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We Love Cia_mar Fanclub

In the staircase of life, Art is the only stair that doesn't creak. ~Tom Robbins


This is a fanclub made for the worshippers of [Cia_mar]! Whether you admire her art or love her as a person you're welcome to sign your name here and show others your love towards her! Go Go Jennifer ^_^

See Cia's Wiki of Wikis to find a collection of her art graphics and Photos!



Member List:
1.[dayah] I was gonna say she needed one..She so Rocks!!
2.[Ocean Soul] One cool person who totally deserves to have a fanclub *joins* :D
3.[Elegy - gone] *wobbles*
4.[sequeena_rae] [Cia_mar] awesome? Of course!
5.[moira hawthorne] Aodh is poking me for being slow... *huggles*
6.[Remos Page] love her work !
7. [Lady of Lore]-Cia's awesome ^_^
8. [Atayemi] - Bwee! Why wasn't I told about this place? :o
9. [schitzo] - OMG I found this and decided I MUST be on it.
10. [Igor's Hero] becoming quite a wonderful friend who totally understands me.





you can give her a gift of your own at either Give Cia a Portrait or at Cia's Gifts
photo refs of her can be found at C'est Cia!

tell her what you think of her with just one word at "Cia is..."

And if you really want her gratitude,
make a design for her house and post it at
Cia lives ...Where?!?!?

Go or return to [Cia_mar]'s house | *click*


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2006-07-19 [Cia_mar]: *huggles jitters and elegy*

2006-07-19 [Elegy - gone]: *huggle huggle*

2006-07-19 [Cia_mar]: i am working on a pic for the banner though. but it may take a bit...i will show you later as i get more done, maybe tomorrow? ok?,,,

2006-07-20 [Cia_mar]: *huggles moira* no hard feelings!

2006-07-20 [moira hawthorne]: Aodh: hey i want huggles.. i dragged her sorry ass in here!

2006-07-20 [dayah]: yeah you can't forget Aodh...hes the one that poked moira..wait.does that sound right..nevermind..

2006-07-20 [Cia_mar]: *huggles wicked lil faerie too!*

2006-07-20 [moira hawthorne]: and im not telling you WHERE he poked me! b/c he is a wicked faery and would just love you to know! *owwww*

2006-07-20 [Cia_mar]: lol

2006-07-20 [dayah]: hehe...yes...I think the wicked faery needs a spanking, but then he would probably like that...heheh lol

2006-07-20 [Cia_mar]: you know he would

2006-07-20 [dayah]: yeah...your right, I know he would...heheh.*evil grin*

2006-07-20 [moira hawthorne]: Aodh: NO I wouldnt! *smiling*

2006-07-20 [moira hawthorne]: YES YOU WOULD!

2006-07-20 [Cia_mar]: lol... easy now... no knock down mud wrestling fights in here! might get the cookies dirty...*munches*.

2006-07-20 [moira hawthorne]: Aodh: *grinning*

2006-07-20 [Cia_mar]: *waggles finger in warning, but not to close... in case he tries to bite*

2006-07-20 [moira hawthorne]: Aodh: *still grinning*

2006-07-20 [Cia_mar]: hopeless!

2006-07-20 [moira hawthorne]: Actually he is very hopeful... =p... but I wouldnt trust him

2006-07-20 [Cia_mar]: never trust a faerie... i even know that!

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