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<-War of Sorrows

This is sorted by alphabet for convenience:

1)Angel: Angels are often percieved as unearthly and good in nature. These winged beings are not all good and fall into the categories below:
(a)Astral: These are the most common of the angels. They can blend with society by passing themselves off as human. They can even hide their wings. They can be found any where and their appearance can come in many varieties. They even have the ability to take animal form.
Strengths: The ability to change appearance, flight, archery, Astral spells
Weakness:Magic, Demons, just about anything though they have a higher resistance to injury by normal blades.
(b)Air : These angels are unable to hide their heritage. Their is a soft glow about them and they are always light in complexion or dark depending on what region they are found.
Strengths:The ability to control the element of air
Weakness:Earth spells as long as they are on the ground. They can be wounded by nearly anything.
Enemies: Demons and those that seek them harm.
(c)Harshy:These are perhaps the strangest form of angel, many are unsure if they should even be categorized as angels. The Harshy are unable to hide their wings and they are possessed of pointed ears making them look like winged elves. They are attracted to shiny objects, often obsessed with them even so their is a distrust of them due to a large number of them being of a rogue class.
Strength: They are able to meld into shadows and have the abilities of elves. If they are rogues or magic users they have a bonus to their abilities. Immune to spells.
Weakness: Shiny objects, getting in trouble. Normal weapons
Enemies:Nearly any race has a percentage of people who dislike them but so far they have been able to avoid open hatred from any race aside from the orc.
(d) War: War angels are born for just that, they are natural fighters. They can be found anywhere and can blend with society.
Strengths: Battle spells and prose
Weakness:Cannot do healing magics, magic
Enemies:Demons and any who cross them
(e)Healer:These angels are able to blend with society though there is a soft divine light that accompanies them. They are unable to lie and must do what they believe is good and just even if it means losing a friend.
Strengths: Healing spells
Weakness:Cannot fight anyone unless in self defense, cannot lie
Enemies: Demons and people of evil alignment.

1)Bith: These creatures resemble halflings but are possessed of animal ears as well as normal ears. They are often mistaken for werecreature's children. They make good rogues.
Strengths: Rogue abilities, conversing with nature
Weaknesses: standard
Enemies:anything that threatens them

1)Credon (pronounced Kree-don): These beings have the ability to change into anything they want making it nearly impossible to know what they truly look like they range in alignment and class.
Strength: Shifting abilities
Weakness: They are weakened when in another form.
Enemies:anything that threatens them

1)Demon:They are found in diverse environments and tend to resemble humanoids. They can come in animal form as well and some are more intelligent than others depending on their type. Their types are as follows:
(A)Vampire: They are categorized as greater demons and ate inteligent in nature. They are dangerous to mortals because they can blend in with their surroundings and feed off of mortal blood.
-Solar walkers-Greater
Strengths:They can walk in the sun and tend to be more charismatic. They have the standard abilities vampires have and tend to be able to turn into animals. They have healing abilities and light manipulation. They tend to be good in nature. They tend to be considered healers and paladins.
Weakness: They do not due well against the Lunar walkers and are weakened under the influence of the moon. Dragon blood is very addicting so they must avoid drinking it. Silver.
Enemies:Lunar walkers and nocturnal beings.
-Lunar Walkers-Greater
Strengths: Standard. They thrive in the night. They are strong under the influence of the moon
Weakness:The day, it makes them no more powerful than a mortal human, Solar walkers, werewolves, silver, in some cases running water.
Enemies:Werewolves and Solar walkers
(B)Succubus/incubus: Greater
Strengths:Able to manipulate others with the use of seduction and racial abilties. They draw strength from draining prey
Weakness:Silver, Coldstone, light
Enemies:Anything of good alignment
(C)Imp: Lesser
Strengths: Elemental abilities depending on what category they fall under, the have the ability of flight, crafty
Weakness:Opposite element, they also tend to be weak in the way of physical strength.
Enemies:Anything they anger or are angered by
(D)Lesser Demon: Lesser
Strengths:Similar to imps but many of them serve greater demons, they have the ability of possession
Weakness:Their masters, copper
Enemies:Their masters
(E)Greater Demon:Greater
Strengths: They have great physical and mental strength and many have archain magic. They have the ability of possession
Weakness:Light and good creatures of good alignment
Enemies:Good alignments
2)Dryad:These spirits or nymphs of the forest are protectors of their forest home. They often are social and good or natural in alignment. Though they are social they can be very shy toward those who are not druids, elves, rangers or other dryads and often hide themselves from beings that may do them harm.
They fear fire for the danger it poses to their tree. A Dryad must have a host tree to stay alive and cannot be away from their tree for more than a month. In the case of the traveling Dryad they often take an acorn or seed from their tree to offer them strength. In the case of injury they can travel to their tree to recuperate. They can do this by phasing through any living plant to get to their tree, though it is quicker travel if they pass through trees.
Strengths:nature spells and travel, they can also converse with nature
Weakness:fire and weapons. They have a resistance to spells as long as they are not fire based.
Enemies: Fire beings, orcs, any being or person that seeks harm to their forests.
3)Dwarf: These sturdy folk are often good warriors and miners. They are found throughout the world, even in the most brutal places.
Strengths: Battle prose
Enemies:elves and creatures of their enemy alignment
(A)Mountain: These sturdy folk are very good at mining most of them are adapt at fighting, including their clerics.
Strengths:Physical pros, fortitude.
Weakness: Spells
Enemies:Elves and creatures that go against their beliefs.
(B)Stone: These folk hardly like to go out of their mines and are the best miners in all of Semedia, they turn out objects that are only rivaled by the elves.
Strengths: Mining pros, fighting and magic
Weakness: Their enemies
Enemies: Creatures of bad alignment. Elves
(C)Dark: These folk reside in the deep depths of the earth, or "Dark World" as some call it and are vicious toward surface dwellers, especially their surface kin. It is rumored they committed an unspeakable sin and where banished to the Dark World as punishment. They are evil in alignment and dark or ashy gray in color.
Strengths: similar to their surface cousins
Weakness:surface dwellers and dark elves.
Enemies:surface dwellers and dark elves.

