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As it is mainly a through-way for traffic, the Center Hall is an open area, but it is nonetheless an elegant room in its simplicity, with hardwood floors adorned by a large, ornate, hand-knotted Persian area rug; portraits of what look to be, judging by their outdated clothing and hair styles, long-deceased ancestors; and the same dark-stained wooden theme in the room's molding seen in the rest of the upper house. With access to the X-Men West 1st, the X-Men East 1st and the X-Men Foyer, there is frequently someone either coming or going via this particular area more often than not. From this location, one can enter the X-Men Waiting Room to visit Professor Xavier in his office, though there is also a door to his personal chamber, X-Men Xavier's Room. Two elevators are at the disposal of anyone wishing to forgo use of the stairs to reach the upper levels of the building, though it is necessary to use them to reach the amenities of the lower levels.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Alexis leaned against the wall in a highly drunken stupor. Her elastic body couldn't hold the alcohol a bit. She leaned against the wall as her head bobbed, thoughts running through her head. The day was over whelming, She tried to focus on anyone in the hall but it spun like a windmill, unused to the poison of the beer.

Arya grabbed Alexis's elbow as she nearly fell against the wall, unsure if she would be able to keep her feet. "Dang, you're a lightweight." She giggled. Arya was certainly buzzed, but Alexis was gone.

"Well exxxxxsssscuse me mish i has bones." Alexis bumbled out as she tried to steady and look at the stairs in the distance at the same time. "Shome of ussss kind of grew up in isolation." SHe paused for a econd before she responded in a much younger sounding voice. "Lexi is s-sus-sorry that wash mean." Her skin quivered as if it was trying to retain its shape.

Arya laughed at her, "You are so far gone right now, it's funny. Let's get you somewhere to sit down, huh?" She suggested, grinning.

"I dun wanna, I wanna see sissy." With that Alexis Shifted to a ball and did her best to try and bounce as she would normally,however besides a few miserable totterings didnt really go anywhere before unfolding back to how she was.

Arya laughed again, she got rather giggly when she was buzzed, "Alright, so where is your sister?" She asked.

"I dunno, shesh a bit of a loner, nots like me, and stays in her room alot. But she can poofs and be anywhere... so i dunno." Alexis giggled a bit as she leaned her head against Arya. The whole mansion was spinning. Like a switch though tears started to well up in her eyes as her body shivered slightly, "But what... what if we can find her?!?!?"

Wow, this girl was a bit of a bi-polar drunk, Arya thought to herself, "Oh we'll find her." She assured Alexis, "It's just a question of how long it will take. Why don't we start with her room, since you say she spends a lot of time there?"

"Next to mine... downs the halls a bits." Alexis leaned onto her friend a bit, she seemed to melt over her some as she started to lose control of her form. "Your funs, you know that?"

"Well, thank you." Arya laughed a bit, "But now I need to know which hall on which floor."

"Ummm i dunn remember?" Alexis seemed to stop for a moment in her own confusion, almost reverting back to lexi as her form shivered. "How bout ice cream? I want somes Ice cream. Do you wants some ish cream?" She asked with almost a jerk, her eyes full on puppy dog having completely forgotten about her sister.

Arya gave a fuller laugh this time, "Alright then." She said, "Where is the kitchen? I only got here today."

"Ummmm.... dat way." Alexis smiled goofily and pointed with her now noodle like arm. It was almost comical how it would have pointed off to the kitchen if it didnt collapse and coil on the floor like wet rope. "Woops."

Arya blinked a moment, then laughed, shaking her head as she all but drug the limp girl toward X-Men West 1st, "That's so weird." She chuckled.

'S'mores, who wants to make s'mores!?' Valerie could be heard saying as the doors of the elevator opened to reveal she, Faro, Nadine and Mark inside. It was quite likely that, unless anyone stopped her, that Val spoke such nonsense the entire ride down from the third floor, hoping to find a non-offensive subject.

