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War of the Ruins

If the races of Lore lived in the world of today, how would humans react? This is the story of several of those who lived through the war that followed.

The world as we knew it is no more. Everything we used to think about fantasy and lore was shattered some fifty years ago. Those very creatures that we doubted even existed came forward and announced themselves, as well as their want for a proper place among society. They no longer wished to remain in the shadows and in hiding while humans grew more and more power hungry.

The humans, however, didn’t agree.

They refused to be cooperative, refused to give up their power.

The world that ensued left the world in ruins. There were a few cities that weren't completely destroyed.

Now, fifty years later, rebuilding has begun. New governments are in place around the world, but they are a mockery of what used to be. One, known as the Council of Seven, is the central government of North America. That is, what used to be North America. Now it is simply called The Ruins by the lowly peons that inhabit it.

In this new world, elves, dwarves, humans, demons, all races live side by side, keeping it in fragile harmony.

No one thought that the slightly darker clouds on the horizon were anything other than another storm. No one thought that someone would want to rule the broken remains of a shattered planet.


Warriors of the Ruins - Character profiles.

War of the Ruins Rules and News - All players must watch this page!

War of Ruins RP - The role play area!



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2009-06-02 [Illona]: ~feels something odd...holds her balloon to her chest~

2009-06-26 [Amanda Bastian]: O.O Goodness another good rp lol

2009-06-27 [Flisky]: *smiles*

2009-06-27 [Amanda Bastian]: ^^ I came to complement on the wiki. I like it overall. I'd create a character, but I'm in too many rps now lol

2009-06-27 [Flisky]: That's okay. The wiki appreciates the compliments. ^_^

2009-06-27 [Amanda Bastian]: ^^ yay
tell the wiki I said thank you LOL

2009-10-04 [Rising Death Dragon]: i hope this wiki didn't die...

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2009-10-04 [Rising Death Dragon]: i wanted to join

2009-10-04 [Synirria]: you still can

2009-10-04 [Rising Death Dragon]: YAY!

2009-10-04 [Rising Death Dragon]: oh crap! i forgot i'm in so many rps it's not funny.

2010-09-16 [Lirerial]: I think this place died...

2010-09-16 [Flisky]: We can revive it if you want. ^_^

2010-09-16 [Lirerial]: we should!

2010-09-16 [Flisky]: Hmmm...Now how to do that?

2010-09-16 [Lirerial]: hmmm idk... I thik we could pprob use some more rp rooms though lol and kinda redo some stuff befpre opening it again

2010-09-16 [Flisky]: I can petition to own this page...Then I can start rebuilding. ^_^

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