1Elf: Found in their respective environment. As a rule they tend to be wise and reserved:
A)Forest- Most common of the elves they tend to be noble and champions of good. They can be any alignment but are generally good. Those that have turned to dark ways are cast out by their kin and marked so they won't be accepted within their community. They can be any class but tend to lean toward good classes and that of justice.
Strengths: Law like, wisdom, intelligence,connection to the world, agility.Noble
Weakness:Distrust of Dwarves and Dark elves. Can be detached or believe they are better due to their race (not all though).
Enemies:Dark Elves and some dwarves as well as demons as a rule, especially after prince Drakias was kidnapped by demons.
B)Dark: The dark elves where cast out and said to be banished into the deep bowels of the earth. Their hatred for the Forest elves has turned many of them to corruption they tend to be evil and lean in favor of classes such as rogue, fighter, spell caster and the like, on rare occasions there are some that break from this mold.
Strengths:Stealth, agility,cunning, intelligence.
Weakness:Sunlight, anger and bitterness.
Enemies:Light Elves, Dwarves, surface dwellers as a general rule.
C)Aqua: Less common and perhaps more mysterious. They tend to be of good alignment and lean toward the class of spell caster or healer. They can be out of water for up to three days without needing to go back to water.
Strengths:Breath under water. Same as Light elves.
Weakness:Secrecy and distrust of others.A little unstable on land.
Enemies: fire races, dark elves.

1)Fae: Fae come in a variety of types. The most common is the forest fae. Some are good and will aid mortals but the darker fae try to lure mortals to either kill them or enslave them.
Their types are:
(a)Forest:Forest fae can often be mistaken for elves or dryads, their most common type is the nymph. They vary in alignment.
Strength:nature spells and communion
Weakness:fire and blades
Enemies:anything that means them or their forest harm
(b)Water: The most common form is the water nymph. They vary in alignment but the most common is the Siren which lures victims to a watery grave with their singing.
Strength:water abilities and their voice
Weakness:Hunting, and people that seek them harm
Enemies:Those that seek them harm
(c)Air:These fae are often credited with maintaining the flow of air and winds. They vary in alignment and hardly ever dabble with society.
Strength: air spells
Weakness: The earth for it unnerves them
Enemies:those that seek them harm
(d)Fire: These fae have nasty tempers and are adapt at magic and fighting. They vary in alignment.
Strength: Magic and/ or physical pros
Weakness:Magic and some metals
Enemies:Those that seek them harm
(e)Light: These fae are good in alignment and adapt at healing.
Enemies:Those of bad alignment
(f)Dark: These fae are adapt at manipulation spells and fighting and are evil in alignment.
Strength:Manipulation, magic, and fighting
Weakness: pure spells
Enemies:Those of good alignment
* Note: All fae are weakened by coldstone!!!

