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(Wiki Bosses Badge by [May-lea])

Wiki bosses keep the order on the wiki, especially by maintaining and constantly improving the official wiki pages on the wiki, but also by talking to people who mess up wiki pages. They have authority to take action against members who repeatedly misbehave on purpose on the wiki.

Wiki bosses have good knowledge of how the wiki works, and help others to fix problems. Do not hesitate to ask a wiki boss for help if your page doesn't work as you think it should or if someone has messed it up.

To contact the wiki bosses you can either:
- Post your question/request in the Elftown Wiki forum (<forum:The Elftown wiki>)
- Write a comment on this page.
- Send a message directly to a wiki boss.

Before asking wiki questions you should however look at the wiki help pages, to see if your question is already answered there.


The Illustrious Wiki Boss:


Wiki Bosses Veterans#Wiki Bosses


Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The wiki_intro
-The badge reward system
-The help index

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2004-02-16 [Armchair]: How do you go about becomeing a wiki boss?

2004-02-16 [Athene Noctua]: Well, for starters, show the Council what you can do. :)

2004-02-16 [Armchair]: okay.. like how... just show 'em how well i run my wikies?

2004-02-16 [Athene Noctua]: No, but you can always suggest improvements for official wiki-pages to the current wiki bosses.

2004-02-16 [Armchair]: okay....

2004-02-16 [peura]: A wiki boss should know the wiki well enough to have found the answer to that question already. Running your own wikis well doesn't make you a wiki boss.

2004-02-16 [Jewl]: It

2004-02-16 [Athene Noctua]: Well, technically you are the boss of your own page. If someone messes up your page, you can talk to them, or report them to the Guards

2004-02-16 [Armchair]: well that doesn't r3eally happen al to often with the password protection now.

2004-02-16 [Ocean Dreaming]: You'd think, anyway.

2004-02-16 [Armchair]: yup and you can always recover from a previous version then put a password on if you didn;t have one and it was messed up

2004-02-16 [Ocean Dreaming]: Which doesn't work if the idea of the page is to let EVERYONE edit :p

2004-02-16 [Armchair]: yeah... then report the stupid person who messed it up and then recover it.

2004-02-16 [Ocean Dreaming]: Maybe you should read the page a wee bit more carefully ;)

2004-02-16 [Armchair]: meh im confuzzd a bit...

2004-02-17 [Ocean Dreaming]: Alright, let's try a different approach... How do I report to myself?

2004-02-17 [Armchair]: okay... wait. okay, i get what you say... but what is it exatly you do.

2004-02-17 [Ocean Dreaming]: Then read the page. It says quite clearly what we do ;)

2004-02-17 [Armchair]: i mean how do you 'take action'?

2004-02-17 [peura]: First we talk to them, to see if it was just a mistake. If it wasn't a mistake and they keep messing around, they can be banned from Elftown.

2004-02-17 [Armchair]: oh.. i can do that... i have*iranian accent* very good people skills

2004-02-21 [warlord stuart]: There is someone called [yo dude] who is trying to steal my wiki ideas and make them into his own and if he gets a bage for my ideas then i will be very annoied cheak out Teesa because that is the ideas he is trying to steal...i have copyrighted these ideas and if he steals them i will say something about it.

2004-02-21 [Elisandra]: So what exactly is he doing?

2004-02-21 [warlord stuart]: he is going to go to the adminastrators and give my ideas as his own so he can get a bage and stuff i dont know every little detail about it but thats what i understanding

2004-02-21 [Elisandra]: *rae* Just ignore him.

2004-02-21 [warlord stuart]: IGNORE HIM?!? i have worked day and night for these ideas...i plan to make them into a real online RPG someday and the are copyrighted if these people do not comply to my request they will hear something about it!!

2004-02-21 [Elisandra]: All that I can see is a childish comment left on one page. Unless you have more proof than that, just ignore him. He's probably just trying to be funny.

2004-02-21 [warlord stuart]: are you an adminastrtor miss?

2004-02-21 [Elisandra]: I am a Town Guard and Wiki boss. Can you give me any more proof than "23:37:05 yo dude: muh muh muh i will get the creature badge first!!!!" on teesa characters ? If that's the only thing he's said, then just ignore him.

