes.

Luna looked up at Issac."Wait you have a demon form? Can I see?" She smiled brightly.

2016-02-24 [Scarekrow]: Roman followed Allegra up and seeing Dove in tears he made his way over to her to try and soothe her.

Issac was taken aback by Luna's eagerness. He had been worried she might pull away in disgust but her reaction was the complete opposite. He stepped back a little to give himself some room before letting the change come over him. His demon form was much like Myrnins, leaving him at seven feet tall, large horns sweeping up from his head. His skin was the color of charred wood, beneath it an orange red glow showed where his veins and arteries were.

2016-02-24 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove saw Roman."I want our daughter back." She sobbed.

Luna watched Issac's body changed into that of a demon."Wow your so tall." She smiled.

2016-02-24 [Scarekrow]: "Raven is leaving now to go find her" Roman reassured her.

Issac frowned a little "You aren't terrified?"

2016-02-24 [Cerulean Sins]: "Well he can track her with this." Allegra said as she took the note and left the room.

Dove nodded as she sobbed.

Luna shook her head."Why would I be terrified of you? Your my husband and I love you." She smiled. She walked over to him and she put her hands on his chest.

2016-02-24 [Scarekrow]: Raven had finished dressing and left the room as Allegra walked towards him with the note.

Issac smiled a little "Not many look on this form so affectionately...and you do realize you might have to sleep with me like this"

2016-02-24 [Cerulean Sins]: Allegra casted a locator spell on the letter."Here you'll find her with this. It will grow brighter when you get close to her."

Luna smiled walked away from him, she grabbed a chair and dragged it over to him. She stood on the chair and kissed his cheek."Your my husband, Issac. I love every part of you, and you didn't need to hide this part of yourself."

2016-02-24 [Scarekrow]: Raven nodded "I'll have to be careful. Luna likely doesn't want to be found so might be tricky" he said.

Issac smiled a little and put an arm around Luna, easily lifting her off the chair.

2016-02-24 [Cerulean Sins]: "Your always careful." Allegra said as she kissed him softly.

Luna gently ran a finger tip over his horns."So why did hide your demon form?"

2016-02-24 [Scarekrow]: "Specially now, considering you would find a way to kill me even if I died" Raven smiled kissing back.

"I was afraid you would...well be afraid" issac admitted

2016-02-24 [Cerulean Sins]: Allegra cupped his face."I will kill you if you died Raven."

Luna shook her head."I could never be afraid of you, I love you Issac." She smiled and kissed him softly.

2016-02-24 [Scarekrow]: Raven smiled "Then I will be extra careful"

Issac kissed Luna back sweetly.

2016-02-24 [Cerulean Sins]: "You better, you twat." Allegra snapped then she kissed him.

Luna wrapped her arms around his wide shoulders as she kisses him.

2016-02-24 [Scarekrow]: Raven returned the kiss, restign hsi hands o nAllegra's hips.

Issac moaned a little into the kiss as he carried Luna to their bed.

2016-02-24 [Cerulean Sins]: Allegra broke the kiss."Now bring my niece home or you won't be getting sex again."

Luna kissed him lovingly.

2016-02-25 [Scarekrow]: Raven smiled "I'll be back as soon as I can" he said, kissing Allegra o nthe cheek before leaving.

Issac lay Luna on the bed and smiled down at her "Ready for this? This form doesn't just make me taller" he teased.

2016-02-25 [Cerulean Sins]: Allegra watched him left with a frown on her face.

Luna nodded with a smile on her face."Yes, I'm ready." She brushed her fingers along his cheek.

2016-02-25 [Scarekrow]: [shall we jump ahead a month? Raven returns with news of who Luna has married, meanwhile Luna has fallen pregnant]

2016-02-25 [Cerulean Sins]: [sounds good :)]

2016-02-25 [Scarekrow]: [I'm thinking Roman Jnr decides to keep his love of other men a secret, at least until the Dragomirs figure out what to do about Luna]

2016-02-25 [Cerulean Sins]: [Good idea :) ]

2016-02-25 [Scarekrow]: [anything else?]

