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Welcome to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! To get started please sort yourself at the sorting hat. After you are sorted you will be given a Vault Number from Gringotts Wizarding Bank. The wiki is undergoing major construction so please hang tight!


April 13, 2010 News:

After two years of lacked activity I have returned to Elftown! Upon my return I have decided to bring this wiki back into the running. There will be many changes throughout this wiki and for now everything is closed! while everything is under construction. Keep a watch on this page to see when we have reopened. Thank you so much for your loooong long patience :).

-[Little Insane Cat] ~ Owner


Welcome to Hogwarts - come and be sorted, enroll in classes, earn house points

To Diagon Alley - Get your wand, Gringotts Bank, buy an owl or cat

Harry Potter Trivia - earn money

The Daily Prophet - the current news

To Hogsmeade - role playing, chatting, hog's head

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2007-12-25 [Guishy]: oh and interpol is aweswome...-rocks out-

2007-12-25 [Little Insane Cat]:



2007-12-25 [Changer]: Well i certainly cannot beat that!!! Merry christmas to all and a happy new year!<img:stuff/mood32-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood36-gif.gif><img:44166_1164145357.gif>

2007-12-25 [Guishy]: O.O...nice i do we shorten that up?

2007-12-25 [Duke Devlin]:



2007-12-26 [Guishy]:               O.O

nice job duke...-nods- i think you got cat beat on that one

2007-12-26 [Duke Devlin]: Bwahahaha >=D That's what I planned ;)
=D Sorry Cat <3

2007-12-26 [Guishy]: XD so yea...anyways...i got shot in the wasnt as pleasent as you would think...XD

2007-12-26 [Little Insane Cat]: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ha ha ha jk i <3 you guys!!!!

2007-12-26 [Duke Devlin]: <3 Y'all too XD

2007-12-27 [Guishy]: eh?

2007-12-27 [Duke Devlin]: XD D/w

2007-12-27 [Guishy]: ........

2007-12-31 [Guishy]: AWWWW!!! love all around! lol  -hugs all-

2007-12-31 [Duke Devlin]: WOO!!! *huggles*

2007-12-31 [Guishy]: :D NEW YEARS EVERYONE! 

speaking of everyone..where are all yo only and so lonely... :(


2008-01-01 [Duke Devlin]: Awww
It's cause we're cool Paradox XD

2008-01-01 [Changer]: Think what u will! :-) Happy new year to u ppl.Hope it's a great year for u

2008-01-01 [Duke Devlin]: Hehehe Happy nEW Year to you toooooo

2008-01-01 [Little Insane Cat]:


2008-01-01 [Duke Devlin]: Oooooo a challenge! XD XP <3

2008-01-01 [Duke Devlin]:

[♥♥♥!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!♥♥♥]

2008-01-01 [Guishy]: XD...idk hats a hard one...yes we are duke..but as far as the challwenge goes i think cat's a little bigger but dukes got color to it...umm...i would have to go with...both! lol....idk someone else pic one

2008-01-01 [Duke Devlin]: BWAHAHA..
Wait.. Mines longer, and pink, and is the same size physically XP <3
<3 CAT <3

2008-01-01 [Little Insane Cat]:


♪♫ HAPPY ♥ NEW ♥ YEAR ♥♫♪


2008-01-01 [Duke Devlin]: OMFG MEAN!!!
I will think of something.. *ponders*

2008-01-01 [Little Insane Cat]: he he he oooh bring it ;)

2008-01-01 [Duke Devlin]:


♥♦♣♠HAPPY ♥♥♥ NEW ♥♥♥ YEAR♠♣♦♥

I think you got me beat :)

2008-01-01 [Guishy]: both got it pretty good

2008-01-02 [Little Insane Cat]: ha ha ha well the happy faces are cute :P

2008-01-02 [Guishy]: yep yep...

2008-01-02 [Duke Devlin]: yAY ^^ happy faces ^^
Danke Paradox.. Nay.. Mer de Noms 137 XD

2008-01-02 [Guishy]: lol...danke? whats that mean?

2008-01-02 [Duke Devlin]: It means thankyou, it is german ^^

2008-01-02 [Guishy]: insted of mer de noms 137..lets um..shorten it up shall we? sugestions? actually if duke is put it in the next msg you send me yea duke? casue we are like msging and taking here...its kinda stupid

2008-01-02 [Duke Devlin]: Yeh.. It really is XD I will not reply here again! *fake anger* I know! *changes it* MerDe! French, is it not? ;)

2008-01-02 [Guishy]: merde? ..anyways...

