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Were Clans

Clans of the Therianthropic Races and Wyld Folk

From The Fantasy Majority / the Fantasy Minority
From the Elftown Clans

Laws & Clan Structure

You walk up to an iron gate, courting an old mansion in its arms. You press the button on the column next to you, but instead of a voice the gates swings open, silently, gently, without hesitation.

You walk through the courtyard as it leads you straight to the front door, passing by a single pewter and onyx fountain of a trio of roses. You stop and look at it for a moment in confusion. The one in the middle is not bloomed and yet the other two are. After you ponder on it for a moment one of the front doors opens slightly. A gentlemen walks out and bows his head to you and offers you entrance. You enter the mansion and look around. Dark crimson furniture laced about here and there, lightly lit candles seem to be the only source of light in the place. The gentleman offers to take your coat with a smile and then begins to lead you through a maze of halls and corridors. The walls are blacker than that of eternal damnation, and billow forth around you in all directions. The gentleman stops in a main room and offers you a seat by the fire, taking his leave. He watches as you take your seat and the gentlemen bows his head to you as he leaves.
  "Is there anyway that I may be of service?" He asks you chuckling a bit. "Welcome to the Mansion Kremen-wen."

The Fantasy Minority (MGP) House Leader: [Earoluim] - Were Clans
Were Clans Leader - [Earoluim]
Lycan Clan Leader - [J. "dragonruler" Rouse]
Were Clans Scribe - []
Were Clans Guards - []

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Lycan Clan
Wild and Savage Races

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2007-03-23 [xido]: The above items on the list are just suggestions. The organization of all werecreatures and Wild and Savage Races will be represented here. I have prepared the forum for members of the Lycan Clan. You will have to figure out positions and authority privs by yourselves. Make sure to agree upon and then document the laws and regulations that the Clan will work with in the present and future. [Earoluim] has been listed as the Clan Representative, but the Clan will decide if that means he may or may not lead the Were Clans individual Clan groups.

2007-03-27 [Earoluim]: So I guess I need to fill in these blanks then

2007-04-03 [Silver Moon]: may I join?

2007-04-03 [Earoluim]: Join what ??

2007-04-03 [Silver Moon]: may I join this clan

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