2016-02-25 [Cerulean Sins]: [Not that I can think of ]

2016-02-25 [Scarekrow]: [what about ROse? shoudl weh ave her still secretly loyal to Evelina, her story to Myrnin a trick to earn his trust?]

2016-02-25 [Cerulean Sins]: [Yup :)]

2016-02-25 [Scarekrow]: [alrighty, I'm thinking Rose has become Myrnin's concubine, somethign Evelina is pleased with as it means Rose is very close to Myrni nand thus Issac]

2016-02-25 [Cerulean Sins]: [Good idea :D]

2016-02-25 [Scarekrow]: [want me ot begin?]

2016-02-25 [Cerulean Sins]: [sure :)]

2016-02-25 [Scarekrow]: Rj sat with his parents in their room. The news that Luna had married Issac of Darkstorm had been a shock, though from what Raven had reported Luna was there of her own free will and likely pregnant by now. RJ sighed a little "I'll keep my sexuality a secret. We cant have Meridian without a heir bearing ruler. Until we can think of something I'll keep my sexual taste hidden" he said seriously. RJ was annoyed at Luna, he had been ready to come out completely and now this had happened, though he couldn't be angry in truth, knowing the Dragomir soul mate wasn't something that could be ignored.

Roman nodded sadly at his son's suggestion. He wished he could say Roman could just come out as gay but RJ was right, with Luna now married to Issac they had no heir for the Meridian throne.

Issac smiled as he lay in bed watching Luna paint. Only a month ago had Issac slept with Luna in his demon form but it seemed to have worked, Luna was pregnant much to both their relief. Issac stretched in bed as he admired Luna's body, barely hidden by her near see through nighty.

2016-02-26 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove frowned as she looked at her only son."No." She said firmly."This is unfair to you, RJ. Your father and I shall continue on ruling the kingdom until we have another child. Or shall we change the laws? And let RJ rule with no heir to be born."

Luna happily painted a picture of Issac in his demon form."Your watching me." She smiled.

2016-02-26 [Scarekrow]: RJ smiled "It's alright mum. I dont take the throne for at least another two years so you two might have another child by then in which case you can name it the heir. If not we can figure something else out. Besides I don't have a soul mate yet so it isn't like I am hiding that" he pointed out.

"I am" Issac confirmed with a smile.

2016-02-26 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove sighed softly."Oh RJ..." She looked down at her lap with a frown on her face.

Luna smiled."Why are you watching me?"

2016-02-26 [Scarekrow]: RJ smiled and shook his head "it's alright. If I find my soulmate we may have to change our plans but for the moment it is fine". RJ understood how much trouble they were in. If Luna was named heir, even if they made it so Luna ruled Meridian seperatley from Issac, it would still make the Everwoods unease and likely cause problems with misthaven for years.

"Because you are beautiful, because I love you and because you look gorgeous in that nighty" Issac said simply.

2016-02-26 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove hugged RJ tightly."Oh sweetheart!"

Luna chuckled."Listen to your daddy, sweet talking your mummy." She said to her unborn child.

2016-02-26 [Scarekrow]: RJ smiled "Not so tight." he chuckled.

Issac chuckled "Cover it's ears cause I may start talking dirty soon"

2016-02-26 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove gave RJ a tight squeeze then she pulled back with a smile.

"Issac!" Luna giggled.

2016-02-26 [Scarekrow]: RJ scratched his chin "Anyway I'll leave you and dad alone to work on that whole another baby thing" he chuckled, kissing Dove on the cheek before leaving.

Issac laughed a little with Luna "What? I'm not allowed to say your ass makes me wish I had two cocks so I could enjoy it twice as much?" e teased.

2016-02-26 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove blushed and chuckled.

Luna blushed brightly."Issac!"

2016-02-26 [Scarekrow]: Roman watched his son leave and smiled a little "he is right though. This is the best option at the moment"

Issac chuckled "You still blush over the smallest things"

2016-02-26 [Cerulean Sins]: "Our next best option is for you to give me another child, Roman. I want all my children to be happy." Dove sighed.

Luna smiled a little.

2016-02-26 [Scarekrow]: "I wont complain about that" Roman smiled kissing Dove sweetly.

