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Andromeda Victoria- Young scientist and Listener sent to Planet Arjuna on a mission to research the planet and the possibility of a human genesis to Arjuna. First human to contact the Earth spirit. Discovered the Murmur.

Doctor Simon- Andromeda's colleague, love interest and long-time best friend. Accompanies her on the frigate to Arjuna, the Amadeus.

Doctor Rosalia- The frigate's lead medical doctor, as well as an Accepted (survivor of the Murmur) and Andromeda's female rival on the Amadeus.

The Collective- The combined consciousness of every organism on Earth.

The Murmur- A deadly parasitic protozoan from Arjuna which nests in the human brain, usually killing its host. However, in some cases, humans survive. These humans are called the Accepted- referring to two things: that the organism accepted the human as worthy to live, and that the host's body accepted the Murmur as part of it's system.

The Silent- Humans that do not have the ability to tap into the Collective.

Listeners- Humans with the ability to tap into the Collective.

This book was inspired by my favorite authors, Orson Scott Card and Octavia E. Butler. I included a lot of Buddhist and Jainist philosophies as well. The Collective was based on Lovelock's Gaea Hypothesis. Enjoy!

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