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The lower bunker area underneath the White House has been recommissioned to hold prisoners of war and anyone working against the Nazi regime. It is not a pleasant place neither visually or smell. There can almost always be screams heard coming from interrogation rooms spread throughout the dungeon area.

Dulhelm strode down the stairs and past the desk where the prison guard master was standing at attention. "<Have the prisoner from New York City prepped and brought to my interrogation chamber.>" he said without looking at the pudgy man behind the desk.

Rocco was making a sound similar to grinding bones beneath other bones, or more likely he was grinding his teeth together. He wasn't here as a personal torture device, he never agreed to this and they couldn't make him do it. But he wouldn't speak up here...

Sigu peered into one of the vented doors at an interrogation. She tilted her head ever so slightly, curious as to what was going on. Why didn't the stupid slut on the table just speak? It wasn't as if she really had anything to hide. She turned back to Dulhelm, losing interest in the torture almost as soon as she had gained it.

Dulhelm moved through the hallways nonchalantly as if there werent people screaming for mercy and reaching through the bars. Dulhelm just simply moved just out of their reach till he arrived at his interrogation room. Entering the room one could tell immediatly that this was made at his specific orders as there was one of every torture device in the room along with a wall wide bookshelf like shelf lined with cruel looking instruments of torture. Most notable device in the room, however, was a 4x4x4 metal box with a person inside with only his neck up sticking out. "<He moves fast. Very efficient.>" Dulhelm said as he moved across the room to the man in the box.

Rocco walked, his head bowed, feeling sick as he walked through here; not only because of what was happening, but because his demon side loved it down here. He looked around as they stopped inside a room with a metal box, his grim mask staring blankly at the walls and the man in front of him. At least looking like this he didn't end up being asked for help... If they did he would probably throw up.

Sigu more or less danced into the room, her movements unusual because she was looking everywhere. Except at the man. She had no interest in him yet. Picking up a device from one of the bookshelves, she cranked it, looking at the corkscrew like metal spin. She turned, still holding the device, and looked at the man, confused as to how it actually worked.

"<You shouldnt touch what isnt yours.>" Dulhelm said as he walked around the box, eyeing the unconscience man in the box. "<Time to wake up!>" He said as he flicked the man's ear.

The man startled awake and looked around the room frightened. "Whats going on?! Where am I?"

"You are in ze last place you vant to be." Dulhelm said, switching from German to English. "You vhere captured during terrorist acts against ze Fuhrer's soldiers and his new country. However, your life has been deemed useful if you can provide us vith information."

Great. And now Rocco was going to speak with a completely normal accent, and they're going to be confused, and he's going to have to either explain or make them drop it. And he's going to have to say no to the torture, probably quite a few times. Though if he said no first of all then he won't have to speak English...

Gently replacing the metal, Sigu narrowed her eyes at Dulhelm. This was all very stupid. Everyone knew that during torture you didn't start with the fact that you wanted information. You started with a 'hello, how are you?'. Except maybe the general. She shook her head and looked at the man now, tilting her head to get a clearer view.

The man responded with the usual defiance. "Im mot going to tell you goose-stepping mother fuckers a damn thing. I will die beofre I betray any information to you." And with that, the man spit at Dulhelm.

The spit hit Dulhelm on his cheek causing him to flinch ever so slightly. He then smiled and slowly slipped the glove off his right hand. That is if you would call it a hand. Instead of a healthy pink and fleshy hand, what came out was a barely covered skeletal hand, covered in the green, rotting remains of fleah that hung like mucus from it. He took the leather glove and wiped the spit off his face. "I hate to tell you zhis, but zhat vas ze wrong sing to do." Dulhelm reached down and ran his pointer finger across the mans forhead, who immediatly began to scream and struggle as if his akin was being removed with a pair or rusty needle nose pliers.