RJ walked down the hall but stopped as he saw Allegra heading to her room with some food "Hey Ally" RJ called but stopped as Allegra glared at him and entered her room without a word. After Raven had returned Allegra had dragged him off, but not before telling everyone if anyone disturbed them she would curse that person. No one had seen Raven in a week and only Allegra left the room to get food and drinks. Considering she onyl wore a robe when she left they suspected Raven was probably being kept very busy by Allegra.

2016-02-26 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove kissed him back."You only like it because you get sex."

Allegra glared at RJ for a moment before walked into her room, locking the door and setting the food and wine on the dresser. She took off her robe, showing off her naked body."I'm back, Raven." She grinned.

2016-02-26 [Scarekrow]: "That is the main benefit yes. The second is another child" Roman smiled.

"Welcome back" Raven said, equally naked laying on the bed. Since Allegra had dragged him into the room it had been nothing but sex broken up by the need for sleep and food.

2016-02-26 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove smiled."True."

Allegra picked up the tray and she carried the food over to the bed, she sat on the bed."I got us some food."

2016-02-26 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled "I guess we should be happy Luna found her love" he said "Despite the trouble it is causing"

"Good, I was starving" Raven said sitting up. Raven had an athletic figure though hsi body was marked with quite a few scars.

2016-02-26 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove nodded a little."I know. So much drama."

Allegra nodded."Me too." She smiled.

2016-02-26 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled a little "Well at least she is happy"

Raven sat up and helped himself to some of the food.

2016-02-26 [Cerulean Sins]: "I know, love." Dove said softly.

Allegra helped herself to food.

2016-02-26 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled a little sadly and shook his head "no point dwelling on it now"

"Didnt get to many stares when you got this I hope" Raven smiled.

2016-02-26 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove nodded."I know, love."

"Probably but not until after I left."Allegra chuckled. 

2016-02-27 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled a little and kissed Dove's cheek.

Raven laughed a little at that "Well that robe does show of your shapely ass"

2016-02-28 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove smiled and hugged him.

Allegra winked at him."Thanks."

2016-02-29 [Scarekrow]: Roman kissed Dove gently as he lay back on their bed.

"you're welcome" Raven chuckled

2016-02-29 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove kissed him back softly.

Allegra laid on the bed as she eats a chicken wing.

2016-02-29 [Scarekrow]: Roman's fingers found there way up Dove's shoulders, slowly sliding the straps of her dress off.

Raven began to eat, glad to be enjoying this kind of food. While out finding Luna he had eaten far less advertising food in inns and taverns.

2016-02-29 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove smiled a little as they kissed.

Allegra nodded a little."Cookie out did herself."

2016-02-29 [Scarekrow]: Roman slowly pulled Dove's dress down, breaking the kiss and nibbling down her neck.

"Cookie always out does herself" Raven smiled.

Myrnin groaned as he pulled his hips back, his cock popping free of Rose's tight pussy before he collapsed back onto the bed panting as his cum leaked out of her. Rose had become his concubine after the incident in which the spies tried to kill Luna. Myrnin hadn't told Issac about Roses involvement, instead claiming the knowledge of the plot came from an anonymous source. Myrnin's panting began to slow before he let out a soft moan and looked down ,watching Rose begin licking his cock clean "Gods I am glad I made you my concubine" he grinned. Rose proved to be an enthusiastic lover in bed, out of it she offered sound advise to Myrnin.

2016-02-29 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove arched her neck as she pulls his shirt up.

Allegra nodded."Yup."

Rose happily licked his cock clean. This had to be the best gig she has ever had, being a concubine and a secret spy. Sure Myrnin thinks he is protecting her from Evelina's wrath by taking her in as a concubine, however she is secretly she feeds Evelina information. Rose smiled up at him."I'm so glad you made me your concubine too, baby."

2016-02-29 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled, pulling back to let Dove pull his shirt off.

"Though knowing her some of this food is likely those oysters" Raven chuckled.

Myrnin smiled and laid back. He had no idea Rose was still feeding Evelina info. Even so he didn't tell Rose everything, old habits died hard. 

