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The back alley of "The Red Pineapple" is a typical city alley, flanked by two buildings, one of which is the infamous strip club. Near the entrance to the alley are several trash cans, a few with their contents spilled onto the sidewalk. This was Vlad's favorite strip club at some point, and some of the wilder people in the mansion know about it all too well. Further in one can see a grate from which hot steam emanates onto the surface, fogging up the front of the back door of the bar. There is little need for security in the back alley, since there are no windows and the door is rather sturdy. To go into the club without having to show an ID or pay an entrance fee, one would have to learn how to walk through walls.

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Monday, May 25th

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X-Men Red Pineapple

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2011-04-14 [Ms. Steel]: Groin assault seems a little like overkill.

2011-04-14 [Figgy]: He can handle it.

2011-04-14 [Duredhel]: What's with you and my nads, tiff? >__<

2011-04-14 [Figgy]: Dude, you're the one who told me that they taste like candy.

You know how much I like candy.

2011-04-14 [Duredhel]: I never told you what they tasted like >,< you figured that out all on your own.

2011-04-15 [Figgy]: Alright, you win this time JD -_- But I'll get you back. I have two rows of omnivorous teeth and your junk is pretty sensitive >:3

Oh, Ixie, when do you plan on having Kyle pop up, exactly? I had Shana buy him a milkshake, too, to entice him XD

2011-04-15 [Ms. Steel]: I can have in come in now, or whenever you'd like.

2011-04-15 [Figgy]: It's whenever you want. :3

2011-04-15 [Roma]: Ahahahaha

2011-04-17 [Duredhel]: Whose turn is it? :O

2011-04-17 [Roma]: This mission has followed a pleasant flow of Vlad, Daniela, Valerie, Shana.

I think that makes it [Ms. Steel]'s.

2011-04-18 [Ms. Steel]: I was gone all weekend and will post later today. :-)

2011-04-18 [Figgy]: :D

2011-04-19 [Figgy]: Whose turn is it now? :O

2011-04-19 [Roma]: Mine. Tomorrow xD

2011-04-19 [Figgy]: >:(

2011-04-19 [Roma]: Trust me, after the 5 beers, you wouldn't have wanted me to post.

2011-04-19 [Ms. Steel]: Maybe it would have been an AWEsome post. heh heh heh.

2011-04-19 [Roma]: Haha, well you might have been in awe... but not at my greatness.

2011-04-20 [Figgy]: Whose turn? T_T

2011-04-20 [Roma]: Vlad, Kyle, Daniela, Valerie, Shana. We're on Valerie.

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