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On one of the seediest areas of New York, by an old, derelict industrial park is an abandoned underpass which at one point might have served the traffic coming from the city to work at the nearby factories. Now, the entire area has fallen into disrepair, the warehouses have become havens for junkies, drug dealers and criminals, and only the desperate huddle under the high way to try to remain warm. This particular underpass seems more desolate than the rest, littered with garbage, there seem to be fresh tire tracks on the ground, something odd for this area of town.

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2012-08-23 [Lepellier]: Arg, sorry guys. My computer was having issues posting last night...

2012-08-23 [The Past]: Ebil ebil thing

2012-08-24 [Figgy]: Ugh, guys, I'm sorry, I'm on vacation this week and weekend and I don't know if/when I'll be able to get to posting. I'll post as soon as I'm available to.

2012-08-24 [The Past]: Enjoy your time :)

2012-08-25 [Duredhel]: Sorry guys, work was kicking my ass this week, I post now :>

2012-08-25 [Duredhel]: ... or not XD, we're missing Mihir and Rook.

2012-08-25 [Flisky]: Sorry. Work + still sick = unmotivation. I'll post quick.

2012-08-25 [Figgy]: I'll try to post tonight guys. Beach waters are exhausting >_>

2012-08-26 [XxTsomexX]: Well, if I read that post correctly, Logan is gonna be one pissed off mutant if he gets loose.

2012-08-26 [Figgy]: *poke to whoever's turn it is* >_>

2012-08-26 [The Past]: Yes, yes, got bit of a time difference you know ;)

2012-08-27 [Figgy]: I want to post but new place has no internetz 8<
I'll go to the school maybe tonight >_>

2012-08-28 [Figgy]: *figured out her phone's internet works just fine for her laptop*


2012-08-29 [Figgy]: ...... *poke*


2012-08-29 [Duredhel]: As soon as everyone is on I GM post you lot at the mansion.

2012-08-29 [Flisky]: I'm waiting for the others because rightfully Mihir should be the last in the car.

2012-08-29 [The Past]: Short update is short :B

2012-08-29 [Figgy]: *stabs Lep*

2012-08-29 [The Past]: Must fight the urge to quote meme line.... e.e

2012-08-30 [Figgy]: I'd really like to get this mission over with, so, Lep, I'm probably gonna commandeer Nathan >_>

2012-08-30 [Lepellier]: That was more than fine by me. Internet has been janky, and I have Guild Wars 2 to be addicted to now...

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