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2009-06-23 18:49:28
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Watercolour is, by far, my favourite wet medium. I don't use anything fancy. My preferred brand is Prang Watercolour, scholastic set (meaning the kind used in grade school projects), in eight colours. Since I am already a self-taught artist, I also prefer to mix my own colours rather than having them pre-mixed. Nearly any shade or hue I could possibly want can be obtained through these eight colours.


Lunar Eclipse
Watercolour and ink on watercolour paper

<img0*200:stuff/1tree_fairyfish.jpg> <img0*200:stuff/fairyfishcloseup_854531.jpg>

The Christmas Tree and The Christmas Tree: close-up


The Raven Tree


A Night At the Opera


Baby Faery


Cafe des Artistes
Watercolour on paper


Missing You
Free-form watercolour on paper


At the Seaside
Free-form watercolour on paper.


At a Lake in Waterloo
Free-form watercolour on paper

The Desolation of Smaug
Ink and watercolour on paper

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