2008-01-03 [Keir Devlin]: D We do it Steph. >D

2008-01-03 [Duke Devlin]: What? XD We do whaaa? XP <3

2008-01-03 [Keir Devlin]: Talk thorugh messages and then on lyk 12 wikis. xD

2008-01-03 [Duke Devlin]: Hehe I know >=D It's cause we're too cool for school.. *dances to the lame words*

2008-01-03 [Keir Devlin]: xD Drugs not hugs. xD

2008-01-03 [Duke Devlin]: Heheh *points at kids* Don't Do Drugs!

2008-01-03 [Keir Devlin]: Drugs while we hug. xD

2008-01-03 [Duke Devlin]: Bwahahaha XD

2008-01-03 [Keir Devlin]: DX Bleh.
I found out one of my best friends does drugs and is a fucking dealer... DX

2008-01-03 [Rennaisance Tiger King]: Well that certainly is an interesting thing to learn. how do you not notice that on a friend, let alone a best friend?

2008-01-03 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: <img:44166_1164218111.gif> Yea!

2008-01-03 [Keir Devlin]: I met her like this so I figured she was naturally weird and hyper. DX

2008-01-04 [Duke Devlin]: Wow, that's really weird Len oO

2008-01-04 [Keir Devlin]: Welcome to California? =D Hah, there are also drug ealers down the street from me! XD I'm amussed by that.

2008-01-04 [Duke Devlin]: Hahah I have them next door ;) <3 I have seen several pick-ups XD

2008-01-05 [Keir Devlin]: XD LAWLNESS

2008-01-05 [Changer]: Not surprised.You get them if you know where to find them.I know they deal at my school and at malls of course

2008-01-06 [Duke Devlin]: Well yeh, 'malls' are a prime spot XD All those junkie teens :)

2008-01-06 [Little Insane Cat]: lol the mall...

2008-01-08 [Keir Devlin]: I remember a coupole years ago, when I moved here they arrested all these people that worked at the gaming place in the mall. xD They were dealing drugs to kids and stuff.

2008-01-08 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: whaaa? I am so naive! 0_0

2008-01-08 [Keir Devlin]: XD

2008-01-08 [Little Insane Cat]: ha ha ha

2008-01-08 [Little Insane Cat]: LISA I TOLD YOU REMEBER that one time i said that they were going to make just one money for the whole of canada and the us? remember that convo? i was just watching the thing you posted on myspace o_O and they just said that...but i didn't know MExico was included....

2008-01-08 [Little Insane Cat]: talk about the usual plot of someone trying to take over the world.....jeez

2008-01-08 [Guishy]: you guys dont liike drug dealers? maybe i should go *starts to walk out door*

2008-01-08 [Duke Devlin]: Hhehe no!!! *glomps the MerDe*

2008-01-08 [Guishy]: AH! thats happened to me before...i was leaving skool and my friend ran up behind me and jumped on me and she knowcked me over and i hit the ground,my cd player broke,and i skined myself pretty bad...but lol yea..drugs arent that bad...atleast marijuana isnt...that okay...but the others arent..i got busted for dealing

2008-01-08 [Duke Devlin]: XD You dealer you XD Like I said, I have neighbours that deal, and a load of my friends do it, and deal sometimes, so BLAH

2008-01-08 [Guishy]: ...well..i only did to be technical it was like 5 times..but it was cool..nice rucsh when you step into the school locker room hallway and its filled wth the smell of marijuana...lmao

2008-01-08 [Duke Devlin]: XD I bet it is XD I get the smell, or used to, come into the house from our neighbours, but they have let out their house now DX

2008-01-08 [Guishy]: skool was so stupid they couldnt evn find out which it is

2008-01-08 [Duke Devlin]: Hahah XD Silly school. XD

2008-01-10 [Guishy]: yep yea..thats why i now live...IN HELL! lol

2008-01-10 [Duke Devlin]: Yep.. XD

2008-02-12 [Duke Devlin]: Yay for activity! :D

2008-02-13 [Guishy]: damn..i been gone a freakin week and there is 2 replys? what hapened? this place used to be so lively

2008-02-13 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Well I dont know about everyone else, but I watch this place like a hawk. though I only choose to engage in conversations that I feel are worth my time. When LIC gets the new stuff up I will be updating regularly.

We've just been on a bit for a work break for school and things.

