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2006-12-01 16:56:41
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What is workshoping, well it is called a few different things. Peer editing, peer revision, peer groups... well, it seems as though most of it has peer in it. Mostly though, workshoping is the getting together of poets and fiction writers to help each other with our writing. in real life, it would generally go that the writer would read it, then the others would offer there thoughts and opinions to them, each having a copy of the work. On line, i hope to use the forum based site that [Elysian] has crafted for us. We will take turns in posting a poem and then having others critique it.


not to many in fact.

For the Writer. You are a fly on the wall as we discuss your poem. You do not respond in defense of a comment nor do you answer questions. In the end, when we have concluded that the workshop is done, you will be given a chance to respond. Oh, and you do not have to keep any suggestions, no matter from who. It is your poem, and we are merely the helpers.

Reviewers. Be constructive. while comments like "thats great" and "i love it" are good ego boosts, they do not indeed help. "i love it because..." is much better. Critique does not have to be all bad, but it should not be all good. the structure, development, ideas, the feel, anything. mechanics and grammar are important, but it is our job to look more into it. Be truthful, but do not be unnecessary. telling somebody that their poem is shit is not a good way to go, though it may be appropriate to suggest them to scrap it.

any who, i suppose that is mostly it.

i will have the workshop site posted at the top and bottom of this wiki, and hope you enjoy and learn. every once and a while i may post a few things on it that may be of the educational verity.

Hope to see you there

The Half-Mad Poet

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