2004-03-02 [Fina]: ok...I am going to cry...someone has seriously messed up my wiki page that I was so proud of...I don't know what they have done, but it will not let me change anything at all..they changed everything that had my name on it to say finath and I can't fix it at all no matter what I do! Can someone please please please help me?

2004-03-02 [Athene Noctua]: This is a bug with Elftown. Like how Nita's name keeps appearing as Nitalia. Fina's name keeps appearing as Finath. Messaged and told her it is a bug, and to hang on, it will be fixed eventually...

2004-03-02 [Fina]: *feels better now* thank you Xithemonas :D

2004-03-02 [Athene Noctua]: You are very welcome. :)

2004-03-02 [xido]: I nominate that [SilverFire] be given a title of some form, for continuing to maintain the lengthy and tedious Text Adventure Archives. Who do these nominations need to be forwarded to? Hedda?  She has proven to stay on top of that page at every turn of the corner, and she should be considered the mod of that page.....that gets a badge, right? lol. I'm still waiting patiently for my badge to come........*twiddles thumbs*

2004-03-02 [Athene Noctua]: What have you done for a badge?

2004-03-02 [xido]: Helped people that have no respect for me to navigate the wikis, and to find and/or create a RP suitable for them and their game ideas. I like making things better, too. Maintenance and redesigning, as well as leadership of team members that keep the WFR wikis in particular functional and fun. I also try my best to keep the hormones and the effects of the full moon to a dull roar when I can, even though sometimes I feel as if I'm relied upon a bit too much by the other members. I'm a social moderator in that instance, which is not always so fun, but at least I'm good at keeping people from trying to kill each other most of the time.

2004-03-06 [Augury]: *shifty eyes* meh, i have a secert service comment for NO REASON at all muahaahahaha! *shifty eyes*

2004-03-06 [Athene Noctua]: [Augury], why is this relevant to the wiki bosses?

2004-03-11 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I was wondering if someone could help me, I would like to make Memorium more readily accessable, but I'm not sure where I should put it. Can anyone help?

2004-03-11 [Athene Noctua]: You can put it in the wiki index. Put it in your mood. In your House description. Mail your friends here and tell them. There is also an advertsing forum. :) Hope this helps.

2004-03-12 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: where in the index?

2004-03-12 [Athene Noctua]: Click on the link above. It is bold.

2004-03-12 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: where in it?

2004-03-12 [Athene Noctua]: index <-this link.

2004-03-12 [Elisandra]: *rae* *is back from Lenten vacation, btw* Try leaving a link in the misc. section of the wiki...very misc section. NOT the index. Not that she could edit the index anyway.

2004-03-12 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: thank you, Eli.

2004-03-12 [Elisandra]: You are quite welcome.

2004-03-15 [~The Dragon Master~]: NEED HELP! How do I change the exported version of my wiki page?

2004-03-15 [Nita]: Edit the normal one, and the exported version will be changed automagically? :)

2004-03-16 [~The Dragon Master~]: That doesn't work... But Refreshing the page seems to. I don't know if it will work for other users... Try this link if it works tell me.

2004-03-16 [Nita]: If the page changes when you refresh it, it means that it was edited before you refreshed :P Looks fine, but I really wonder how you are going to persuade Elftown to run server-side scripts for you ;)

2004-03-16 [~The Dragon Master~]: I just used a Input from here, so now it works.

2004-03-17 [Nita]: *blinks* And now you copied your Elftown message-form to that page... Scary. :)

2004-03-17 [~The Dragon Master~]: Yeah, I viewed source and made the value my page. It's pretty cool.You want to know something else that's cool about it?(Wierd more like) I can send a message to myself now!

2004-03-17 [~The Dragon Master~]: I am currently working on a input, that will enable you to enter a userame, and you can send that person a message right on my page.

2004-03-22 [Ailil Mac Mata]: can i start my own wiki club thing if so please contect me daemon hunter

2004-03-22 [Athene Noctua]: Of course you can start your own wiki-page club. :) A word of advice: you can message deamon hunter directly to collaborate on your wiki-page club. :)


2004-03-28 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: To whom can I report maliscious activity on wikis?

2004-03-28 [Nita]: You can use the "Report to Guards" button in the house of the misbehaving person :)

2004-03-28 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: thanks

2004-03-29 [~The Dragon Master~]: What wiki is that, Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós?

2004-04-10 [Cute*Pixie]: is anyone there?

