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Writers' Review & Critique

Under construction and open for suggestions and assistance from other Elftown writers!</center>


On this wiki there will be the works that are under current review and critique. Just as an estimated guess, up to three written works can be under review and critiquing at one time. If we should do less at a time or if we can do more at a time, adjustments can be easily made. We can see how it goes. Then we can take it from there. Also, if you haven't read my introductory paragraphs on the main page of Writers Rock!, please do. Thank you!

Written works that are one hundred lines or less can be placed on this page below, under "Works Under Review". Otherwise, please just place the link to your written work instead. Simply follow the example given. So let's get started, shall we? [This part is subject to change in the future to possibly just ask for 'all' links].

Welcome, everyone!


Works Under Review:

Username: [Artsieladie]
Title (in bold text): Title here
Written piece here or the link to: This Link Is Not Real
(Please see the highlighted instructions above.)
Please separate your works with the <hr> tag.

Username: [Alexi Ice]
Title: The last tears shed
Written piece or link: The last tears shed- back story
Length: Six chapters
Status: In-progress

Username: [Alexi Ice]
Title: An insignificant truth
Written piece or link: An insignificant truth
Length: One-shot
Status: Completed

Written piece or link:


Just a gentle reminder:

Please keep in mind that this page is for 'constructive criticism' and commentaries.

§ 1 - Submitting: If you are a submitter here, then this means you are open to and for critique, which can be a little unsettling, so please keep this in mind before you submit your work on this page. If you feel you aren't prepared for both positive and negative comments, you might want to reconsider submitting to this wiki until a later time maybe, when you feel you are. We aren't always ready for criticism of our works, so this is perfectly understandable. If you would like to just comment on other writers' works, this is fine, too.

§ 2 - Critiquing: Please make your commentaries 'about the work', not the writer. Although we want honest views, please keep in mind that egos and emotions can enter into play. The best way perhaps to put this is, treat others how you would like to be treated. Be respectful of each other's feelings and egos. Also remember too, that the creator and the critic will not always agree with one another. It's not necessary for the goal here is to 'offer' help to each other. There's no rule that the writer must agree or the critic.

If anyone would like to use 'gold stars', they can be found here:</i>

*Artsie's* Buttons - Gold Stars.


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2008-11-08 [Alexi Ice]: Ok! I am the first person to add a link. I feel special, but I would feel better when I start getting reveiws. Lol.

*Waves at Artsie* This is a really cool idea! I love it, naturally!

2008-11-08 [Artsieladie]: Ooh! The first brave one! hehe *hugs* Now we just need to get more here to review your work, besides me-self. :)

I also made gold stars that can be used here, if anyone would like on *Artsie's* Buttons - Gold Stars. :D

2008-11-08 [Alexi Ice]: Awesome! And I am definatly taking a risk, but I am honestly proud of this story and would love feedback ^^' I am only up to chapter six at the moment though, but I am working.

Can I link this place to my house?

2008-11-25 [Alexi Ice]: I added a couple of sections, so people would know what they were getting into before they started reading.

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