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2006-08-09 21:16:32
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What is it to be

What is it to be is a contest not only for both art and photos, but also has a separate theme for males and females. ;P "Why so??" you may ask. The answer is: Because males have the theme "What is it to be a woman" and females have then "What is it to be a man" :D

So, what I am seeking here, is a collection of two to four pics that tell us all your opinion, what is it to be a person of the opposite sex.. :) Irony and humour as well as serious thoughts are welcome. It is also possible (espesially in the art section) to have only one pic, as a serie can take time, but series would be great and they are what I'm originally seeking :)

The Rules

1. As always, all the art must be made and photos taken by yourself, and everything must follow uploading art rules

2. I want pics that fit to the theme! No random pics of the opposite sex.. Also a text, describing and explaining a little is required. I prefer series, and they are highly welcome. And then, the following is really important to understand:

What I do NOT want to see, is pornographic, not-suitable-for-children-under-18 like pics, violent pics or alltogether pics that are taken or drawn without good taste. This kind of pics are deleted immediately. Remember that this page can be viewed by children. Nudity is allowed when it does not violate that what I just said. I, as an almighty owner of this contest, have the power to decide what is good taste and what's not.

3. In an art contest every kind of art is allowed, from computer drawings, to handmade dolls.. Remember that photomanipulations belong to art, not photos. What is a photomanipulation, and what's a photo then, is another thing. More about this in the Photo section. In photos, suprisingly, only photos are allowed :P

4. Men must describe the feeling of being a woman and women, how is it to be a man! No cheating of your own sex please! The point of this contest will go down from a toilet if you cheat in it.. :)

5. More questions can be addressed to me, a.k.a. [Elmiira]
Have fun and use you're imagination!

Explanation of the system:

Okay, so there will be two different contests, one for art and one for photos. Males and females are not separated from each other,or in other words, are fighting for the same prize.

As this is a contest seeking for series, one serie will be nominated as one work of art, and thus also all the pics will win. :)

The prize is not yet decided, but I don't think it will be anything more that a badge. But this is for fun! :)

I will decide one winner, and a public poll will decide another from both sections. Both winners will be equally great, and one person can also win both prizes. :)

Then the sections:

What is it to be, art
What is it to be, photos

If there's something wrong on this page, or it lacks something, please tell me. :)

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2007-08-21 [Elmiira]: I think I'm gonna remove this contest from wevery list.. you have few days to complain :D

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