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What to Ask Yourself About Magic

-Is magic inexaustable?

-Where does magic come from?

-Does magic have any mental or physical effects on the user?

-Is the ability to use magic inherent, random, or must it be studied?

-Do you need any object to do a spell?

-Do you have to say words to do a spell?

-Can a spell be stored for later use?

-Does it take a long time to make a spell?

-Can magic users combine thier power to make a bigger spell?

-Can all races use magic?

-What kinds of magic are there?

-Can the ability to use magic be taken away or lost?

-Is magic use accepted by most people or cultures?

-Is magic use a job or a hobby?

-Are magic users organized?

-Do you need some kind of liscense to use magic?

-Are magic and science compatible?

-Can magic users increase their power?

-Is a magic users lifespan any different from a regular persons?

-Can anyone use magic?

-Are certain magic types or certain spells illegal or looked down upon?

-Are magic weapons available for non magical folk?

-Are any animals magic?

-Does magic have a place in law or politics?

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2005-04-01 [Wolf Spirit]: these questions are very a new wiccan they make me think

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