2016-02-29 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove pulled off his shirt and ran her hands over his chest.

Allegra laughed softly."She does like to spike food. I remember when mom and dad got into a fight, Cookie sent them a platter of food that was spiked. I never saw mom or dad for a week."

Rose finished cleaning his cock then she cleaned his balls.

2016-02-29 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled and kissed Dove's neck as he felt her hands run over his chest.

Raven chuckled a little "That is one way to patch up after a fight" he smiled "A shame Cookie didn't take a husband, poor man would have never left the bedroom"

Myrnin relaxed, enjoying the feeling of Roses warm tongue cleaning his cock and balls.

2016-02-29 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove moved her hands from his chest and lightly dragged her nails along his back.

Allegra chuckled."Yup. I'm glad she didn't marry because her food is too good to waste on one person." She grabbed another chicken wing.

Rose finished cleaning his cock and balls then she crawled up his body, laying on top of his body. She kissed his chest softly."So how has your day been?" She hadn't gotten a chance to ask him because he had jumped her bones.

2016-02-29 [Scarekrow]: Roman groaned softly as he felt Dove's nails drag down his back, his own hands working on undoing her bra.

Raven chuckled with her "Though I get the feeling she is a bit of a voyeur, always asking for details" he said.

"long and dull. As usual the nobles keep fishing for info on Issac's Queen, and their attempts are getting more and more obvious. Meanwhile Lord Hysal believes that Issac has no Queen and is faking it to dodge out of marrying a Darkstorm girl"

2016-02-29 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove broke the kiss and chuckled."It's a front clasp."

Allegra nodded."Yeah I always thought that. Cookie always asks me about our sex life. I happily tell her then she gives me cookies." She smiled.

Rose kissed his jaw."Lord Hysal should know better. King Issac does have a queen. Perhaps its time for Issac to revel his queen."

2016-03-01 [Scarekrow]: Roman broke off his kissing with a chuckle "Dammit" he said, moving his hand to the front and unclasping her bra.

"Well considering how well Cookie did with this meal perhaps we should give her some juicy stories in return" he teased.

Myrnin sighed "I have told Issac the exact same thing but he seems to want to wait a little longer." he said a little annoyed. This secret was making a few problems and Myrnin felt Issac would be better off revealing his Queen now rather then waiting.

2016-03-01 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove chuckled."Silly husband."

"Well while I was waiting for her to make our platter I told her how you took me against the wall, then on the floor, against the closet door, then against my bedroom door, on the window seat, and then on the bed. How I rode your cock for hours while you where tied to the bed, how you took my ass, how I took your ass, about our little roleplay and BDSM." Allegra smiled.

"He wants to wait? Perhaps the queen is pregnant? He might just want to wait until the baby is born." Rose shrugged a little.

2016-03-01 [Scarekrow]: Roman laughed a little "You still love me" he smiled leaning down and kissing each breast.

"I doubt you were able to give all the details in that amount of time." Raven chuckled.

"It is possible, still he would be better to just come out and reveal who she is. Many lords are getting annoyed at being ruled by a Queen they dont know" Myrnin sighed.

2016-03-01 [Cerulean Sins]: "I really do love you...."Dove smiled.

"I gave her enough to keep herself going."Allegra chuckled.

"Speak to him about it. Or better yet try and speak to the queen."Rose said softly.

2016-03-01 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled softly and took one of her nipples between his teeth tuggign it lightly.

"So right now Cookie is likely fingering herself to our naughty stories?" Raven asked with a chuckle.

"I will try tomorrow, talking to Issac I mean. Those wards still stop anyone from entering the Queens rooms" Myrnin said.

2016-03-01 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove gasped loudly, she arched her back a little.

Allegra shrugged."I don't know." She sat up and picked away at the food on the platter."How about next time I go to get food I give her one of my dildos, tell her to have fun why thinking of me and Raven fucking like bunnies?" She looked at Raven with a deadpan expression.

Rose nodded."Make sure he listens to you baby."

2016-03-01 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled and let go of her nipple "I love you too" he said.