2008-02-13 [Duke Devlin]: I second Koneko. Why reply to nothing? oO

2008-02-14 [Guishy]: .....good point...but ometimes i reply just to be a part of the convo....i like to know whats going on...*nods head* yes i do.... :D lmao

2008-02-14 [Chimes]: I third Koneko *disappears again*

2008-02-17 [Duke Devlin]: ... Ooo we are all seconds and thirds! =O :) <3 DW MerDe :D

2008-02-17 [Chimes]: *appears to hug Dukey then disappears again*

2008-02-17 [Duke Devlin]: :D *ish hugged* ^^ <3

2008-02-24 [Mrs Vicious.]: h-hello? ... im enrolling? *nervous laughter*...Im V...

2008-02-24 [Nekudae Andromeda]: hey i went to put my name below the line and it wouldn't let me because i didn't put in the correct password,but i didn't put in a password.....?

2008-02-24 [Duke Devlin]: It means that you don't have the password - You need one to edit, [Nekudae Andromeda].
And I will be attended this semester. :) And I'd like to keep my job too thanks. 00

2008-02-24 [Chimes]: I will toooo!

Dukey, you have a job?

2008-02-24 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Duke is Secretary to the Minister. Ministry of Magic

2008-02-24 [Duke Devlin]: :D Yes, as Koneko says, I am the Secretary. ;)

2008-02-24 [Chimes]: Ah! That explain it then.

2008-02-24 [Duke Devlin]: Yepsies. :D

2008-02-24 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]:


I am currently working on the issue of getting your names on the main page, but while we're waiting keep in mind that there are 5 unanswered questions at Harry Potter Trivia!

If you intend to purchase books, wands, school supplies, or in the future prank items, you might want to start earning some galleons!

Just a thought...

2008-02-24 [Duke Devlin]: I'll enter when I have done my philosophy homework. :)

2008-02-24 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: You know what Duke? I really appreciate the fact that you are so dedicated to this wiki. :)

2008-02-24 [Duke Devlin]: Seriously? :O I didn't think I came across that way at all! :O But thankyou. :) I shall try to enter the competitions that will be running too. :) <3

2008-02-25 [Danboo]: i wont be enrolling this semester, i have so much i have to do i wont be on here that much, bet next semester, hopefully be then everything wont be so...ugh and chaotic, sorry, later...

2008-02-25 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Alright, you will be put on a freeze but you are welcome to join another semester. Thanks for actually notifying us. <3

2008-02-28 [Guishy]: hey everyone...i just thought id stray from the convo cause i gots jk...but anywyas...i thought id let you all know probly not gonna ba back before march 1st so i guess im resigning from hogwarts...sorry...but can i still post on here?

2008-02-28 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Thats in 3 days you're not gonna be on after march 1 or you cannot be on until after march 1?

2008-03-05 [Duke Devlin]: *acts active*

2008-03-05 [Little Insane Cat]: lol

2008-03-06 [Duke Devlin]: :)

2008-03-07 [Keir Devlin]: :) I love how theres a star next to my name and nothing to explain it.

I'm better than all ya'll betches! >D

2008-03-07 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Theres a star next to your name because you told me in a message that you're grounded for the rest of the school year and will sneak on for short times but not long enough to be active. So we didnt want to drop you from the wiki since it is out of your control but we know you're not gonna be active either. :) So there. <img:61691_1132936287.gif>

2008-03-07 [Guishy]: no im not gonna be on alot after march 1....yea...i moved

2008-03-07 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Alright you can post here anytime though! ^_^

2008-03-07 [Guishy]: yay!

2008-03-07 [Keir Devlin]: ;D I know.
I just like the fact I pwn with a star.


2008-03-09 [Duke Devlin]: :D You DO pwn with a star. <3
Actualyl.. Thats a R.E reference, but it fits here. XD

2008-03-12 [Keir Devlin]: ...


2008-03-12 [Duke Devlin]: XD

2008-03-16 [SilverFire]: Featured Wiki <img:44166_1164145221.gif>

2008-03-16 [Little Insane Cat]: woooh! yes!

2008-03-17 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: OMG Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

2008-03-18 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: <img:44166_1164557391.gif>Drink!<img:44166_1164557391.gif>Drink!<img:44166_1164557391.gif>Drink!<img:44166_1164557391.gif>Drink!<img:44166_1164557391.gif>Drink!



2008-03-18 [Changer]: Definately awesome!

2008-03-28 [Guishy]: O.O

i bougt a motorcycle...i cant ride for shit but its AWSOME!!lol

2008-03-28 [Duke Devlin]: I have one toooooo :D

2008-03-28 [Chimes]: Dukey... reckon they'd let me shamelessly advertise? :P

2008-03-28 [Guishy]: what!? no way...what kinda bike?