2004-04-10 [Cute*Pixie]: i have a question

2004-04-10 [Cute*Pixie]: I wanna know if i blocked someone can they still look at my house?

2004-04-10 [Pnelma Tirian]: lemme check.

2004-04-10 [Pnelma Tirian]: block me.

2004-04-10 [Nita]: Yes, they can.

2004-04-13 [Kaimee]: ok iv an unhelpful and quite probably impractical suggestion... is there anyway you can make it so wikis can be under multiple ownership? because that would be incredibly helpful in cases like joint wikis, clubs, guilds, official pages many ppl have to monitor/maintain.... although iv no idea if that last category even exists.... lol but yes. it wuold be extremely helpful in.. well alot of the wikis i use and im rather sure others would like it too....

2004-04-13 [Kaimee]: but then, i havent thought through any of the technical issues etc... and then, what if a greedy owner stole it off the original owners? o .o; could you have a bit for more authority type ownership but not complete ownership? ie, theyed all have power but the original owner or main owner or whatever would have... the ultimate power? o .o;

2004-04-13 [Nita]: "authority type ownership"? What do you mean? What exactly should those sub-owners be able to do?

2004-04-13 [peura]: Kaimee, since this is a suggestion for a feature it would be better if you discussed it in the suggestions forum instead of here. Wiki bosses can't change the functionality anyway.

2004-04-14 [Pnelma Tirian]: having the mod's password, that sort of idea.

2004-04-14 [shamrockboy92]: you are all creepy....i think....GO KORN!!!

2004-04-14 [Ocean Dreaming]: [shamrockboy92] please don't leave such meaningless comments. We'd appreciate it very much. Thank you ^-^

2004-04-14 [Nita]: Oops. Too late. I deleted it ;)

2004-04-14 [Ocean Dreaming]: *giggles* Too bad for everyone wanting to know what it said. User did it before on the Council page if I recall. ;)

2004-04-15 [~The Dragon Master~]: Kaimee, that is a good suggestion, but that could be problematic... Like you stated, a greedy owner might want all the power. Why do you want multiple owners? All a owner can do is password protect a page, Export it, and choose settings. Couldn't you take a vote with your users?

2004-04-16 [Kaimee]: Ahh, unless theyre one of the all powerful ppl;) there are also other things like deleting comments etc. and from long term experience with shared responsibility with various contests, wikis etc where several ppl are in charge... well yes, it makes it hard for several ppl to actually be in charge... lol iono what im talking about really. and nita, 'authority type ownership' was just me-blabber;) what i meant was more like while there would still be an option for the actual owner like there is now... there would also be an option to give other ppl more power on that page, while not complete power. Like moderators? They'd probly have the same or very nearly the same powers as the page owner...

2004-04-16 [Kaimee]: but there could be several of them and the owner would still have the final power, they wouldnt be able to make more mods etc and the owner would be able to make or un-make them at any time... but meanwhile thered be more ppl with owner-type powers on a single page if it was needed for things like that.

2004-04-16 [Ocean Dreaming]: Erm... Shouldn't this go in the Suggestions forum rather than in this comment field?

2004-04-16 [Kaimee]: yes it really should but iv lost interest XD delete it if you want...

2004-04-18 [BarleySinger]: Please add a link to art contests and writing contests on the main Wiki page, so that people will know that these pages exist.

2004-04-19 [peura]: That's a good idea. I've added them now.

2004-04-21 [*biznatch*]: i have a do u make a wiki page? can u do it by yourself?

2004-04-21 [Nita]: Yes. Read the wiki_intro! :)

2004-04-21 [*biznatch*]: thank you!

2004-04-22 [shamrockboy92]: ok shanra, sawwy! my bad. im new.

2004-04-22 [Reonowyn]: hi i have a question...on my RP how do i get it to the main wiki page.. cuz when i click on the wiki bar on top its with my house, viewed messages..ect and i click on it and try to find my rp it isnt do i get it there...its called [LOTR123] thank you for your time

2004-04-23 [xido]: LOTR123, perhaps?

2004-04-23 [peura]: RP wikis aren't listed on the main wiki page. You cann add your RP to the Text Adventures wiki page, however. Read the instructions on the Text Adventures page to see where to add the link.

2004-04-24 [xido]: And remember that all players are invited to apply to the RPG Guild, instructions on the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay's Character Page.

