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What to Ask Yourself About a Culture

-How does the climate contribute to their customs?

-What is the normal family unit?

-What are the rites of passage?

-What happens when a child is born?

-Who raises the children?

-What are children treated like?

-What happens when someone dies?

-What kind of food is eaten?

-What is sanitation like?

-How are friends greeted? Strangers? Enemies?

-Are "True Names" significant?

-Are there certain gestures which are insulting?

-Is body language subtle or open?

-How do you show respect?

-Do you make conversation during a meal?

-What is courteous to offer your guests? A meal? A gold ring? A person to sleep with?

-What does their language sound like? Harsh? Fluid?

-What is considered a valuable item in thier culture?

-Are there different classes of people?

-What is taboo?

-What happens for a marriage?

-What are the beauty standards?

-What are the laws?

-What is the punishment for breaking a law?

-What level is technology at?

-How is healing done?

-What kind of art is done?

-What sports or games are played?

-Is literature available?

-What is used to make buildings?

-What is the typical house like?

-How do natives feel about foreigners?

-Can people move up the class ladder, or is a slave always a slave?

-What is personal hygeine like?

-What do people wear?

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