2008-03-28 [Duke Devlin]: I'm sure they would. ;)
Meh I have no idea Nethi. XD Just one I can use. XD Since I am only 17. :)

2008-03-28 [Chimes]: I shall do it then :P *crosses fingers and hopes she doesn't get eaten*

Werewolf Game - Go Here! It's fun, I promise!

2008-03-28 [Guishy]: O.o? how long have you had it?

2008-03-29 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: ACtually [Chimes] I found that wiki from Duke's diary. I've been checking it out for a few days. ^_^ Looks good. We don't mind if members want to advertise. :D

2008-03-29 [Chimes]: Yay! I'm not going to get eaten! =D

2008-03-30 [Duke Devlin]: I've only had it a few weeks Nethi. :P
And.. WOO People read my dairies! :D

2008-04-15 [Guishy]: oh...yea me too...i went riding the other day and it tried to dump me but i kicked it in the hasnt tried

2008-04-15 [Duke Devlin]: XD Good. :) <3

2008-04-15 [Guishy]: have her trained good

2008-04-15 [Duke Devlin]: XD GOOD, SO you should. ;)

2008-04-15 [Guishy]: yep..anywyas....have you heard of the mother hips?

2008-04-15 [Duke Devlin]: .. Nope. :O

2008-04-15 [Guishy]: listen to time we had...its my

2008-04-15 [Duke Devlin]: I shall, but my speakers are broken atm. :( I WILL TOMORROW. :D

2008-04-15 [Guishy]: =O!  NOOOOOOO!!!!lol

2008-04-15 [Duke Devlin]: IT SUCKS. D:

2008-04-15 [Guishy]:

2008-07-31 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Ok.. what the hell. Where is everyone?

2008-08-01 [Changer]: Dunno. They all vanished. This place is sleeping very deeply!

2008-08-17 [Duke Devlin]: We just need to awaken it. :)
I have not checked ANY updates lately, so I apologise for not being here. :)
Also.. How does everyone feel about the release of HBP being pushed back to next year? D:

2008-08-18 [Keir Devlin]: I AM BACK PEOPLE! XD

2008-08-18 [Duke Devlin]: Yay! ^^ <3

2008-08-18 [Chimes]: By the way, you should all check out
It has a fanfiction archive and a forum, the other link goes to the sister site, Morsemorde, which is a graphic site. :] I think you'd love it.

2008-08-18 [Duke Devlin]: :D It is amazing. :)
Though I lack friends on there.. So you lot should join. >.>

2008-08-19 [Keir Devlin]: :D I will!!!! <3

2008-08-19 [Duke Devlin]: MESSSSAGGGE ME WHEN YOU DO.
I am DukeyBoy.. Naturally. :P

2008-10-15 [Guishy]: alas! ihave returned from my absence...sorry i was gone so i know you all just misssed me so

2008-10-16 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Yes! Everyone has been gone though! What the hell?! Its like we all dropped out.. this place needs some life and renovating! And it wasn't even around that long!

2008-10-16 [Changer]: please yes!!!!!

2008-10-16 [Duke Devlin]: I didn't drop out! D: (L)

2008-10-18 [Guishy]: didnt but everyone else renovating?

2008-10-18 [Duke Devlin]: Hmm.. Iunno.

2008-10-19 [Guishy]: haha...nice...erm so anyways...hows stuff going?

2008-10-22 [Duke Devlin]: XD No idea. :P On here.., Iunno.. In life.. ACE. :D

2008-10-24 [Guishy]: shweet....hows umm...the weather in england?

2008-10-24 [Duke Devlin]: Suckish, of course. ;) It's chilly and somewhat wet. However, that is not a great change from earlier in the year, as this time we appear to have completely bypassed summer. -___-'

2008-10-24 [Guishy]: ...hmm....that blazing blue freakin hell here

2008-10-28 [Duke Devlin]: Seriously?! D: :( It's fucking horrrrrific here. :(

2008-10-29 [Guishy]: id rather be in the

2008-10-29 [Duke Devlin]: :O Well, it's not so much raining anymore, as just generally being FREEEEEEEEEZING.

2008-10-29 [Guishy]: i cant wait till it snows here..i wanna go snowboarding so

2008-10-30 [Duke Devlin]: Awhh XD
We like.. NEVER get snow. XD Or very rarely anyway, and very little. *le sigh*

2008-11-02 [Keir Devlin]: I'm in the desert.
It's fucking hot.
And the Salton sea is being an ass on the other side of the mountains and sending us humidity. DX
It's like a steamy oven here.