1)Ghara: The Ghara are a strange race that resemble orcs. They are more intiligent then the orc and most tend to be good in alignment. Due to their appearance however, they tend to be misidentified.
Strength: Fighting
Weakness:Their appearance and spells
Enemies:Those who attack them

1)Human: Standard. Found just about everywhere. They can be any alignment and class.
Strengths:Can be any class and alignment. Can be intelligent, strong, loyal etc. Can be vice like.
Weakness:Can be greedy and vice like.
Enemies:depends on upbringing.
2)Half-elf: Not very common but it does occur they can be any race and class.
-specify what type
Strengths:depends on parents
Weakness:depends on parents
Enemies:depends on parents
Strengths: a blending of their parents abilities
Weakness: blending of their parents weaknesses
Enemies: Depends on heritage and teachings
* Note: Dragons come in a variety of types including all the elements, let me know what type you want and I will see if I want to ok it.

1) Impet: Impets are often mistaken for imps but they are not from the demon family. When they revert to more of a human like appearance they will always look like a child.
Impets have a natural desire to find someone to protect them and often call that person mother or father, they are also useful in times of need due to their magic.
Strength: Healing and magic
Weakness:unable to fight and are weakened by the weapons
Enemies:varies depending on what threatens them. Imps

1)Werecreature: Mysterious and dangerous. Any race and class excluding healers. Their types can be as follows:
(a)canine-This includes, dogs, coyote, and so on. They tend to be intelligent and crafty.
-Ice-Live in colder climates.
-Forest-Forest habitats but will go into human habitats.
-Mountain-Live in mountains tend to be a little more wild they tend to distrust humans.
Time of change: Full Moon or Blood Moon
Weakness: Silver, wolvesbane, temper
Strength: Intelligence, agility, strength
Enemies:Werecat, Werebear, some humans.
(b)Rodent- Includes rats, mice and the like.
Time of Change: Night
Strengths:Crafty, intelligence and cunning as well as agility.
Weakness:Thorn, gold.
Enemies:Werecats,some werebirds.
(C)Cat-Includes small cats and large cats
Time of Change: Waning and waxing moom. Older ones can change at will
Strengths: Speed, agility, balance, intelligence and stealth. With the big ones strength.
Weakness:Copper, dragon's blood
Enemies: Werecanine, wererodents.
(D)Bird- includes song birds and raptors
Time of Change: When the sun is at its peak, or when the sun is shining brightly. Older ones can change at will.
Strengths:Flight, speed, agility, sight in all but the owl. Wisdom and intilligence
Weakness:More frail, Shiny things (for ravens and other birds that are attracted to shiny things), Silver.
Enemies:Werecat, wererodent
(E)Reptile-includes snakes, crocodiles and others.
Time of Change: Sunny weather, older ones at will
Strengths: Agility, strength, cunning
Weakness: Cold, platinum,tainted water
Enemies:Nearly all other werecreatures.
(F)Equine-all horses and their relations.
Time of Change: day time
Strengths: Agility, speed, strength
Weakness: Some can be easily lead, Steel, they do not do as well in colder climates.
Enemies: Some werecanines, werereptiles
(G)Bear- Includes many types.
-Ice-Cold climates like the arctic.
Time of Change: Cold weather and night older ones at will
Strength: Strength, speed,intelligence and cunning
Weakness: Can be brutish, Copper and Silver
Enemies: Werecanine, humans
-Forest-Live in the forest and are the most common
Time of Change:Summer older ones at will
Strength:Strength, speed,intelligence and cunning, wisdom
Weakness:Steal and hawthorne
Time of Change:older ones at will
Strengths:Strength, speed,intelligence and cunning
Weakness:Their sense of pride,
-any others specify

If you can think of anything I left out let me know

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2010-09-09 [Cheshire Wolf]: What is a Lunar walker and what is a solar walker? you have them in the description for vampire and I'm curious on what they are.

2010-09-09 [Silver Moon]: did you read the description?

Solar vampires thrive in the day light buy become normal mortals by night.

Night walkers thrive in the night and become normal by day

2010-09-09 [Cheshire Wolf]: Oh ok! I gottcha sorry I guess I read it wrong

2010-09-09 [Silver Moon]: no prob

2010-09-09 [Amathya]: Succubus are weakened by really good ice cream, apparently...tee hee.

2010-09-09 [Silver Moon]: lol too bad there is no icecream in Semedia,...maybe someone should invent it. :p

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