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2009-08-28 18:17:51
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Visual poetry. I didn't want this poem to just be written, I wanted to have fun with it - that could almost be a pun. Anyway, this was inspired by The Weaver of Words and a conversation on msn with a friend. The first line has been in my head for ages and I finally found a place for it.

The background is just me playing with textures and sky stock. I didn't want anything too flashy, which is why I didn't make any of it the main focus. I left that to the words. I think it worked quite well.

If you like the poem you might want to visit Chimes' Poetry. Shameless self-advertisement, I know, but it's my wiki. I can do what I want. :P *evil laughter*


Made by moi.

There's one that I don't know... It could be but I'm not sure

/[Chimes], Chimes' Manipulations

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