2004-04-24 [Kaimee]: i think she/he means they want to set that wiki AS their main wiki page and have the wiki link take them there. Sorry Reonowyn, but it doesnt work that way. that wiki link always goes to the main wiki page, if you want quick access to your page add it to your notes. you can also go to it from any other wiki page using the 'Go to wiki-page' box (right tool bar, near the bottom) but yeah... theres no way to set that page as your 'main' wiki page, theres only the main wiki page:P

2004-04-24 [GraphicEntropy]: Hm... I've noticed a growing amount of pointless wikis, or wikis that have been abandoned. Is there any way we could eventually have some kind of rules for that? Perhaps each wiki would have to be posted on a certain amount of times by different people each month, or maybe a Member minimum that must be met within a certain time. Anything you could do? Just trying to be helpful, and clear up the wiki pages for wikis that people actually use. Thank you.

2004-04-24 [Nita]: Wiki pages don't have to be used as clubs, by the way... They can also be data archives, for instance, and in that case there can be no "members" and no need to change them very often :)

2004-04-25 [GraphicEntropy]: I have a feeling, though, that some of them are very rarely visited.

2004-04-25 [Nita]: So what?

2004-04-25 [GraphicEntropy]: *begins to cower because she is deathly afraid of conflict* Well, I just thought there may be some way to eventually clear out some old, unused wikis because they will eventually take up a lot of useful space...sorry... <---Is a coward.

2004-04-25 [Nita]: I think the old versions of roleplaying wikis take up more useful space, actually :)

2004-04-25 [GraphicEntropy]: They probably do. And, for the most part, they hold no useful info for anyone. Perhaps a member limit on those or something? We do have a TON of rpgs...

2004-04-26 [Kaimee]: and what if someone cant get access to a computer for quite awhile or something? they'd come back and find their poor lil wiki had been deleted:(

2004-04-26 [xido]: There should be a way for owners of a wiki page to ask some particular "cleaner" to come into their highly-evolved pages, and make their histories disappear up to a certain point, to clear up space. Typically, there is only the need for 5-10 previous versions of a page at any random time....and usually not even that, I was being liberal. Wiki maids...? Someone that looks for, or is asked to clean up old wiki versions that are unused, or out of date. Not comments, mind you. They don't seem to pose a problem, according to Hedda himself....he said he would personally prefer to see that being used as a more typical RP medium, which I and others have tried to implement in certain places.

2004-04-26 [Athene Noctua]: I might be wrong on this one, but I think (note the word think) that we keep all versions because 1. they don't actually take up much space, and 2. previous versions are needed as proof in case of harrassment issues or whatnot.

2004-04-26 [GraphicEntropy]: Maybe we could have a special page for them.

2004-04-27 [xido]: I already asked, and they said essentially the same thing..... So no go on that idea.... Even though I liked it.  :)

2004-04-27 [peura]: Please take this debate to the Suggestions forum! This isn't the place for it. Wiki bosses can't change the functionality, so it is useless to debate it here. If this debate continues here I will have to turn off the comments on this page, which would be unfortunate for those who actually need help from wiki bosses.

2004-04-27 [~The Dragon Master~]: Actually, Elftown doesn't save disk space,(Because server side deletion can be difficult and screw up elftown in the process.) Also some people leave for long periods of time and want it to be there when they come back.(And if you try to delete yourself from elftown, it doesn't work! Because all the varibles are written into the HTML, and it can be hassely to remove them without a reason.

2004-05-07 [DevilKid666]: well people think it is easy to keep up alot of wiki's but it isn't because i got a ton of wiki's and sometimes its hard to keep alot of friends updated on the wiki's and it hurts my feelings when someone tells me about a mistake on one of my pages

2004-05-08 [~The Dragon Master~]: You can 'delete' your own wiki ,you know

2004-05-09 [Kaimee]: Why is this discussion being held on this page?

2004-05-09 [Ocean Dreaming]: Because they want us to turn off the comments section, so people who do need it can't ask for help here. And, they want to seriously push their luck and have all their comments deleted? ^-^; Actually, I have no clue why.

2004-05-09 [Kaimee]: oh, your reasons sounded reasonably accurate;) i mean, i cant think of any other logical reasons.... doopdeedumm...