Rocco didn't flinch back, although internally he was cringing at the noise. Torture, screaming, it wasn't like hadn't witnessed this before, but damn he hated hearing those screams... He swallowed hard, clenching his rubber gloved fists, making them squeak as he stared straight ahead.

Sigu continued watching the man, a strange look on her face. She wanted to experience Dulhelm's ability, but not in this environment. Sigu bet that she could withstand it without screaming like a banshee. This man was just weak.

Dulhelm finished his finger's trek across the man's forehead and the screaming ceased and was replaced by a low moan accompanied with light sobbing. "Now, I think that should quell any more spitting." He said as he removed the other glove to reveal the other hand was equally gross. "Now, this is how it is going to work, you will answer all my questions truthfully, if I think you are lying I will cause you pain, if you tell the truth you will be spared the agony. First question: Who were the other members of your little rag-tag group."

"Your mom and her sister." The man said between sobs.

"Wrong answer." Dulhelm said as he jabbed the man, sharply in the back of the head, garnering an immediate reaction of a piercing scream.

Rocco winced, he couldn't take much more of this, his demon side was being too happy. He didn't move, he couldn't move, but damn he was getting closer and closer to just asking to leave. He was just standing there dammit, he could just as easily do that upstairs, with less screaming.

Sigu became disinterested with the proceedings and rolled her eyes at the man's answer. What an idiot. She looked at Rocco and smiled suddenly, winking at him. "<This is getting boring,>" she said glancing at the door.

Dulhelm smiled at the man's response, as he continued to pace around the box. "Who vas ze ozer members of your group?" He looked up at Rocco and gestured him over with his head.

The man let out a sob again before sighing. "We didnt tell each other anything about ourselves just incase this happened. There were seven men and three women, we called each other by the state we came from."

Rocco didn't WANT to move, he just found his legs dragging him over to Dulhelm's side. He stood there, snapping his heels together like a trained dog and saying, in a voice that was disturbingly calm "<Sir?>" Damn his demon side...

"Zhis man is continuing to lie, trying to tell me zhat American vomen have put down zheir casserole dishes and taking up arms against us." Dulhelm said with a regretful shake of his head. "It seems zhat pain isnt getting to him so ve must take it a step further. Remove his ear."

There was a pause, then Rocco said, in perfect english "You doubt him because he said he was fighting alongside women? With her in the room?" Rocco's thumb jolted over his shoulder to the stalking Sigu. He paused for a moment longer, then seemingly remembering himself, said "<Sir.>"

Dulhelm was admitedly taken back at Rocco's ability to speak English with no accent, but held back any outward sign of this. "You are comparing German vomen to zhe American vomen? On top of disobeying a direct order? You vill now remove both his ears."

Rocco winced at this... great. He COULD keep going until he was in front of a firing squad, or he could black out his sensibilities and let the demon take over... No, no that was a bad idea. The man would end up with no face. Rocco sighed and shook his head at the General, reaching up and gripping hold of his glove, sliding one thick rubber glove off his hand. His hand came out, the fingers pointed, coming to sharp claws at the tips, capable of stabbing flesh. "It could have been worse" Rocco said to the prisoner in front of him "He didn't know I had claws. He probably expected me to pull them off..." He sighed, walking around the man a few times, doing circles of the prisoner's box. "Hold still" Rocco said, the rubber hand suddenly gripping one ear of the prisoner from behind "It'll be clean."

The man in the box, looked up at Dulhelm and Rocco with a look that screamed "Why am I being punished for his actions?" He cringed and winced as Rocco prepared to remove his ear.

"<I don't think I should remove both ears. Sir. Otherwise how would he be able to hear your questions?>" Rocco was speaking so he didn't have to think about it as a quick slice left the man's ear dangling from his hand. He didn't need to think about it... or the screams. But it was quick, and quite clean.

"<Removal of the ears does not include the eardrums nor any important piece of the inner ear.>" Dulhelm said, getting slightly irritated that this soldier was trying to get around his orders. "<He will be able to hear my questions just fine once he stops screaming.>" he added, before pointing at the other ear that was still intact.

