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Poets, lend me your pens! If you are a Hobbit, add your poetry! Even if you are not, add your artistic veiws! This is the place were all of us little writers put our stuff, out of big people's way!

Edit to add your work, but please, to make my life easer to maintain this page, send me a message if you do edit the page. I'm Jamie Woods, the founder of this page, and you can find me at [jdwoodschild].

And Please, don't be a Jack Ass. No copying, changing, over vulger language, etc.  Thankyou.

Lost to the Breeze
By [Thaelan]
I will not see your bright face
It is lost to me forever
I will not hear you kind voice
It is lost to the winds in peace
I will not feel your loving touch
It is only as a memory

You have left, and will not return
With you is part of me
Part that I will never regain
Your passion is gone from this world
And I have wept for its return
But that is selfish
And I must let go

Others need you
But I savagely want you back
Come back to me now
And touch my unsure heart
I need your touch
The love that lies within

These tears they will stain
They will sit forever more
I will see them day and night
I have lost you to the dark
Where I will someday join you
And together we will make music
Forever more, forever more.

Author's comments: This was written for my great grandma who passed away in November. I wrote this and it helped. I don't really care for it that much but I was told by some friends of mine that I should post it, so I am. I hope you enjoy.

Haikus are poems          5
Where one is very carefull     7
Counting syllables.        5

But I dare to change it,      6
The format of this ancient song  8
To fit my complex needs.      6

I respect writers of old,     7
The makers of these little haikus, 9
The sweet little things are dear. 7

But people's needs today have changed 8
From simple to the extraordinary    10
So the haiku has to change with it   8

The special meaning of something big  9
Something that is small can never get across  11
And the special meaning is missed.   9

Poem By: Jamie Woods [jdwoodschild] Hobbit

Comments by the auther:
The numbers on the sides are how many syllables the poem is. A traditional haiku has 5 syllables, then 7, then five again. This is my version of an extended haiku.

Wind's Story

The whisper of the wind
is a heavenly sound,
so pure and peaceful.
The wind has the power,
the power of emotions.
She can bring on great fear,
peace, or serenity.
To the eye of the beholder she comes, as pure, as a dove.
And the destruction she leaves behind,
will over time subside.
Take with you the story of the wind,
and teach others of what lies within.

Auther's comments:
The reality of it is that what you think is is not what you believe. Underlining the key points of this poem. A bird is a bird, a dog is a dog or is it?

One-thousand deaths,
Or only one?
You think of all
The people dead
Because of you
And you cry,
Picking up a rose,
Unmindful of the thorns,
You prick your finger,
Watching the blood
Drip down,
Like so may tears,
Lost in the flood,
You sit, mindlessly,
In a trance,
Unable to pull yourself free,
Unable to see
The truth for
What it really is,
The truth,
That no one died
Because of you,
They died around you,
Surrounding you
Within the vortex
That is your mind
You hear them,
But you cannot understand
What they are saying,
Exclaiming that they
Do not blame you,
Warning you to
Not make the same mistakes
That they made,
Mistakes that cost
Them their lives,
And the happiness
Of the people
Who loved them.
The people who love you,
Think of you,
Care for you,
Worry about you,
Pray for you.
And when one
Taps you on the shoulder,
You blink at them
With that same
Mindless stare,
Staring at nothing imparticular,
Thinking of nothing imparticular,
Until your dreams,
Your hopes,
Your wishes
Flash before your eyes,
And you slowly
Realise that all
You want,
All you truely desire,
Is for the pain
To go away,
And you look at
Your sister, your brother,
Your mother, your friend,
Tears streaming doen your face,
As you whisper
Five simple words:
"I don't want to die."

Comments from the Author: This was written during a very difficult time in my life, so it will probably seem a bit more morbid than usual...

The dark is full of nightmares,
The light is full of pain.
No matter what i do,
I relive the agony again and again.
The time for contemplation is gone,
Now with this hell i will be done.
I'm tired of this life,
Where even sanity is a fight-
I will end tonight.
Now the clock rings ten,
I cock the gun again.
This time will be the last,
I will no longer have to relive the past.
I slide the bullet in the barrel,
And laugh because no one knows my life is in peril.
I think of days in years gone past,
When simple things were such a blast.
The world was so delightfully amusing,
Now everything is so confusing.
Is there a god,
Or is religion just a fraud?
Things used to be so clear,
Life held nothing to fear.
Will this hurt follow me beyond the grave?
This is not a game, there is no save.
I pulle the trigger, and all these thoughts are dead,
As an ounce of lead speeds through my head.

