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We Suck at Life, but We're Wicked Cool

I originally started this story with my very best friend; however, my friend I started, she left and no longer wanted to work on this project, but never fear. I have found a replacement for Eva's Point of View, [*Phoenix*].
We shall put together and leave you with an awesome story to remember for all times. So sit and enjoy the story that has come for you.

By: [Eyden13] and [*Phoenix*]


Eva and Aaron are the best of friends, and they are always there for each other. However, life is changing for the two of them as they continue to grow up. Boys, enemies, parents, tragedy, joy, and tears are what the two girls must face, so join the thrill ride with them, and experience what it's like to completely suck at life, but have a wicked cool factor no one else can compare to.

~WSAL,BWWC Characters~


Book One WSAL,BWWC- Done, 6 chapters.



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2010-02-28 [Eyden13]: Thanks ^-^

2010-03-01 [*Phoenix*]: Welcomes!

2010-04-02 [*Phoenix*]: do you mind if I add this to my stories page? : April's Stories

Oh, and when you're writing and someone says something a comma comes after it (excluding ? and !).
"Hi. Your wiki and story is lovely," said the wanderer.
You tend to put:
"Hi. You wiki and story is lovely." said the wanderer.
Could you please keep that in mind as we write? I hate to be a nitpick, but I don't want to have to change it every time...

2010-04-02 [Eyden13]: sure! and go a head and put it up in your stpries, just make sure you put a link back to mine.

2010-04-04 [*Phoenix*]: cool. cool!

2010-04-04 [*Phoenix*]: YAY! Looks great!

2010-04-04 [Eyden13]: Yes it does. I like the way you linked the stories together ^-^

2010-04-04 [*Phoenix*]: Thanks. I thought that would be a nice way to scroll through them all. I also added a footer to each one so they could make their wake back to the book pages too.

2010-04-04 [*Phoenix*]: Whoooo! Time to invite!!

2010-04-04 [Gypsy Mystik]: Mew~!

2010-04-05 [Albireo the Lost]: Not that I necessarily mind, but why do you keep sending me links to stuff? xD

2010-04-06 [*Phoenix*]: Who are you talking to?

2010-04-07 [Eyden13]: I think me. I just send it to all of my friends and ur on my friends list. If you want me to stop I will. ^-^

2010-04-08 [*Phoenix*]: Oh, ya. I got a good idea last night so I should start on the story soon. We also need to decided on deadlines for this next chapter...

2010-04-08 [Eyden13]: I was thinking May 7th.

2010-04-09 [*Phoenix*]: That should be okay...Is that for me or for both views to be done?

2010-04-10 [Eyden13]: you. I was thinking May 20th for it to be done by.

2010-04-11 [*Phoenix*]: okay. I'll make a note of it. :)

2010-05-26 [*Phoenix*]: Cool. You should post that on the page...

2010-05-26 [Eyden13]: I have ^-^

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