2004-05-11 [Kaimee]: not sure if i should report this in the bugs thing but go look at manga contest o .o; if its still wonky... well, youll see @.@

2004-05-11 [peura]: That's not a bug. That's someone who has edited the page without knowing what they're doing, I think. Report it to the page's owner/maintainer (I assume there is one?)

2004-05-11 [Kaimee]: right. no bug. should have noticed that ^^; thankue ill tell the owner...

2004-05-17 [beautiful]: help i wanna start a wiki ad i dont know how to or where to go????

2004-05-17 [Nita]: Have you read the wiki_intro? :)

2004-05-18 [xido]: I just wanted to let everyone know that the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay now has a great sister site for Scifi RP....the Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay, created and maintained by [Nightshadow] the great and wonderful Emily. It's finished, and ready for players! Any questions or comments can be directed to herself, or myself. Thanks! (PS - I told Hedda that I like how this wiki thing is doing... It's a really great media for people to connect and inspire each other...the Wiki Awards are a great idea!! Congrats to whoever came up with that!!!) Thanks.  -will

2004-06-02 [Kaimee]: Im just wondering whats with the random red parts of html tags around? i noticed some on the guide to the pseudo HTML on Elftown and now on The Anime Contest... whats going on? Im pretty sure the tags are right, and theyre still working...

2004-06-02 [Ocean Dreaming]: *points at the news*

2004-06-02 [Kaimee]: my news says no news o .o;

2004-06-02 [Kaimee]: aaaah i see, you might want to fix your html page then:P

2004-06-02 [Ocean Dreaming]: Me? Fix mine? I checked mine, they're okay. :p

2004-06-03 [Kaimee]: i cant think of any other response than childish ones >.> so lets imagine im saying something mature and witty ^^;

2004-06-05 [walk_tall]: I want to change a name without starting all over and making a new wiki.

2004-06-05 [Kaimee]: if you own the page (started it) you just go to 'edit this page' and above the text box where you edit information will be a smaller text box with the page name. change the name there and click 'submit changes' ^_^

2004-06-05 [Ocean Dreaming]: Ah, but the old name still exists ;p

2004-06-08 [walk_tall]: See what I mean is that it's already in the green words and It won't let me change my name. It say's I cannot do it. I already made another wiki for it adn messed up the name. Know what I mean?

2004-06-09 [Kaimee]: what does it say when you try? does it say the page is passworded, the name is taken, you arent the page owner...? um i cant think of any other reasons it wouldnt work. what is the pages current name?

2004-06-09 [Kaimee]: (i dont actually know very much here, i should probly let the wikibosses dothis o .o;)

2004-06-09 [walk_tall]: I am the owner of my wiki

2004-06-09 [walk_tall]: I just want to change a name that is already in green words without startign all over again. for exsample when I mean green words is The War, with the Fellowship! RPG 

2004-06-09 [peura]: If you want to change the name of a wiki page, go to the wiki page, click on "Edit this page", change the page's name in the "Page name:" box, click on "Submit changes to this page". That creates a copy of the page with the new name. Note that the old page with the old name will still exist, and that you will have to change all links manually so that they go to the new page. So if you change the page's name from "my_old_page" to "my_new_page" you must change all [my_old_page@wiki] to [my_new_page@wiki]. 

2004-06-09 [walk_tall]: alright

2004-06-17 [65tyjvw45b]: Were do I put this wiki as a listing? I'd like to have it placed as an offical-type wiki if you think its good enough. I've locked it with a password because if the numbers were changed and no one caught it, it could mean big trouble to whom so ever uses it: Measurements@wiki

2004-06-17 [Ocean Dreaming]: I'd suppose anywhere where it fits. (er, that'd be misc, I suppose) the help section might be a good idea too. (hey, it's a form of helping ;) )

2004-06-29 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: OK, how do I go about Advertising my wiki other than on the Featured wiki seeing as the nomination period is now closed for that.

2004-06-29 [True, plain and simple]: You can just wait, or use the Advertising in Elftown forum.

2004-06-29 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: OK thanx!

2004-07-11 [RubyRed RagDoll]: Oh, mighty wiki bosses!! lol How do I make a banner for my wiki?

