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Eva nodded. She closed her eyes for a few seconds then opened them as a few small stones lifted from the ground and hurtled towards Elson.

The stones were coming in, slightly spread out and fast. He had formed up his guantlets as they were lifting from the ground and he easily knocked away the first one with his right hand as he dodged to the right to avoid the second, and catching the third one in his other hand. He smiled at Eva, "OK. I want you to try and hurt me. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine, but I want you to want to hurt me." He motioned towards her. "Try again." He dropped into his stance, allowing the chains hooked to his pants to mold around his shins and extend his guantlets further up his arms.

Sparks turns and looks thoughtful. "I could make you a list of items usable to idiots in cooking as well as mildly advanced. Would that be profitable?" Spark asks putting away items now. she had made one toasted bread sandwich and one regular. and cut both of them into fours on a plate. "Do you need more rest? I could make the list and take one of the others with me to do it. I read your powers take quite a bit out of you even with enough proper sleep, so it would be no trouble at all. My talent is at this point rather useless." Spark says noticing Rens slightly wavering eyesight and her drooped posture.

Ren blinked a minute. This woman knew how exhausting her powers were? Finally, she shook her head. "No.. It is not the amount of energy my powers take that worries me. I can't get all my sleep, because.. Well, you can read on it later. Thank you, for the offer, but no. I can spend the day getting supplies. A list would be appreciated, yes," she answered seriously.

Spark nods pulling out a peice of paper from a pocket and a pencil frombehind her ear starting to write open the fridge write again close it and proceeds to go through all the cupboards it took perhaps three minutes before she folds the paper. "Here you go then." Spark nods just as seriously. "That should last us all for a good while as well." she adds before taking her sadnwiches and drink and sitting downat the kitchen table to eat.pulling out a small handbook to read.

Ren nodded her thanks and accepted the list before going to the back door. She opened it and called to the others.

Eva nodded and concentrated really hard, managing to rip a fairly large piece of earth from the ground. She sent it flying towards Elson quickly.

Elson moved, the boulder whistling past his head. "Keep to the small stones. You need to practice control. It's not always about size." He smiled widely, throwing in the joke to show he was trying to help, not be bossy.

Eva laughed. "Sorry! I thought when you said hurt you, you meant really hurt you! Ok smaller stones..." She sent a few smaller stones flying towards his head.

Elson ducked and dodged, knocking some stones away, catching others, letting a few zip by. Once they were all gone he stopped again. "Good. Now, I want you to try and hurt me with the stones. Use them like I'm trying to kill you. And don't stop until I say. OK?"

Eva nodded and gathered all her energy to lift as many stones as she could. She tried to get them to move faster and more spaced out so they targeted more areas of his body, from head to toe.

"Excuse me," Ren's voice cut in, hoping not to harm anyone back there. She needed them afterall.

Eva suddenly lost her concentration and the stones dropped. "Ren what is it?" she said trying not to sound annoyed.

"I need to know if Elson needs anything from town while I'm out," Ren replied cooly, though she was not annoyed and didn't acknowledge that Eva was at all.

Elson relaxed his stance as Ren's voice cut into the quiet. "Umm... I think I need razors and shaving cream." He scratched his chin for a second before nodding. "Yup, that's it. Razors and shaving cream. Thanks."

Ren nodded in responce and raised a hand in a sort of unmoving wave as she turned and went back inside, through the house, got her coat, and left for town.

Elson shook his head slightly while smiling, Always so serious. Smiling wider he motioned for Eva to continue and dropped back into his stance.

Eva nodded and resumed what she was doing. The stones shot towards Elson, targeting various parts of his body.

Spark sits inside watching out of the window, eating her sandwiches. She could see a few things that could be improved for the both of them. She continues to merely watch through the window silently reajusting her glasses every so often.

