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Thanks [Eyonic]!!!

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   Welcome to War of the Races RPG. This is a science-fiction RPG mixed with fantasy, where duels and fights are held to determine the Champion of the Stars, who will bring the prize of the new found planet to their team.


   Over a millenium ago, when magic and gods still existed on the world of Druin, a war broke out that brought the Apocalypse to the world, banishing the gods away and destroying all magic and mythical beings. At least, so it was believed. This war was known as the War of the Apocalypse.
   The humans who have brought the disaster apon their world, now known as Earth, had, in their ignorance, forgotten their past.
   But a new planet, a replica of their former magic and glory is discovered.
   The time has come when the humans can forget no more...
   ...For the War of the Races has begun.

   To create a new character, read the rules page, and then use the Character creation sheet. Everyone is welcome so long as they play by the rules.

Discussion/Training Rooms:

Only members specific to their teams may use these rooms.

Earth Elites Discussion/Training Room
The Rebellion Discussion/Training Room
Lite Sentinels Discussion/Training Room
The Plague Discussion/Training Room

Training Arenas:

Free for anyone to use.

Garbage Pit Arena
Galaxy Stadium
Labrynth Arena
Toryn Arena
Sentinel Stadium
The Colosseum

Current Leaders of Races

Earth Elites: Nagin Atenkho
The Rebellion: Crystal Nova
Lite Sentinels: Illadriel Heartfelt
The Plague: Silvia

This RPG is based on a story, which can be played out in the RP, War of the Races RP

War of the Races Poll

Officially open: War of the Races Art Contest

Username (or number or email):


2008-07-17 [Eyonic]: you have to leave??? why?!!!<img:44166_1164145230.gif>

2008-07-17 [Avalyn Bastian]: *sigh and laughs* I'm not leaving ET for another two years. Everything's good. I have college to keep my focus on once I graduate. I'm a junior in high school. But don't worry. After I leave, I'll be one once in a while to check on you and my other friends.

2008-07-17 [Eyonic]: lol, I'm going to college this fall. I wonder If I'll be able to get on very often...

2008-07-17 [Avalyn Bastian]: Really? hm... I wonder, too.. i hope you can

2008-07-17 [Eyonic]: I hope so too...

2008-07-17 [Avalyn Bastian]: (:

2008-07-17 [Avalyn Bastian]: Lite Sentinels? who are they?
Well, if they are something I would like, i would like to be the leader of them. I'd need to find a character though

2008-07-17 [Eyonic]: Lite Sentinels: The Lite Sentinels are the future elves who, instead of lamenting their past, seek vengeance over the humans who brought down their fate with hearts of ice. Their goal is to conquer the new world under their rule.
Appearance- Have clear skin with tints of colors ranging from a blue-green to a pink. Wear no clothing for their lack of bodily features. Generally have white, wispy hair and pupiless eyes. Have only a faint outline of a nose, and no mouth. They are physically weaker than the other two races, yet are more intelligent and wise from their age
Abilities- Have extreme psychic powers, and communicate with thoughts instead of words.

the info on the other races are on the Character creation sheet

2008-07-17 [Avalyn Bastian]: hm... I read it earlier before you sent me this. I think I might make a character...but am I allowed to be creative with the character? XD I'd feel better if I gave it clothes and white skin

2008-07-17 [Eyonic]: I'm sure it will be fine. Once you create your character profile, send to [Lite] for approval please.

2008-07-17 [Avalyn Bastian]: ok
but here's another thing. If they don't have mouths, how can they eat? all living things have to eat. My character WILL have a mouth. lol

2008-07-17 [Eyonic]: hmmmm....maybe they just absorb things...that's a question for Lite.... lol, don't worry tho, I'm sure we'll think of something. heck, one of my characters doesn't have eyes, so she uses her other senses and vibrations to see!

2008-07-17 [Avalyn Bastian]: ooh! Like a character from "Avatar: the last airbender"! awesome ^^

2008-07-17 [Eyonic]: yup yup, kinda, except my character is a plague dragon...

2008-07-17 [Avalyn Bastian]: really? cool! ^_^
I would have been one of them except there was an open opportunity to be something more unique

2008-07-17 [Eyonic]: yuppers. I've already created three plagues, but I don't think I'm going to be any other species for now.

2008-07-17 [Avalyn Bastian]: lol ^^ wow

2008-07-18 [Eyonic]: yup yup, tho I gave one to a friend of mine and the other one hasn't appeared in the rp yet...

2008-07-18 [Avalyn Bastian]: really? why?

2008-07-18 [Eyonic]: why what?

2008-07-21 [Avalyn Bastian]: *shrugs*

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