2004-07-12 [Kaimee]: im no wiki boss but you can make a banner using any art program you have on your computer, then upload it to here. if you dont have any art programs you could try any of the free drawing programs on the net, like oekaki ( ) or isketch ( )

2004-07-12 [Kaimee]: if you use programs from your own compter save it and upload it to your house, if you use an online program you can usually just use the url directly from the image, without uploading it again. you insert an image onto a page by putting: <IMG:url here>. you get the url by right-clicking over an uploaded image (image somewhere on the net, but make sure you did it!) then going properties/highlight the url/right-click/copy

2004-07-12 [Ocean Dreaming]: Also... make sure that the banner you're using follows the Uploading Art Rules. ;)

2004-07-12 [RubyRed RagDoll]: Ok, I made a banner on isketch, but how do I find the properties? I right clicked and chose properties, but no URL came up!!

2004-07-12 [65tyjvw45b]: Where is the image located online?

2004-07-12 [RubyRed RagDoll]:

2004-07-12 [65tyjvw45b]: Hmmm... that seems to just be a flash program and not an image program where you can save your work for later use off line. You could try pressing your "Print Screen" button on your computer and then opening Paint on your computer and pasting. The image should appear, but you'd have to crop it down to only the picture you made then save it and upload it to Elftown.

2004-07-13 [Kaimee]: yup sorry -.- forgot that isketch was a pain in the butt -.-

2004-07-16 [Lioness2]: OK wiki Gods and goddesses, I want to delete my current wiki, as it's no longer interesting to me. I'm planning on starting a new one, so i'm not wasting space by keeping the old one. How do i go about deleting it? I've tried completely wiping out the text on a page, but it tells me I'm being illegal by taking someone elses page! (even though its mine) Also, how do I upload photos to my new wiki, once i've got it started?

2004-07-16 [True, plain and simple]: You don't delete your wiki-page. Don't worry about space consumption; just don't link to it anymore if you don't want it. Use <img:> tags to put pictures you uploaded into your house into your wiki. See the guide to the pseudo HTML on Elftown for more information about how to do that. You can also get permission to upload images to wiki-pages, if you ask and we think that it is alright for you to do so.

2004-07-16 [Lioness2]: Thanks TPS, when I get the photos, i'll I ask here?

2004-07-16 [True, plain and simple]: Yes, that will be fine.

2004-07-26 [DarkWraith]: i know how to make the entire wiki better. enable backgrounds and music. that would be great

2004-07-29 [Erestor]: how do i put my badge on by houses as im a donor of art

2004-07-29 [shudson]: you don't, when you donate art for Elftown for something that gets art donor badges a crew member will put it up for you. Have you donated art to Elftown?

2004-07-29 [Erestor]: yep i gave a banner to Elftown Graphics

2004-07-29 [shudson]: Ah, as that is a very large page it takes a while to get things sorted. Be patient.

2004-07-29 [65tyjvw45b]: Hmmmm... *gets an idea...*

2004-07-29 [65tyjvw45b]: *comes back with his idea...* EG Artists

2004-07-29 [Erestor]: Good Idea!

2004-07-29 [65tyjvw45b]: <-(^_^)->

2004-07-29 [Anonymous]: *clapclap*

2004-08-01 [Na no da!]: i have a banner that i made on paint that iwant to put on my wiki but i dont know how to, i have tried copying it but the paste icon wont light up (if you et me) so i cant insert it on my wiki do i do it???

2004-08-01 [65tyjvw45b]: [Na no da!], I assume you are using IE to browse the internet. First upload the image you have personally made, to your Elfhouse. Then right click on it with your mouse and click on "Properties". A small box will appear. In it you will see "Address (URL)" which will have your image's URL beside it looking similar to this image's URL: Now you must highlight that URL, copy it, and then paste it inside of an <img:> tag like I did here: <img:> Finally, place that entire code onto your wiki page in the place that you want to put it.

2004-08-14 [Skydancer]: Ah ha. so there really are Oliphants here.. I knew I heard them tiptoeing around...... :D

2004-08-20 [metallickittycat]: ...elephants? oh the little pic of the elephant? ok....

2004-08-27 [Na no da!]: What pictures can you put on wiki banners? On banners that have been made for a wiki that i am in they have been told to take them away because of copy right issues, so what images are we allowed to use?

2004-08-27 [shudson]: you can use pictures you drew yourself or photographs you take yourself, nothing random off the net, nothing that would otherwise be removed from your house according to Uploading Art Rules

2004-08-27 [Na no da!]: We just need to know that if we can use images off a web site and say that we do not claim to own the images and where they came from if thats alright?

