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2006-08-30 14:13:13
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Were you looking at the woman in the red dress?

The Matrix-code, where the shiny letters make an ASCII-art face/figure of a woman. If I'm awesome I'll manage to animate it somehow, using the shinyness to make her move.

(still ones, not ASCII, not animatable :S) Possible ways to continue:

               -Make more of these, different poses. All together and slide down in Flash, like the "falling green rain" -thing in Matrix
               -Make more of these and just set them each a frame in a really flashy animation.
               -Make a better one that is animatable?

Some early animation

Problems with it now:
-Why does it jerk when changing between the jpgs?
-You can see the edges of the pictures. Needed: extra floaty things.

magnum opus

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