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What is D&D SE?


Dungeons and Dragons SE, also known as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, is the second edition of the (currently) four edition Dungeons and Dragons role-play. It was published in 1989, featuring three main books as the first edition did. The release of edition 2 mainly was an effort to remove aspects of the game which had attracted negative publicity. This edition removed msny references to demons and devils and some of the more vile playable character, such as assassins. Other than those changes, the rules had very few changes other then to add new non-weapon skills and to divide spells into schools and spheres.
In Dungeons and Dragons you can have your character act however you please, ranging from a cold-blooded killer, to a peace-loving monk. You can have your character master the Arcane art, and cast devastating spells to demolish entire cities in a few words, or you can become a powerful warrior, and wield weapons like "The God Slayer" and kill the gods themselves; if you have the patience, you can even model a character to do both. Dungeons and Dragons is a game that is shaped entirely by the players, the Dungeon Master, the one who watches and moderates everything, has no control whatsoever over what the players do, in any circumstance The Dungeon Master is like the narrator, and the players the actors. The Dungeon Master says the situation, and what happens around them, but the players decide what their characters do, not the Dungeon Master.

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