2004-08-27 [shudson]: almost definitley no, what website?

2004-08-27 [Na no da!]: Its just hard to have a wiki about something, and not be allowd to have any images on a banner for it, it dosent really make sense

2004-08-27 [shudson]: Plenty of people seem to have managed. Just links work fine. Images you draw youself work fine. The rules are not going to change now to allow them.

2004-08-27 [Na no da!]: I have seen banners for wikis with images on that havent been drawn or have links, i dont see the problem with having an image up as long as you say where it came from and say that it isnt yours

2004-08-27 [shudson]: and when we find them we delete them. The problem is they break the rules. The rules will not change. The discussion is over.

2004-08-27 [Na no da!]: Fine, i was just wondering

2004-08-27 [Anonymous]: Basically, if I was a picky bastard, and I owned an image. And then you came and used the image without my permission. And then u displayed it elsewhere. And you said where it came from and who the author is (me). And me being a really picky bastard that also would have wanted to have been asked for permission... then I woud sue you for stealing my art. There is a law that backs me up to do so.

2004-08-31 [65tyjvw45b]: *sighs* You're such a picky bastard [Anonymous]. *grins*

2004-09-26 [BirdHouse107]: hey ive been on elftown for just less than a month now and i would be so honered to be an elftown guard please can i be one????

2004-09-26 [True, plain and simple]: No. Read the FAQ.

2004-09-26 [Sirfy]: I was told I can come here to report this. Still not entirely sure where to put this. (i first put this on the Guard's page) The wiki Dragons Unite the top image is copywrited, only the letters were added. No credit was given to the real artist as she (the artist) states and the rule states to. I have already warned them of this before, but it was ignored.

2004-09-28 [Skydancer]: I think, if I remember correctly that dragon icon is allowed to be used on other webpages by the artist. She made up a huge collection of them for that purpose.. But it would be nice.. if people would credit her.

2004-10-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: On the right hand side on the stats box. what does the 'D20: #' mean, its been anoying me ever since i joined elftown and i have no idea what it means, please help...

2004-10-04 [Sunrose]: There is no 'D20: #'. Only '# of watchers' and 'D20: 2'

2004-10-04 [Young J.C.]: [ArchangelGabriel] put the "#" sign indicating that there is a number there.

2004-10-04 [Sunrose]: Oh right heehee! Never mind me then!

2004-10-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: yep, cause the number changes from page to page but i can't work out why the 'D20:' thing is there i know in d&D it measns a twenty sided dice but i'm just confused

2004-10-04 [Skydancer]: That D20 number is a feature that was placed originally in order to provide a dice roll for role playing wiki's. I do not think Hedda ever imagined just how popular and in how many ways we would use the wiki structures. But in any case it is only a random dice roll and only applies if you are using it as part of your gaming wiki, otherwise, simply ignore it, as it will always be there.

2004-10-09 [Sunrose]: That's actually pretty cool... :D

2004-10-09 [ArchangelGabriel]: rely usefull, now i know its not predictasble i can use that on my RPG

2004-10-18 [Tiezu Star]: how can sum1 become a wiki boss?

2004-10-18 [shudson]: you can't really just become a wiki boss. what happens is you help out around elftown for a while and become part of the council or assembly and take it from there. 

2004-11-03 [swabloo]: okay........ i have a REALLY big question.... if i took a picture from a website, and put it on elftown, would it be taken of, even if the website is mine and the pictures is mine? or would i not be able to take it directly from the internet, and have to upload it from my computer? it's just... i'm gonna make a web comic, and it would be a lot easier if i could take the picture directly from the webiste...

2004-11-03 [ArchangelGabriel]: Its not a problem that the pictures from a website but it will goble up the band wiodth of your site like no bodies business. Its better for you if you run it through elftown.

2004-11-03 [swabloo]: um... could you simplify that? (i'm tired)

2004-11-03 [ArchangelGabriel]: link from the site if you like but if you do you may run out of band width

2004-11-03 [swabloo]: i didn't mean link from the site, just use one of the pictures...

2004-11-03 [irulan]: As long as it is your picture and is not copyrighted to anyone else in any way, shape, or form, then it's fine. =)

2004-11-07 [Death's Die-Ary]: O_O

2004-11-07 [shudson]: step one: read the comments on the wiki page before repeating a question that was just recently asked :p

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