Elson had no problem blocking most of the rocks, ducking and weaving as before, but the last two posed a problem. He spun around and immediatly saw one headed for his face, and another for his groin with two more on either side of him. Either way he went, he was getting hit so he chose the least painful one, crossed his arms and dropped to his knees slightly to his right. The first rock soared over his head at the same time the lower one hit him square on the shoulder and another chipped his ear, a jagged edge ripping a bit of his earlobe off.

"Are you alright?!" Eva said stepping forward.

Elson stood, back up, still in his stance, "Don't stop. The enemy won't stop for me just becuase I got a small scrape. Keep it up!"

Eva nodded. She sent more small rocks towards Elson, making them fly even faster.

Elson found himself in a flurry of motion, knocking a rock away here, spinning from another one, blocking this one and that one. His breathing became heavy and the rocks began flying faster and he found himself thinking about that girl and becoming angry. Rock after rock flew by and at him, only furthering his anger, until he found that every rock carried the face of the girl. His anger burst and flame erupted from his fist, causing the guantlets to become white hot. Leaving white streaks as they moved, his fist were a blur. He concentrated on nothing but smashing the girl that had humiliated her, until suddenly his concentration broke as he realized what was happening and he stopped dead in his tracks and was immediately pelted by a flurry of stones.

"Maybe we should take a break...." Eva said to Elson after watching his anger build up.

Elson shook himself out of his thoughts, "What? Are you kidding? That was... I don't know what but... wow." As he finished talking his face broke out into a huge grin. Then his face took a calm look again, "Unless you're tired?"

"No i'm not tired....but I wanna know what happened, you kinda of maxed out your powers there, how did you do that?" Eva asked.

Elson thought for a second before shaking his head, "I really don't know. I started thinking about that girl stomping me and the next thing I know I was... well, you saw it."

"Well with what I just saw, that girl isn't going to stand a chance against you. That was so awesome what you just did." Eva said smiling.

Elson shrugged, "I really don't know. What I just did was by accident, and she seemed like she had a pretty good grasp of her powers..." He smiled, "At any rate, I need to practice that." He motioned to her injury, "And then when you're healed, maybe I can help you do something like it."

"Do you personally want to kill that girl?" Eva asked.

Elson stood for a minute thinking. "Personally.... no. But that's why we're here isn't it. This is a war after all."

"I don't understand...she makes you so mad, but you don't want your revenge?" Eva replied.

Elson shook his head, "Oh, don't get me wrong, I want my revenge, but personally I wouldn't kill her for what she did, just beat the hell out of her."

"Maybe we won't have to kill them just injure them enough to show them who's boss..." Eva said watching Elson. "I don't really like the thought of killing someone either..."

Elson shook his head again, "It's too late for that. I already killed their leader. Even if we don't want to kill, chances are they're screaming for bloody revenge."

"Well then we have to do what we have to do to stay alive...they're trying to kill us so its just self defence..." Eva said trying to smile.

Elson smiled again, "Exactly." He waved his arms around, "More practice?"

"Sure. what would you like me to do now?" Eva asked taking a step back.

"Now it's time for concentration training." Elson took the end of his braid and laid it over his shoulder. "I want you to rip up a decent chunk of land."

"That I can do.." Eva said happily. She closed her eyes for a few seconds concentrating all her power on this task. She opened them when she heard the cracking of the concrete breaking apart. A huge piece of earth lifted in front of them. "Done.."

Without warning Elson began tickling her with the end of his braid.

Eva jumped and began laughing the huge piece of earth crashing to the ground. "Hey.." she said looking at him but with a smile on her face.

Elson shook his head, "No concentration at all... Tsk tsk." He smiled and motioned towards where the chunk of ground rested. "Again?"

"I doubt my enemies are going to tickle me to death..." Eva said smiling as she lifted the piece of rock off the ground again.

Elson nodded, "Yes, but it's extremely hard to concentrate when someone's tickling you isn't it?" Before she could answer he began tickling her again.

The rock lowered slightly. "I know...nothing can distract me if I do this..." Eva said as she covered herself in a rock like armour from head to toe. "Try and distract me now..." she said whilst smiling.

