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2008-09-15 22:29:29
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Writer's Block

As every writer knows, coming up with good ideas can somtimes be a big problem. So what i have done is started the Writer's block forum. Join it and hopefully some one will be able to help you with an idea. All they ask in return is help on their problems. Please only ask and answer problems to do with writing on the forum but feel free to use the wiki for mindless bable.

Click here to join the foum: <joinforum:1393:HELP> (Writer's Block)

Or list problems on this wiki:
Pending Problems
Or you might find your solution at:
Possible names

1) [ArchangelGabriel] (Founder)
2) [Black Adder]
3) [Coldfire1]
4) [JhaefDane]
5) [Lord Asriel]
6) [*SilverCat*]
7) [Anime Addiction]
8) [Darth Wobble]
9) [Phlea]
11) [nokaredes]
12) [Shyest]
13) [Duhe Rahn]
14) [sequeena_rae]
15) [UmiNoTenshi]
16) [Fable=Maker]
17) [*Your Beautiful Nightmare*]
18) [*Night_Shade*]
19) [Guardian]
20. [Barb-wired Heart]




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2005-05-27 [ArchangelGabriel]: Maybe its just so dark that you won't let us know its there...

2005-05-28 [*SilverCat*]: Could be

2005-10-05 [iippo]: everybody. The "Write a Novel in One Month and Realise how absolutely Brilliantly fun it is to be under such deadline pressure. :P Check out the page, especially read the FAQ.

2005-10-05 [ArchangelGabriel]: Sounds like fun. I'll try it when i'm under less school pressure.

2005-10-06 [iippo]: It happens only in November. Every year, November you panicpanicpanic!

2005-10-06 [ArchangelGabriel]: alright, i'll check it out...

2006-08-08 [whiteashfire]: just trouble starting, and sometimes ending,

2006-08-27 [*Your Beautiful Nightmare*]: hello i need help writing something for a RP linkshell and i have to describe my character and all and i dont know how to start

2006-08-27 [iippo]: There's a really helpful guide here in ET (don't let the name scare you off) Role Playing for Dummies, especially the third chapter there is all about making a character. :)

2006-08-27 [*Your Beautiful Nightmare*]: ok thank you so much

2008-08-12 [Black Adder]: Anyone still watching this?

2008-08-12 [iippo]: Oui. :3

2008-08-12 [Black Adder]: You still write?

2008-08-13 [iippo]: Yes, but more academically/non-fiction these days, rather than creatively. Both because of time-restraints as well as a shifting interest towards non-fiction.

How bout yourself?

2008-08-16 [Black Adder]: I don't. Not anymore. I'm more interested in learning at the moment.
Currently I'm learning about ships, cannons etc in the "Golden Age of Sail"

2008-08-19 [iippo]: Cool. I love all things sailing related. I'm still dreaming of saving up money (and time) and going for Sail Training or taking part in tall ships' races (in those, 50% of the crew has to be young people/newbs who have never sailed before) or something. They do those in almost every country and they have TSR every year. It's worth Googling. :3

2008-08-25 [Black Adder]: Ha ha maybe!
I think it would be an amazing gap year to sail round the world in a sloop or brig!

2008-08-25 [iippo]: Totally. And even when I can't, I try to keep up when others do. There's a schooner called Helena that is used for a lot of sail training, and the paper in my town is really good at keeping track of their travels. Last month I think it was, they sailed to Iceland or something like that, northy. :)

What is "Golden Age of Sail" by the way? (A book/program/game/something else...?)

2008-08-28 [Black Adder]: Nice! I'd love to do that! And its a historic period in time. When Sailing ships where the main method of transport was the sailing vessel. Look it up on Wikipedia

2008-08-28 [iippo]: Ah, you mean the actual Golden Age of Sail, not something else called that, duh *slaps self on the forehead* xD

2008-09-01 [Black Adder]: =]
Its ok. How are you?

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