Faro had to admire Val's determination. "Now you're talking," she said, following her out of the lift. "Out of all of the sins I've touched on today, I somehow missed out on gooey sweetness." She hoped Rage was around in the next week, and free, so that she could take advantage of some dancing workouts with her - she'd need to burn off a few calories.

"I like s'mores." Nadine chimed in quietly as she followed the two older girls off of the elevator. She was just happy to be tagging along with them, hoping she could hang out with the older kids, as any young teen would, and of course, that a certain Mr. Chastain would be there too.

"Animal biproduct and condensed sugar with melted coacoa mixture and cinnamon crackers. I know of smores but i cannot say i have ever had them." Mark muesed as he rolled along aide the group after leaving the elevator.

'There could be worse things, 'Valerie commented to Faro with a grin and a waggle of her eyebrows; she softened her expression when she glanced at Nadine, glad that the quiet young lady seemed to be happy to tag along. 'You've, like, never had a s'more!?' Val practically squeaked in indignance at Mark, and choosing to ignore all the weird other stuff he said as she headed into X-Men West 1st.

As Faro followed Val to X-Men West 1st, she let out a laugh. "Just don't list off all the ingredients in my morning cereal, I might cry at the reality of all the chemicals pumped in."

Animal bi-product? Nadine wondered, momentarily baffled by Mark's description of s'mores. She gave the wheelchair bound boy an incredulous expression from over her shoulder, wondering why he talked like that, then thinking, as she followed along with the group, if he was also autistic and feeling bad for the look she'd given him. Valerie and Faro seemed to take his strange way of talking in stride though so Nadine stayed quiet as they moved into the X-Men West 1st.

X-Men Foyer
X-Men West 1st
X-Men East 1st
X-Men Xavier's Room
X-Men Waiting Room
X-Men Complex 2nd (via elevator)
X-Men Complex South (via elevator)
X-Men Basement (via elevator)
X-Men Center 2nd (via elevator)
X-Men Center 3rd (via elevator)

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2014-07-31 [Flisky]: I think the only thing that would really hit Addy hard would be revoking her team leader status. But then she might revert to nasty, feral Addy again.

2015-01-30 [CuteCommander]: Let's see if anyone finds Faro there :P

2015-02-01 [Figgy]: If you guys wanna continue, lemme know.

2015-02-01 [Ms. Steel]: I think it would be funny to play the drunken Faro wrangling scene out, but see what CC says :-)

2015-02-01 [Figgy]: Yarp, totally fine by me.

2015-02-01 [CuteCommander]: Could be fun, RPing drunk is hard but definitely a laugh

2015-02-01 [Figgy]: Should I throw up the recent posts? :o

2015-02-01 [Ms. Steel]: ha ha. We don't have to if you don't wanna, CC. Could just have them licking their wounds somewhere, and maybe Faro has sobered-up some, unless you're tired of playing her at the moment.

2015-02-01 [CuteCommander]: That would work, Ix

2015-02-01 [Ms. Steel]: SLASH if you're tired of the Val-Faro combo, I also won't be offended.

2015-02-02 [CuteCommander]: No, it's been good and had some fun times! Val might have a bite mark on her bum now though :P

2015-02-02 [Ms. Steel]: Yeah, I figured there might be some damage done. ;-) Where do you want to put them?

2015-02-03 [twitchboy]: Can i just drop Lexi in here with not entry from another room for her little thing?

2015-02-03 [Figgy]: Yeah. Anyone can start where they want.

2015-02-03 [CuteCommander]: Shall we put Faro and Val in the kitchen on 3rd?

2015-02-03 [Ms. Steel]: Sure!!

2015-03-24 [~Valkyrie~]: *poke*

2015-03-27 [twitchboy]: waiting on a flisky post

2015-03-27 [~Valkyrie~]: ohhh, ok

2015-06-22 [Ms. Steel]: Twitch?

2015-06-28 [twitchboy]: nothing more to add go on to the west hall mark will follow

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