Raven smiled a little at Allegra's dead pan expression "I would suggest picking one you wouldn't mind losing as Cookie may forget to give it back"

"I will" Myrnin said sitting up a little.

2016-03-01 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove panted softly."I love you too." She smiled.

"Or I could invite her here and we could have a threesome?" Allegra said as she ate food.

Rose sat up with him because she had been laying on top of him."Good."

2016-03-01 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled and kissed Dove lovingly as his hands came up and squeezed her breasts.

"I'm up for it, though not sure if she would agree. We havent had a three some since...what was her name, the whore you hired cause you thought I would be away for months and you wanted to have some fun?"

Myrni nsmiled "Sorry for not saying hello when I came in, just saw you bending over and..." he grinned, having jumped Rose's bones the moment he had entered.

2016-03-01 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove kissed him back lovingly.

"Oh I remember....her name was Sapphire."Allegra chuckled."That girl could sure take a lot." She got off the bed."Well I'm going to get more wine and fetch Cookie."Allegra grinned as she pulled on her robe then she left the room.

Rose blushed and smiled."Its okay, babe."

2016-03-01 [Scarekrow]: Roman deepened the kiss, hsi tongue massaging hers as he gently pushed Dove onto the bed.

"Sapphire, that was it. New it was some precious stone" Raven said clicking his fingers. He smiled as Allegra got up and left, wondering if Allegra would return with Cookie or alone.

"no, my hello should not be ramming my cock into you" Myrnin chuckled.

2016-03-01 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove kissed him back, her tongue massaging his as she laid on the bed.

Allegra went down to the kitchen."Hey cookie." She smiled.

"How about ramming your cock into me then say hello."Rose smiled.

2016-03-01 [Scarekrow]: Roman rocked his hips against Doves despite both still partially clothed.

[want me to play as Cookie?]

Myrnin laughed a little "I could do that"

2016-03-01 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove rocked her hips back as they kiss.

[I don't mind :D]

Rose giggled.

2016-03-01 [Scarekrow]: Roman moaned and broke the kiss, pulling Dove's dress completely off.

Cookie, who was squatting down and checking something in the oven looked up in surprise "Ally, I thought you had left for your room. Was something wrong with the food?" she asked.

"So what did you get up to today?" Myrni nasked.

2016-03-01 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove helped him remove her dress.

Allegra grinned as she shook her head."No. Your food is always amazing." She squatted down next to Cookie."Fancy a threesome with me and Raven?" She asked as she took Cookie's hand and put it between her legs, so Cookie was cupping Allegra's smooth cunt.

Rose shrugged."Nothing. I tied up a little, read and that was it."

2016-03-01 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled as his eyes moved up and down Dove's body "As beautiful as you were when we first made love in that abandoned hack" he said.

Cookie, to her credit, barely even blinked at Allegra's suggestion as she felt her hand cup Ally's smooth cunt. Her fingers began to tease Allegra's pussy as she continued to look in the oven "my you are the bold one. I would love to, but first I must finish the baking here" she said.

"Lucky for you ,a lazy day" Myrnin said.

2016-03-01 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove blushed."Roman...."

Ally smirked as Cookie's fingers teased her pussy."Come to me room once your finished." She stood up, she grabbed two jugs of wine then went back to her room.

Rose smiled."Yup."

2016-03-01 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled and kissed Dove's cheek ,then her neck, shoulder, breast, stomach and thighs.

Cookie smiled a little and waited. Cookie was an odd person ,she enjoyed seeing two people happy and having lots of sex, in fact she could count a few times she had saved the King and Queen's marriage more out of her own desire to see them happy then any political motivation. This also linked into why she had never married, her kink was to be the third person in a relationship. She loved the idea of being a lover to a happy couple. She had hoped Roman and Dove might have invited her to a threesome but such an offer never came. However now Ally was offering she was quite eager.

Myrnin smiled "Care to fetch us a drink?"

2016-03-01 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove smiled happily."Oh Roman..."

Ally walked into her room she shared with Raven."Cookie is in but she needs to finish baking."

Rose nodded."Of course." She got off his lap, she pulled on her dress, slipped on her shoes then she left the room.