Elson shook his head, "But will you be able to do that everytime there is a distraction? Plus, that takes a lot out of you. I estimate it won't last more than a minute, even with you just sitting there." He crossed his arms and sat crossed legged directly in front of her, staring straight into her eyes without blinking.

"Your a pain in the ass..." Eva said with a smile. But he was right within a minute the armour began to disappear and the rock came crashing to the ground. "Ok you were right..." she said sitting down.

Elson stood back up, "Ok. Now you see my point." He glanced towards the house and then turned his attention back to Eva, "You're sweating, and I know that that armor exhausts you, so we'll continue tomarrow, ok?"

"Yeah ok..." Eva replied standing up and stretching.

He smiled, "let's see if we can find something to cook. I'm hungry again."

Eva smiled and nodded. "Its your turn to cook..." she said walking into the house. "Get your apron on..."

Spark sits in the kitchen for once empty handed. She was looking out the kitchen window, from the little kitchenette table and chairs.

"Hi Spark..." Eva said as she walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water.

Spark nods her head. "You did well." she says softly before yawning. she takes off her glasses then for a moment and unbraids her hair letting it loose to hang across her back before putting her glasses back on.

"Thank you..." Eva replied after taking a drink of water. "Still got along way to go before i'm ready for a fight though..."

The front door opened and shut quietly and in came Ren with her arms full of bags. Although it was a large amount, whatever weight there was didn't seem to bother her. She checked to make sure there was room on the table before setting them down. When she spoke, it was directed at Spark without her even saying so. "I know about your mental memory and although I had the list, would you check for everything? If something else comes to mind you think we need or remeber we need, though.. with you I doubt you forgot anything, could you tell me? I'll need to get it before I leave for the night..." She looked at Spark with a slight frown.

"Of course Ren." spark says standing and pulling the items out of the bag organizing them on the counter. "you seem to have forgotten the Tuna, other then that I see no items missing from the list. Several things you bought on your own aside from the list. I had not counted cookies or... sweets." Spark says picking up a few things and starting to arrange them accordingly.

Ren nodded, taking her instructions in stride. It seemed Spark was going to be the only one to tame her in the house. At least partially. "So.. tuna, and sweets.. if anyone wants them." She looked up at Eva and Elson, although somewhat reluctant, and awaited anything they may want.

"I don't need anything thanks..." Eva said smiling.

"I'm sure we are all very much in your debt and give you our appreciation for your deeds Ren." Spark says bowing her head for a moment. She then goes back to putting everything away.

Ren's eyes softened, but still she waited for anything Elson would want. "It is the least I can do for those willing to help Schao. You are all most welcome to anything I can give or get."

Elson nodded, "If you could be a dear, could you grab me a skillet out of the drawer behind you, please."

Ren handed it to him and left the room. "I'll be back," she said before the door closed behind her.

Elson took the skillet and shook his head, "Ren seems.......... mellow for lack of a better word. What's going on?"

"who know's what goes on in the minds of any other." Spark says softly still putting things away.

Elson shook his head, "I don't know, but since you and Schao showed up, it seems like she's tamed a bit."

"No not tamed. Not tamed at all. Merely placated. I suppose my presence has a way of calming people. And Schao... well..." Spark smiles softly. "He simply is." Spark shakes her head.

"Am I?" came the familiar voice of the chaos god. He smiled at them from his position leaning in the doorway to the kitchen. His costomary white shirt slightly unbuttoned at the top and black trousers on.

"Well how else is a mortal to describe an erratic, uncouth blood shed loving god?" Spark says starting to put away cans.

He frowned slightly at her, but wasn't annoyed. "Why, those are some of the most immortally flattering, mortally unflattering adjectives I have ever heard to describe myself. You are by far well taught," Schao told her.

Eva looked at Schao. "I thought you weren't coming back..."

