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Everything you learned in history class is wrong. The Nazis did not lose the war, Hitler is alive and close enough to well that its not a problem. The world is now under the iron-fisted control of the Third Reich and the end of its tyrannical reign is no where in sight. Welcome to the fight.


A C.U.R.E. endorsed RPG brought to you by Lord Josmar.

What has happened?
January 1945, A few days after the failed Nordwind offensive.
The Nazi party was close to collapse as Allied troops moved through Berlin. In an act or sheer desperation, Hitler orders the enactment of Operation Nieder-Reichweite using himself as the focus. The operation used a vast array of black magics and occult knowledge to channel the powers of The Nether into Hitler giving him nearly limitless demonic powers. Using these new found powers he quickly moved against the encroaching armies, wiping them out with ease as he began to enhance his elites with the same power. This was the beginning of the end.

August 1945 two weeks after the bombing of Nagasaki.
By this time Japan was nothing more then an irradiated landmass after the United States relentless bombings. Emperor Hirohito sent several requests for aid to his German allies, but found out too late that him and his forces were no longer needed as Hitler had already reclaimed the entire European continent as well as The Middle East, Africa, and half of Asia. Refusing to surrender, Hirohito doomed his people to a slow and agonizing death.

May 1946
It was at this time that the United States realized it was in trouble. Hitler had left his side of the world and come to theirs. South America fell in a weeks time with almost no competition, and Canada was bombed into submission along with Alaska and Hawaii. President Roosevelt sought desperately for a tactic or weapon that would work against Hitler's legion, but nothing seemed to work. He even went as far as to attempt an infiltrate of the Nazi's camps and try to steal access to their dark arts, all but one of these attempts failed. The success brought hope to the U.S. like a bright beacon of freedom and victory. Unfortunately, where most beacons guide and welcome friends or weary travelers, this one guided and welcomed the Devil's hand.

July 1946
With his military ranks thinned due to large casualties during his campaign of world domination, Hitler brings the top minds in his science and medical staff. He orders them to find a way to reanimate the dead so they may put them back into the field. They believed they had figured a way to do this, but wanted to test it on Non-Nazi corpses to save them for the task ahead. So they faked a request for aid to their Italian allies, this prompted Mussolini to send his army in response. As they crossed a bridge spanning the Rhine, the Nazis detonated charges on both sides and plunged the soldiers into the river where more then three-fourths of them drowned. The ones who survived where shot on sight. They undamaged bodies were used in the experiments with great success. The brains behind the project used steam power and clockwork to reanimate the body and return to them their combat effectiveness. To test them in the field, they were sent back to Italy to kill the remaining Italian soldiers and to bring back the head of Mussolini, which they accomplished a month before they left for the U.S.

September 1946
The U.S. has fallen in a blood-filled conflict that spanned the country. A live telecast is made upon capturing the White House, in it President Roosevelt is shown apologizing to his citizens for failing them and formally surrendering to the Nazis. He is then executed all while the cameras roll. "Let zhis be a varning in advance for anyone in zhe vorld." the translator speaks as Hitler continues, "Zhis vorld is mine and anyvone who attempts to rebel vill be killed as vell as all of his family and friends. His property vill be destroyed and zhe earth on vhich it stood shall be ravaged so all vill remember vhat has happened to him." a resounding cheer lifts from the German soldiers in the crowd and the feed goes off with the sound of "Zeig Heil!" still resounding in the ears of every American.

Despite his threats, a rebellion was already stirring in the country. Never will we give up this country till we are all struck dead and sent up to meet our maker. This is the story of the fight, Nazis against the American resistance. Will the Nazis be thrown from their seat of power? Or will they crush the resistance like they crush the world's armies?

*Also more details soon. Wikis coming soon as well.*

Here are the character templates mail the completed versions to me and then put them in a wiki for easy presentation. Delete the parenthesis before sending to me please. All characters must be approved first.

Rank (Nazi only):
Description (hair, body, clothes, etc.):
Enhancement (All Nazis have one or maybe two. Others can but have to have a good reason):
Dark Arts (Not everyone has this. Yes or no then explain what):
Weapons: (WWII Era weapons please. Some modification allowed but needs to be cleared):

Rank reference for Nazi characters
Enlisted Soldiers
Private First class
Corporal Specialist
Staff Sergeant
Sergeant First Class
Sergeant Major
Command Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major of the Army.

Commissioned Officers
Second Lieutenant
First Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Brigadier General
Major General
Lt. General

1. No god-modding
2. No killing other PCs unless the death is approved by the PC's owner
3. All enhancements and Dark Arts have a negative side effect, so if your character is enhanced then they must have one.
4. The Jewish people are almost completely extinct. Only one character can be Jewish as of right now. (First come first serve).
5. There can be American defectors to the Nazi side but only two allowed right now (first come first serve).
6. German characters must speak with the accent if speaking English, but when speaking German to another German you may cheat and just put the speech in "<>" brackets with no accent.
7. Rebellion members can be from other countries, but must be justified in the character bio.

*!Now Accepting Applications!*

1. General Dulhelm
2. "Blitz" Krieg Adelbert
3. Rocco Faust
4. Sigu Althaus
5. Hotaru Katō
6. Logan Dürer
7. Major Gesicht

1. Simon Taft
2. Sinflora Dreyden
3. Ruth Iskowitz
4. Wayne Butler
5. Athena Renwald

District of Columbia
The White House
The Smithsonian Labs
Jim's Tavern
Abandoned Subway Station
New York City Aftermath

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