2016-03-01 [Scarekrow]: Roman slowly reached up and pulled Dove's panties down, kissing up her thigh slowly.

Raven raised an eyebrow "That is a surprise, I was expecting a no honestly"

Myrnin watched her go and smiled to himself. He was considering asking Rose to be his wife once Issac had revealed his Queen.

2016-03-01 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove smiled."Oh Roman...."

"Same here especially when I put her hand on my pussy."Allegra grinned.

Rose hummed softly as she got a jug of water and wine from the kitchen."Hello, Cookie." She smiled.

2016-03-01 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled up at Dove "69?" he asked.

Raven chuckled "Dirty girl"

[remember, Cookie is in Meridian, Rose in Darkstorm :P]

2016-03-01 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove smiled."Sure."

Allegra set the wine on the table."Well duh." She rolled her eyes as she took off her robe and she sat on the bed.

[Crap! blonde moment lol XD]

2016-03-01 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled and sat up, tugging his pants off quickly.

Raven laughed a little at that.

[no worries haha actually might be an idea that one of the Darkstorm cooks is a spy who is taking Rose's reports]

2016-03-01 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove blushed as she watched Roman remove his pants.

Allegra picked at the food.

[good idea!]

2016-03-02 [Scarekrow]: Roman chuckled "After al lthese years you still blush when I get naked"

Cookie, who had finished up her baking, came up to Allegra's room and knocked on the door.

Anders looked up as Rose entered the kitchen and gave her a small nod. He was a spy for parto f Evelina's spy network. Anders handled smuggling out messages and reports and smuggling in new orders.

2016-03-03 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove smiled a little as he face blushed a little darker.

Allegra looked at Raven with a smirk."I bet that's Cookie." She got off the bed, she walked over to the door and opened it. She smiled when she saw the curvy Cookie."Hello Cookie."

Rose smiled at Anders."Making anything good?"

2016-03-04 [Scarekrow]: Roman smiled at Dove's deep blush and crawled onto the bed next to her, kissing her softly.

Cookie smiled "Hope I didn;t keep you waiting log" she said entering the room and chuckling "Open a window you two, smells of incense sticks and sex"

Anders shrugged "The King went hunting and brought back a speared boar, so trying to figure out how to make a lot of boar dishes"

2016-03-04 [Cerulean Sins]: Dove kissed him back.

Allegra laid on the bed and nudged Raven."Go open a window, babe." She smiled.

Rose chuckled."Oh the joys."

2016-03-05 [Scarekrow]: Raven climbed out of bed and opened the window latch, which took a bit of effort as it was quite old.

While Raven worked on the window latch COokie undressed revealing her slightly plump body to Allegra.

"Of course the boar isnt the only thing getting 'speared' lately fro mwhat I hear" he said with a knowing smirk at Rose.

2016-03-05 [Cerulean Sins]: Allegra watched Cookie underdress with a grin."Damn Cookie...that body." She got off the bed then she walked over to Cookie and she ran her hands over her curves.

"I got spread very very very well."Rose smirked.

2016-03-06 [Scarekrow]: Cookie chuckled "A side effect of being able to eat whatever I cook" she said.

Anders nodded "Any news?"

2016-03-06 [Cerulean Sins]: Allegra grinned as she licked Cookies nipples.

Rose nodded with a grin.

2016-03-07 [Scarekrow]: COokie moaned a little and smiled, cupping Allegra's pussy with one hand.

Anders nodded "What news?"

2016-03-07 [Cerulean Sins]: Allegra sucked on one of Cookies nipples as she pinches the other with her hand.

Rose looked around a little then she looked at Anders."Lots of nobles are questioning if the queen is real and others think the queen is pregnant."

2016-03-07 [Scarekrow]: COokie moaned softly, her fingers teasing Allegra's pussy as the other slapped her ass.

Anders made a sucking soun with his mouth in annoyance "I knew that much already"

2016-03-07 [Cerulean Sins]: Allegra moaned as she sucked on Cookie's nipple.

Rose giggled."You think that's all the news I had?"

2016-03-07 [Scarekrow]: Cookie moaned and grinned a little, using her hand to spread Allegra's ass cheeks apart.