"Bite me." Spark mutters under her breath putting more cans away.Truthfully she enjoyed the banter and mock verbal battles. No one else seemed up to them in this house.

"Cabelan had to talk to me for a while.. Longer than you can imagine, I assure you," Schao told Eva with a gentle smile, then looked at Spark, frowning again. "And as for you, madam, I would rather not. Human is one of the most disgusting and yet abundant sources of food I've ever had the displeasure of tasting." He made a face at the memory.

Eva laughed quietly as she listened to them.

"I'll agree with you. But seeing as it was a retorical and not literal saying. Well I suppose you might be out dated to the new slang terms of this century. But it's to be expected of you." Spark says smiling softly. Pushing her glasses back up her nose. starting to fold all the bags.

"Are you insinuating that I'm old?" Schao asked incredulously. He frowned. "I'm well aware of your slang, thank you very much. It's nothing compared to that of the medievil times though... Most unpleasant with all the 'thee's and 'thou's...."

"and here I thought most god's were romantic. All my dreams dashed." Spark says rolling her eyes and putting the bags away in a drawer. "and by the way. You ARE old."

"As far as gods are concerned, I'm nearly the youngest," Schao told her. "And I can be romantic, but it entails a lot of dreamy linguistics and nonsense, which I would suspect, you being as intelligent as you are, would not enjoy. It is tedious in my opinion to speak so... So I do not."

"Let me rephrase this. You are OLD to all things MORTAL. Better? It would be wasted on me anyways. And it would get you nowwhere to try. You know this. Goodness and here I thought you might be one step ahead of me." Spark grins pouring herself a drink of water.

Schao rolled his eyes. "I said it would be. That was a rather dim statement you just made. I'm dissappointed in you."

"Dim perhaps to some but not all. Merely filled in the wholes of the sentance that you forgot to fill. Must be that Old age creeping up behind you. Slow and steady wins the day." Spark says walking past him to go do more reading now that everything was put away.

"Oh, well please explain, o wise one of youth. Educate this old man of the stars," Schao told her as he followed her.

"what can I teach to a pupil mocking and unwilling to learn?" Spark says grinning a little.

"Manners for starters," Schao replied and sighed. "I apologize, miss Spark. If ever I don't understand you, would you be so kind as to explain what you meant?"

"Let's see how do I explain... I know..." Spark turns around and faces him. Smiling softly. "Shilly shally Dilly Dally." She says before turning her back once more. she sits tucking her legs up under her comfertably in the couch. her seat by the window. For the most light.

"Wasting time on concerns and such. I'm not in the mood for riddles," Schao told her, frowning deeply and getting ready to leave. If she wasn't in the mood to explain properly, he wasn't going to wait around trying to figure it out.

Eva just stood watching them, highly amused by there conversation.

"Perhaps when you can figure it out, things will change." Spark says with a small laugh. She then begins to imerse herself into her book.

"I know it is from one of your mortal video games. What was it? 'Final Fanasy.. 7' I think.. So many blasted entertainment activities on this planet..." He shook his head in disgust.

"Hey, don't make fun of our entertainment, final fantasy rocks, if you must know." Eva said butting in. She yawned a little and stretched. "I think i'll take a little walk...keep myself fit, you know." She smiled to them then turned and left the kitchen. She grabbed her jacket from the stairs and put it on then left the house. She walked slowly through the streets, humming lightly to herself.

"It is. and there are. But my point remains. If you have seen it then you should know what I mean." Spark shakes her head a little not having looked up from her book.

"Yes, because of course, I take the time to memorize every bit of mortal entertainment as well as control the level of ch-" Schao paused suddenly, his eyes going blank. "Ren...." he said quietly, worry taking over quickly. He looked at Spark but something in his eyes still wasn't focussed. "Spark, I need you to come with me. Now, please."

Spark stands her book open and marked. She said nothing simply stood and waited for him to tell her what else to do.