2008-11-02 [Duke Devlin]: I am SO jealous! D: I want it to be hot here! D: Fucking freeeeeeezing. D:

2008-11-03 [Guishy]: i think its hot here....but everyone else complains cause its to cold...the rains refreshing...and it kinda sucks cause i get hot easily and then dnt feel why i had to move salton sea stinkys...


2008-11-03 [Duke Devlin]: XD .... I really wish I could experience that kinda heat. XD We always get COLD. Or, we get the summer of 2006. >.> Motherfucker was the worst summer EVER! D: WAY too hot. We had people dying, passing out, dehydrating all over the place! D:

2008-11-04 [Guishy]: are you serious? or just joking? cause i never heard anything about no one dying in england

2008-11-06 [Duke Devlin]: Nah, no one died here. XD Just in France and stuff. =/ But the rest is true. *nods*

2008-11-13 [Guishy]: lol...did you nod *matter of factly*?


2008-11-16 [Duke Devlin]: I most certainly did! :O

2008-11-17 [Guishy]: :O

amaz za zing

2008-11-17 [Duke Devlin]: Yeps.

2009-07-18 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: What did everyone think of the movie?

2009-07-19 [Guishy]: wow...heres a site for sore eyes...i dont know about the rest of you...but i havnt seen this page since...11-17-2008...
which is like...a long time


i thought the movie was okay...

i could kinda tell that they were being pressed for time...they left alot out...and i just dont think it met the standard that the goblet of fire did.....aybe its just me....or maybe it was the fact that i was in the second row on the far right side...which is like...4 feet from the screen....i pretty much had harrys package in my face the whole movie...but it was worth seeing on the big screen

2009-07-19 [Guishy]: especcially leaving out dumbledores funeral...HOW COULD THEY? DAMN THEM!

2009-07-19 [Duke Devlin]: Haven't seen it yet. =/

2009-07-20 [Guishy]: oh well that answers my

2009-07-20 [Duke Devlin]: XD

2009-07-20 [Changer]: lol, the movie is worth it... If you haven't read the book

2009-07-21 [Duke Devlin]: Oh dear. D: That never bodes well. =/

2009-07-21 [deviey]: I think it's better that way. I would have rather watcheg the movies first, so I wouldn't have been so dissapointed. The movies are good though =)

2009-07-23 [Duke Devlin]: I guess they are alright if you ignore the fact that they are made from books. As movies themselves, they are quite good. But from the point of view where you know the books, the films pretty much rape the story.

2009-07-24 [deviey]: Agreed, which makes some fans very sad =(

2009-07-24 [Duke Devlin]: Yes. It does. :(

2009-07-28 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: I thought the movie was good on a whole.. as far as movies go. I mean they cannot capture every brilliant thought and moment that the books can. So right there you have to go in with lower expectations. It was pretty funny and had good story. I was perturbed about a few things they left out.. and some things they added. I thought certain new characters needed more screen time as well (Narcissa.) Overall.. it was a pretty good rendition on my opinion. OotP was also good. I hated GoF as a "book movie" because they just changed so much I wanted to tear my hair out.

I'd recommend going and seeing it. It's definitely a step up despite feeling rushed and a lack of emotion for everything supposed to be going on. That was the biggest flaw, fitting in so much that they lost the essence of the emotions in this book. Like everything happens so fast you don't have time to feel nervous, anxious, or sad.

2009-07-29 [Keir Devlin]: I liked the movie. But I dislikes they left things out. >:/

2009-07-31 [Duke Devlin]: I really wanna see it. D:

2009-07-31 [Guishy]: wow koneko....thats crazy accurate...GET OUTA MY HEAD! AH!




2010-04-16 [Little Insane Cat]: I'm kind of anxious about how the last two movies are gonna turn out since they decided to split it. Does that mean they're gonna add all of those emotions and enough screen time for characters that were lacking in the other movies? They'd better! they have two movies to do it in!

2010-04-16 [Duke Devlin]: I quite agree! There better be more character development in this one! D:

2010-04-17 [Little Insane Cat]: Does anyone know how far apart the two movies are being released?

2010-04-17 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: November 18th 2010, and July 15th 2011.

2010-04-17 [Little Insane Cat]: ouch T_T

2010-04-18 [Guishy]: oh wow....with a deadline like that, they must be filming both at the same time

2011-07-11 [Danboo]: is it back?

2011-07-12 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: mreow.

2011-07-14 [Danboo]: KSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!

2011-07-19 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: WHO LOVED THE MOVIE!?!? :D

2011-07-20 [Keir Devlin]: Who cried? :D Me. TT__TT

2011-07-26 [Danboo]: it was better than the first part.

2011-08-04 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: It was the best of them all! I got a tattoo to comemorate the event. :D

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