Raven, who had been watching from the bed saw Cookie's invitation and climbed out of bed, coming up behind Allegra and teasing his cock over her ass.

Anders clicked his tongue "I don't like games Rose"

2016-03-07 [Cerulean Sins]: Allegra moaned as she wiggled her hips, she rubbed her fingers over Cookie's clit.

Rose sighed loudly."I found something....a ring."

2016-03-07 [Scarekrow]: [hmmm I had a reset idea for this.

In this one instead of falling in love with Issac, Luna falls in love with one of Issac's shemale royal guards. Dove comes to talk with Issac about what to do (Meridian doesn't want to give up Luna, especially as she could be used as a hostage if things go bad, at the same time Issac isn't to eager to lose one of his best guards to Meridian).

Roman in this one has been straying in his marriage, sleeping with a few girls. Dove has kept silent, not wanting news to get out and she doesn't want to upset her children. While talking with Issac, Dove ends up finding herself attracted to him and begins to have an affair with him.

One of the women Roman is sleeping with is one of Evelina's spies, but she begins to wonder if she should cut her ties with Evelina and instead sink her claws into Roman. Why settle for being a spy when you can try and become a Queen?

Evelina meanwhile is worried that she hasn't fallen pregnant. She and Xander go at it like rabbits but for 3 years nothing has happened and Evelina is worried Xander might stray to another more 'fertile' girl is she doesnt have a child, despite Xander professing he loves only her. Evelina begins to consider having a one night stand with someone to fall pregnant and pass it off as Xander's child

2016-03-07 [Cerulean Sins]: [love it! :D]

2016-03-07 [Scarekrow]: [anything you want to add?]

2016-03-07 [Cerulean Sins]: [naw am good ]

2016-03-08 [Scarekrow]: [testing. This wiki keeps eating my posts :/]

2016-03-08 [Cerulean Sins]: [evil elftown]

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Few could enter the west wing of the Weider castle, a myriad of spells, wards and traps ensured only those cleared to enter would ever pass. Many rumors ran around the castle about what was hidden inside; some claimed it held prisoners from the civil war, others claimed it was a powerful weapon or creature, kept sealed until it was needed. No one ever suspected the truth, a truth which could either bring peace or instant war depending on how it played out.

One of the few people granted access to the wing was Magnus Soclaire. A scholar and advisor to the Darkstorm Kingdom for generations he had the face and bearing of a kindly old grandfather. The only things that were off were two large sweeping horns the came from his forehead, yellow cat like eyes and his black nails ending in claws. He was one of few Issac called a trusted friend and one of only three who knew about what really laid within the west wing. The old mans eyes rested on Luna Dragomir as she read over a book, a genealogy of the Darkstorm Kingdoms nobles. Magnus had been entrusted by Issac to help educate his wife about Darkstorm so that when they went public she would know everyone. "As you can see Darkstorm nobility is a twisted family tree. Marriage between cousins and even siblings has occurred more then one, and sometimes multiple marriages between different parties. The demon blood in our veins ensures no child born of incest will suffer any deformities so some families prefer to keep their bloodlines...'strong'. Lord Norbius for instance married his sister, and when she died married his own daughter. Needless to say that caused even more difficulties following his family line" Magnus said, noticing Luna blush as she read "I would recommend you do not try and marry any sons you may have, King Issac may grow jealous" he teased.

King Roman lowered his hands in frustration as once again the floating glass orb failed to find his daughter Luna. Luna had disappeared from the castle months ago without a word and a large search had been launched, however the search had also been kept secret from the other kingdoms, fearing they may try and capture Luna themselves. The only reason he was not panicked about her disappearance was the fact he knew she was safe and happy. The orb wouldn't show him where Luna was but when he tried he felt a pulse of positive emotions from it, as if Luna was telling him she was fine and not to worry. Roman rose to try again when he heard the door open and saw his wife Dove enter. Unlike him Dove had been satisfied by the pulse of emotions, seemingly unconcerned about where Luna was as long as she was safe and happy. Roman lowered his hands agin with a sigh "You are going to tell me to put the orb away and stop worrying arent' you?" 

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