He led her quickly outside and they got in his car again. He sped down the street faster than anyone could see the license plate and definately faster than he should have been able to. He screeched to a stop and got out of the car at a dark looking alley. "Ren?!" he called, shoving a trashcan out of the way to reveal the damaged girl. She had her eyes tight with pain and was barely clinging to conciousness. She didn't move when Schao found her, obviously about ready to accept death. "Oh heavens..." he breathed, knealing by her.

Spark was right beside him. "Ren..." She says softly. Before exhaling and setting her shoulders. "We need to get her back. I can't assess whats wrong with her here. Other then someone beat her." Spark says determindly. " How will she fit in your car." She asks Picking off trash from Ren.

"She won't. Sorry about this," he said to both of them. He placed a finger on Ren's forehead and took Spark's hand. Before any questions could even be thought, they were surrounded in flashing flames, dark shadows reaching out and brushing them before they appeared in the living room of the base again, their clothes smoking slightly but not burnt. Ren lay on the couch. "Oh, I'm sorry I ever let this happen to you... What did you do?.." he asked Ren rhetorically, frowning deeply at the nearly unconcious girl.

Spark swallows. Shakes her head and then rushes to the kitchen Grabbing a bowl and a wrag filling the bowl with cool water. walking back in carefully. "Schao go upstairs and grab a blanket and some medical supplies." She says frowing kneeling down by Ren.

He nodded and dashed away, only to return moments later with a blanket and the first aid kit. His worried frown deepened even further when he observed the wide red stain on her chest and little tears in her shirt. Any time something got near her chest, she would hiss slightly and wince away.

Spark sighs and takes the blanket. "go away now and keep everyone else away." Spark orders, her voice soft but demanding. she opens it and throws it over Ren. Before taking the supplies from him. "go on git!" She says growling at him. turning back to Ren pulling the shirt away from her abdomen. slowly and gently.

He nodded quickly and gave Ren a last pained look before leaving to the kitchen.

Ren, however, was unaware and hissed as her shirt was lifted. When her chest was exposed, a jagged tear where the ribs had cracked and then pierced through the skin in places in a fist sized area in her chest.

"Oh dear lord, Ren." Spark gasps taking off the shirt. Ripping it off. She didn't want to move her to much now. "Hold on Ren... I'm gonna put you back together." Spark says softly. Clearing her throat nervously. she picks up some bandages. thinks about it sets them down and picks up a pillow. "this is going to hurt." She says softly before lifting the woman and putting the pillow under the middle of her back. Then sitting up taking another breath. She begins to try to push the bones back into place.

Ren hissed at each movement, but didn't seem concious otherwise. Her eyes closed, she pushed hard to stay awake and not pass out.

"I'm so sorry Ren." Spark says grabbing the bandages and begins wraping her chest. Easing up on her hands holding in her ribs. Wrapping Ren's chest tightly. Before tucking in the end. Spark sighs softly. And wets the wrag. Washing Ren's shoulders neck and face with the cool water hoping it would help a little. Pulling the Blanket up and over her once more. "We don't have pain shots. Just the pills. And I don't think your in much of a position to take them." Spark says softly. wiping dirt and sweat from Ren's face and neck gently.

There was a groan and her eyes fluttered open. "Fuck that hurts..." she said, her head falling back in an effort to relieve pressure on her chest.

"I know and I'm sorry. Try to lay still. I'll get something to try and help the pain. I'll unwrap and clean out the wounds tomorrow." Spark says rising to her feet.

"Mm.. thanks.." Ren replied roughly, still a bit delirious.

Spark walks back inside the room. "I've brought you a drink. I'll grab a pillow and put it behind you to help prop you up." Spark says softly. also holding two dissolvable pain pills.

"You really don't have to do all this..." Ren told her painfully as she forced herself to set up with a violent wince. She accepted the pills gratefully and downed them easily bfore drinking from the glass.

Spark grabs a pillow and puts it behind her. "Please lay back and relax Ren. I don't want the bones to come out of alignment." Spark says quickly worringly. sort of fluttering around the couch.