Poem by: Nathan [Another One]

Comments from the author: Obviously this was when I was going through depression... wanted to die... I just started writing and writing and writing... I ended up burning all of it but this, and when I was loading up the gun, someone called, and I guess talked me down... She's like that.

The Battle for Freedom

Beauty and grace
A Healer: shining
Shimmering Moonlight
Come to life
A spiraled pearl, sharp at the tip
Protrudes from his brow
He battles with hoof and horn
His thick, glowing mane a banner
His head held high and proud
But not vain
Never vain
Silver mist
About his golden hooves
But iron shackles bind his legs
For he is not free as would be right
The Unicorn

Terror and rage
A Destroyer: striking
Darkly glowing fear
Come to life
A row of spines, containing poison
Runs down his back
He battles with tooth, rage, and flame
His tail a whip
All scales and deadly talons
Deep crimson
The color of blood
Golden flames
Licking his scales
The magic chains of the shackles
Bound to the cold stone of his cave
The Dragon

The battle begins:
The silver one leaps forward
A column of golden flame
Shoots out to meet him
And narrowly misses its mark
Crimson scales glitter fiercely
A spiraled pearl shines with inner light
The crimson tail whips around
Silver grace leaps it
But fear causes a stumble
A second spurt of flame
Bursts out toward the stumbling figure
But again is dodged.
A roar of rage
Shatters thought
And the tail whips again
Misses again
The unicorn leaps once more
Nearly meets his mark
But the enormous head of the dragon
Meets ground in front of him
Teeth snapping
Flame licking the air
Smoke clouds his sight
He dances away
On the tips of his hooves
Wheezing and spluttering
Then the smoke clears
He leaps forward yet again
Narrowly dodges the tail's third strike
And stumbles
The ground is carpeted with flame
The dragon roars again
The unicorn leaps up
Through the golden fire
And strikes
A metallic scream of rage
Splits the air
And the dragon falls, slain

A voice
Deep and metallic as church bells
Meets the unicorn's ears
As his shackles break and fall
A silver slave
Listens as the heavy breathing slows, becomes pained…
Listens one last time to the voice of his mistress:

“Mourn for me little one…
I would have mourned for you.”

Silence fills the cavern…
The slow rhythm of pained breath ceases.

The unicorn emerges into daylight
The first his deep eyes
Have met in an eternity
The shackles that once held his legs
To lie forever in the cave
He sighs for freedom
Dropping to his silver knees
He hangs his head, mane spilling onto the grass
And mourns

Poem by [Zaran's Song]

Comments from the Author: I did this last year in Math. I was bored, what can I say? I'm not sure I like it very much... but I liked the idea behind it. People told me it was depressing. I don't think it is. I think that it's defiance fulfilled and regretted. I've never much liked suicide poems, so I refuse to write them... this is as close as I get to that sort of thing, I guess. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it, because I did.

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2003-06-18 [jdwoodschild]: Well, I like my poem. It's short (for me), sweet, and simple. Haikus are Japinese poems where the first line is 5 syllables, the next is 7, and the last is 5 again. I did this in my first stanza, and then every one after that, i added another sylable!

2003-08-13 [Sundrop]: I had fun counting the syllables and seeing if my answers matched the numbers! of my brothers once told me that some Japanese computer have haikus that pop up for error messages and he showed me a list of them from a web page...just a thought. :)

2004-03-03 [Schob]: if anyone here has or would be willing to write a bit of celtic poetry and then share it with the herald for the up coming issue i would realy realy realy apreciate it ^^!!!! and if you do i thank you for letting us see your wonderful work and a bit of your heart and soul as well

2004-05-22 [Konobi]: These were all wonderful poems and I'd definitly like to see more!!!

2004-07-02 [Kaimee]: Incase anyones interested, the Town Herald Poetry Corner is open again and looking for poetry for our next issue :)

2006-05-30 [Linderel]: This wiki has been included in the listing of Poetry communities... Just to let you know. :)

2006-07-03 [Linderel]: Hear, hear! Springing forth with a challenge, the admins at Solemn Lines have decided to bring all poetry communities of Elftown together in a tournament of skill. During July, members of each community that answers our call will choose a representative among themselves - the procedure for that will be up to you, but make sure that come August, you're all ready to roll and cheer your champion on. Get ready, ladies and gentlemen, for the World Cup of Poetry, hosted by Solemn Lines!

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