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The back alley of "The Red Pineapple" is a typical city alley, flanked by two buildings, one of which is the infamous strip club. Near the entrance to the alley are several trash cans, a few with their contents spilled onto the sidewalk. This was Vlad's favorite strip club at some point, and some of the wilder people in the mansion know about it all too well. Further in one can see a grate from which hot steam emanates onto the surface, fogging up the front of the back door of the bar. There is little need for security in the back alley, since there are no windows and the door is rather sturdy. To go into the club without having to show an ID or pay an entrance fee, one would have to learn how to walk through walls.

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2010-08-07 [Veltzeh]: Sure I can, but not when it tries to happen almost all the freaking time! I could say the same thing about you.
And how to humiliate him? :P

2010-08-07 [Duredhel]: Hahah XD, that's called denial, veltz, my characters get their butts kicked half the time (Shade had to go to the infirmary because of White and had to use an umbrella to go to the pool party >__>... Light also got him good, tho its was kind of private...). In any case its important to differentiate between the character's personality and ego and your own.

As for humiliating Shade... I know a perfect way to humiliate him and i'll tell you if you stop the dillydallying and just help get the plot going, don't want to spend a whole week sitting in the back alley waiting for Kaider to stop weeping. Took me a whole 4 seconds to think it up, just turn on the car lights as Shade is about to cross his own portal, he'll crash into the wall.

2010-08-08 [Veltzeh]: I disagree, or should I say deny? :P But either way, I think the difference is that you controlled those situations: you knew what was going to happen or had very simple choices and could expect it and react to them. For me it's just gone "wrong", I have no idea why and it's just damned frustrating. Or it could be as simple as us just thinking completely differently about this stuff.
Also, the attitude you seem to have towards me playing Kaider according to eir personality (how I see it, I don't know what you see) and the way you belittle em even in the comments inspires just more conflict. Instead of telling me exactly what to fix and why, you just say I play "wrong" and react to my "wrong" posts, which doesn't help at all. What I suspect would be pretty helpful is if you suggested how to play Kaider according to YOUR theories and explain how it would work and what the thought process would be, because I just don't understand. But I guess that would be a lot of work...

2010-08-08 [Duredhel]: Ok... 6 years of trying is long enough >o<

Really not trying to antagonize you mate, but we've had this discussion many times before. Regarding the "control" I had on these situations, I was as subject to what the other people did with their characters and the GM as you are now. I guess the main difference is that I didn't mind the fact I didnt know exactly what was gonna happen and wouldn't let it keep me from enjoying the game. I guess the only thing I can say is really this; Its better to be flexible than to be right.

Let's just stop dwelling on this and move along with the RP.

2010-08-08 [Veltzeh]: It'll just keep coming up again and again if we don't solve this issue, you know. -_-

2010-08-09 [Duredhel]: :3 *pets*

2010-08-09 [The Past]: Does Zane realise it's actually Flame? O.o since shes all image inducey

2010-08-09 [Araglas]: I should fix that, lol I didn't read that

2010-08-09 [The Past]: It ok :B I confoose by making her be covered hehe

2010-08-09 [Veltzeh]: Okay, if I could just suggest for something that Xavier could say to Kaider... like that he was surprised and definitely didn't recommend that they go to a strip club, but if most of the others really wanted to go there, it would be all right, and that they should leave if anyone got too uncomfortable. (Kaider won't.) Would that be okay?

2010-08-09 [Duredhel]: I think Figgs already had something along those lines in mind :3

2010-08-26 [Roma]: LOL - its Vlad's favorite spot. Love it.

2010-08-31 [The Past]: Roma! You back for good now?! :D

2010-08-31 [Roma]: Well I've got a reliable way into town - legs and trash bags to keep my stuff dry when I swim the Rio. I can get into town twice a week probably so Figgs said it was ok if I brought them back! I hope Flame has been behaving herself...Vlad likes her lots.

2010-09-01 [The Past]: Coolies :D even if you have to hike to get the net hehe.

And we will see with what happens inside the bar first to see if she has/will be XD

2010-09-03 [Roma]: damn, gotta scoot. it's been nice!

2010-09-03 [Ms. Steel]: Until next time! :-D

2010-09-04 [Roma]: Tis really up to you and the research you've done whether or not the stuff is going to start eating away Vlad's clothes, [Ms. Steel] dear

2010-09-05 [Ms. Steel]: Honestly, it'll probably irritate/rash-up his skin more than anything at the moment. It's not a strong concentration. Vlad might notice some holeage after removing or washing the pants later, though. :-)

2010-09-05 [Ms. Steel]: I should probably put this out there as general information: Kyle doesn't always smell, and the odor produced by the acid is fairly fleeting, at least in an outdoor setting like this, because it does evaporate quickly. That's why it can be so dangerous as an eye and throat irritant. :-)

2010-09-06 [Priest Kel]: Ah, ok then. I shall change my post

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