Ren obeyed for a reason she herself didn't even know, still sipping her drink and wincing as the bruised esophagus constricted when she swallowed. "I'll kill that stupid boy... His stupid temper... If he had just left me alone..." her words were tight with anger and the lights flickered. She looked up with her eyes worryingly and forced herself to calm enough to make the stop the lights from being damaged again.

"Would you like an ice pack? Or a heating pad? Anything at all?" Spark asks softly sitting once more by the couch. "Perhaps a book or soemthing." She says looking worried and trying to clear her face. She really didn't know what Ren wanted or would like. She just hoped she wasn't making her angry.

"No. Thank you," Ren said, a little impatiently. "I got your tuna.. and some snacks.. but they're scattered on fifth street now..." She shook her head but it made her wince and she stopped quickly. "That bastard son of bitch... He should have left me alone.."

"I... I'll leave you then." Spark says softly. clearly Ren wanted to be left alone to think on things. Besides Spark knew she'd get in the way. she stands and gathers her books. she would tell everyone to leave Ren to have her peace. and then perhaps go to her room and read.

Ren sighed. "You don't have to," she relented. "I just really hate stupidity and those Accidents seem to be full of it."

"I know how much you like your peace and privacy. I would never intrude upon your sanctuary Ren." Spark says stopping while picking up her books.

"He who lives alone, dies alone," Ren said then looked at her. "If I stay by myself all the time, it just makes it all the harder for us to find out as much as we can about those pricks. I want them defeated, and I want it done yesterday."

"well... I will stay then... As long as you relax. and lay still." Spark says sitting down in the chair. smiling a little at the sayings she quoted. "Can you tell me anything about the one you fought or would you prefer to think on it in silence for now." Spark asks softly setting her books back down as well.

"Spark, look. It's not that I hate people, I hate wasted time, and that's what happens between people. That's why I leave all the time. If we're productive, you're not going to bother me," Ren explained as she relaxed back on the pillows. "The guy... he was all scruffy, a street punk if you catch my drift. Mustach, greasy hair, the works. He ripped up a pole like it was a toothpick in the ground and tried to hit me with it... I got him to miss, but his punch was staight on... If I hadn't made the ground give way, I'd be dead." She tried to take a deep breath, winced, and gave up on it, breathing shallow again. "The girl with him called him Rick."

"Rick... a street punk... with powers that let him control metal perhaps? eiother that or impressive strength. Trouble to be sure. So we have two, now." Spark nods writing all this down.

"The girl with him controlled water, she was the first annoyance, and before you all came along, that Chance kid had a girl with him, I'm not sure of her name though," Ren explained, her voice rough and she closed her eyes tightly a moment before blinking them open again.

"So we have water element... Female. Chance... and his 'power'. and this Rick. I have it down. Why don't you rest Ren. Your body needs it I'm sure." Spark says softly. pullign a book onto her lap. "If you want I can remove the two pillows and you can lay down flat." Spark says.

"I'm good. Just.. do your research thing," Ren replied and closed her eyes. She was scooted down enough so her head could lay back comfortably on the pillow which she did, and soon she was dozing silently.

Spark smiles glad she was relaxing at last. she sighs softly and summons her books. Asking silent quistions. and reading the answers.

Elson knocked lightly on the door to living room. "Hey, I finished the food awhile ago... it's there if you want some." He walked quietly away from the door, in search of Eva.

Spark only listened with half an ear. Reading up on the God's of the elements they had found so far.

After checking through the house and not finding Eva, Elson decided to take a walk. He hadn't really taken the time to look around, instead he had found the accident's by mistake and then made his way to the house. After going back upstairs to grab his black hoody he quietly made his way out of the house.

After a while, Ren's eyes opened as if she had not been sleeping at all, slowly and clarily. She looked around with brownish red eyes. "Schao has left.." she noted quietly, quieter than ever before because her chest was still healing.