"<The pain will cause ringing in the ears, blood will block the sound and he will most likely find his hearing lessened anyway>" Rocco said, staring straight at Dulhelm through his mask, even as he grasp the other ear and held it steady "<Permission to speak freely sir?>" Rocco wasn't happy with this.

"<Permission denied.>" Dulhelm said with barely veiled anger. "<If you dont start doing what I tell you to do and stop coming up with excuses than you will quickly find yourself in The Box next.>"

Rocco rolled his eyes with a sigh, slicing up the ear again, removing the second on in a quick movement, placing that one in his hand with the first. "<There. Sir.>" he grumbled, holding the bloody ears in his demonic hand. Stupid fucking cartoon of a man... No wonder everyone hated the Nazis.

Dulhelm glanced at the ears Rocco was holding. "<Go ahead and keep them. A momento to remind you to do your duty.>" he then turned back to the man in The Box. "Zhat is only ze beginning if I dont get more answers out of you, and they need to be zhe truth."

The man had begun to grow a bit groggy from the pain. "Tennessee, California, Texas, New York, Montana, South Dakota, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Idaho."

Rocco gently placed them on the box the man was trapped in, rolling his eyes at Dulhelm. Ohhhh, a momento to do his job, great, because it was his job to torture people; that was the thing, it wasn't, it was his job to stand in front of the doors. The only reason Dulhelm wasn't a very grisly puppet right now was because the woman in the room would probably kill him as well, and he didn't want to hurry to meet his saviour.

Dulhelm muttered something to himself along the lines of "<Weak American.>" as the man passed out. <"This is going to take awhile."> He looked at Rocco then to Sigu then back to Rocco. "<You two are dismissed. You may return to what ever other duties you have.">

"Ugh... Take a long time?" Rocco said in perfect English; it was for the prisoner's benefit, he knew that he had nothing else to give... He sighed, at least he could leave here... He stormed past the General, straight to the door, and pushed; the pull door came off of one of it's hinges with a mighty crack. He stood there, blinking for a moment, then shrugged and disappeared from the scene before anyone could call him back. He honestly didn't care anymore.

Sigu, who had shown little interest in what was going on, nodded and turned to leave. She blew the man in the box a little mock kiss before he passed out. Sigu also rolled her eyes when Rocco knocked the door from its hinges. The man was going to need to learn control, that was obvious. She followed out into the main area of the White House.

Dulhelm watched the two leave, and Rocco knocking the door off its hinges, with a frown. That man was going to need watching, or a good patrol duty in the Mojave. He turned to look at the man in the box as his head lolled to one side, his breath coming in short and shallow. He shook his head and walked out of the room, catching the prison guard as he left and gave him a few orders before leaving and going to Dulhelm's Office.

- Return to Weltherrschaft
or The White House

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2011-04-11 [Lord Josmar]: going to have to order Sigu to do some awful stuff she is perfect for it, lol.

2011-04-11 [Aeolynn]: I don't think a character they would be studying would be kept down here, eh?

2011-04-11 [Lord Josmar]: No prolly not, lol. If you want I can create a wiki that would be better suited for yours. Sorry I didnt suggest this earlier. Or you coukd have your person down here, its all up to you.

2011-04-11 [Aeolynn]: She has to be constantly drugged and watched... maybe they are walking her to get exercise? I don't know. lol

2011-04-12 [Lord Josmar]: Well let me know how you want to start your character and I will set it in motion. I dont want you to feel left out and unable to post because of my negligence.

2011-04-12 [Flisky]: If Sigu had actual human emotions, her reaction to this would be "Coooooolll!!!"

2011-04-12 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz. Yay for desensitization!

2011-04-12 [Evolution X]: gonna let Josmar post next... cause Rocco's about to crack and leave.

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