Elson walked through the door, quietly so as not to disturb Ren and went to his room, where he sat on his bed. After a few minutes he decided sleeping was out of his grasp for now and instead went and grabbed a notebook and some drawing tools, and began to idly doodle.

Ren scowled, but it lacked a usual fire. She was just mildly annoyed.

In Elson's room a shadow seemed to hiss like steam or snake and suddenly creeped up his wall. It was human esk, but smaller, all black, with limbs that seemed too thin to even have human sized bones. It stopped near the ceiling, mostly in the shadows, and 'looked' at him with a featureless face, it was black like solid darkness. "Rennn likesss newsssss...." came a voice apparently from it, the voice serpentesk.

Throwing the book to the ground as he stood, Elson took a couple steps back, "What the... What the hell did you say? And what the hell are you?"

It moved it's torso slightly to the side so it was upright on the wall, it's head tilted back to look at him. "Reeeennnnn likessss neeewwwssss...." came the hissing voice again, distant as ever, only this time it was trying to pronunciate.

Elson tapped his chin as he thought about what it was saying, "Ren likes news???" Suddenly his head shot up to look at the creature, "OOOhhhh, Ren wants to know what happened while I was gone?"

It nodded, a slow movement, but undeniably a nod. It was still then, watching him as if to make sure he did so, and yet it was not hostile toward him.

Elson nodded, "Got it, tell her i'll be down in a minute." He picked up his sketch book and put it back in it's place along with his utensils, then headed downstairs.

It moved with that same rustling hiss and dissappeared once more into the shadows, not intending on telling Ren. She already expected him to come, it would only have to tell her anything if he wasn't coming.

"What's up?" Elson asked as he came around the corner, "How are you feeling?"

"Like my lungs exploded and shattered my ribs," Ren answered quietly, but it was as serious as ever. She raised an eyebrow at him. She was not the type to pry into things. He should want to tell her what happened.

"Well," he started out slowly, "I found out that they have Eva."

"Do they now?" Ren's tone was somewhere between not quite caring and interested. "How did that happen?"

"I ended up at their base, just kinda standing around on the street above, and I guess they have cameras, at least that's what Hannah said when she came out and started a fight. Anyways, I ended up getting the upper hand and she told me that she was across town at her house, so we went there and Eva wasn't there."

"If she fooled you, you didn't have a good enough upper hand, now did you?" Ren replied, not condescendingly. "You shouldn't have gone alone, and neither should Eva have." She closed her eyes a moment, letting the pain subside. She opened them again. "None of us is good enough to take them on alone, only because we can't get them alone. We are stronger than any of them, but not all of them combined.. Eva.. needs to learn. You do to, maybe not as much. You shouldn't have let them fool you..."

Spark walks into the room. "Ren I've ju- oh... Elson is here... Pardon me for my interruption. I shall leave until you two are finished then." Spark says blinking a bit. She pushes her glasses bac up her nose and turns planning on going to the kitchen to get some water or something until they were finished with their conversation.

"No, Spark. You should stay for this. You kind of need to know too, though I doubt you will be fighting actual combat..." Ren told her quietly, not yelling to get her to come back.

Elson stood still, knowing that he had messed up, and also that he deserved what chastising she gave him. Keeping this in mind he also managed to keep his mouth shut.

"Is Hannah dead then?" Ren asked, turning on Elson again. She noted he now knew her name, but didn't ask about it. She had a feeling she was about to learn just how he knew her name.

Elson shook his head, "No, I had her again, in my hands, knife to her throat, and her parents walked in. And we are to hold secrecy above all I think, and I didn't want to kill innocents, so I had to pretend.... well, to pretend to be her boyfriend, becuase that's what they already thought." He didn't mention the fact that he had stayed even after they were gone. "I got out as soon as possible, before any details I gave them could be found to be false and cause a scene."

Spark listens interestedly. Pulling out her small notebook and writing in it a few times. But stays silent and listening the entire time.

Elson saw her writing in her book but said nothing. He knew the book was special, and if it could show he was lying, so be it, he already felt like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar anyways.

Ren was silent a moment, the shadows behind her shuffling as if with unease. "I see.." she said at length. "What you did was the wrong choice.." Her voice had a quiet rasp to it from trying to talk through much more pain than she was showing. "You should have just killed them all. We are no longer part of society, Elson. Keep that in mind, and a few deaths won't matter, except if we kill one of those Accidents, in which case it will help our own cause." She sighed and the shadows settled. She looked at Spark. "Could you get the groceries? I'm sorry I didn't manage to make it back with them." She did not sound defeated, just formally apologenic.

"Of course Ren. Let me get you a drink first." Spark says walking out quickly, she walks back in with a pitcher and a glass. Setting them down near Ren if she wanted them. "Please rest I will take care of everything." Spark smiles a little. She turns and walks to the door. Pulling on a coat she braids her hair down her back fixes her glasses picks up her small back pack and walks out. headed into town.

Elson nodded his head and turned around and began walking out, "Hope you feel better soon." After going back up to his room and locking his door, he stripped down and got into his bed. Sleep deserted him for the moment, his thoughts whirling. What Ren had said sounded Wrong... that's wrong... Innocents have nothing to do with this... After an hour, he finally drifted into an uneasy sleep.

Ren laid her head back on the pillows and closed her eyes. Schao.. They don't get it.. Help me make them understand... A sigh escaped her and she lay practically still, barely breathing as sleep took her once more out of this realm of pain.

Fighting if for Friends too

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2007-05-16 [Eyelash-Wishes]: poor eva ain't there lol

2007-05-17 [Tekkon KinKreet]: oh well... i'll fix that this post.

2007-05-17 [Eyelash-Wishes]: she's bein held hostage by Selena, Hannah and the others

2007-05-18 [Tekkon KinKreet]: oh... do i smell Elson heroism coming into play? XD

2007-05-18 [Tekkon KinKreet]: where at btw? oh wait... she's still under the Selena's power isn't she?

2007-05-18 [Eyelash-Wishes]: umm...i think its starting to wear off. their at the base, she's in the medical wing, strapped to a bed lol

2007-05-19 [Tekkon KinKreet]: lol. that's gotta suck... well... kinda hard to be a hero... if she's in the base. but i'll think of something... but first, i think maybe they should get some time to mess with her a bit XD

2007-05-20 [Eyelash-Wishes]: lol

2007-07-16 [Artsy]: i feel.. that with the introduction of the creature... ren just got a whole lot more bad ass...

2007-07-17 [Tekkon KinKreet]: lol, the only thing is, is that they can't actually fight, just... observe, and i don't remember the rest, you'll have to check the descrip cuz i forget.

2007-07-20 [Nuktae-tal]: poor Spark... she's so... useless

2007-07-20 [Tekkon KinKreet]: not at all

2007-07-20 [Nuktae-tal]: kay so she has this book that knows everything.... but only gives her answers she wants if she askes it the right questions.

2007-07-20 [Tekkon KinKreet]: lol, yah, but she's still not useless.

2007-07-20 [Nuktae-tal]: I'm thinking about having her go on a walk... into the good guy's territory...

2007-07-20 [Tekkon KinKreet]: been a lot of that happening lately lol

2007-07-20 [Nuktae-tal]: well She's never ventured out yet... and she's just so darn innocent, and doesn't know how to fight at all...

2007-07-20 [Tekkon KinKreet]: lol, go for it. everyone else has, hell look at eva and elson. they leave all the time.

2007-07-20 [Nuktae-tal]: lol I'm gonna make her lost though. And acidentally find their base thing. well the front of it at least.

2007-07-20 [Tekkon KinKreet]: kk

2007-07-20 [Nuktae-tal]: but she needs a reason to go out of the house in the first place. cause she's pretty much taken care of.

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