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The long hall leads to the male students' dorms. Staircases down to the X-Men Foyer hall are on the far southern side, along with a pair of elevators leading to the various floors. To the left of the hall is the X-Men Kitchen 2nd, which is a frequent destination to many students, along with the X-Men West 2nd hall, where the dorms from 201 to 208 are held. On the right side is the X-Men Music Room, where the various instruments played by the students can often be heard, and the X-Men East 2nd, where the remaining dorms 209 to 216 can be found. At the top of the hall is a set of stairs leading up to the X-Men Center 3rd and the female dorms.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Ez appeared in the room, arriving from X-men Center 3rd via neither stairs nor elevator, slowly moving downward through the ceiling above, and, after clearing the ceiling, dropping in free fall until she was "standing" about a foot above floor level. She swung her arms out, as if for balance, and giggled. "Hello!" she called out, grinning in a slightly feral manner. "Is anybody here?"

Danger seemed to take a bit of time to reply to Echo to the point Echo was starting to feel self conscious just standing there. Fortunately for him, he couldn't tell Ez could see him as she had dropped down behind him. "Yes?" replied simply the female AI, her voiced echoing lightly around the hallway. Before Echo could answer, though, he heard a female voice behind him. With amost cat-like reflexes, the young man turned around and did a small half jump, increasing the distance between him and Ez. He ended up on one knee on the floor, his face deadly serious and he had slipped his hand behind his back, where it grasped the strange plastic looking block he carried. "W-..what.. I mean.. who are you?" he asked simply as his expression softened a bit and began to stand back up.

Ez spun around in a gleeful circle. "Oh! Hello!" her smile morphed from feral to friendly, and her long magenta hair, styled in a tall ponytail, whipped around. Appearing to regain her balance, Ez slowly lowered, her feet sinking about a half inch into the floor. "I am a me! My name is Lucretia Priscilla Maria Esmeralda the Third. Call me Ez!" Ez thrust her hand towards the boy and then looked at her hand and did a double take. "Oh! Yes. I am a ghost! Oh, um, I mean not really, but I'm not quite solid right now, sorry, otherwise, I'd, you know, shake hands or something. What's your name?" She cocked her head to one side, still smiling, but looking a bit unsure of herself.

Rook came downstairs and saw them, more people. He didn't even stop to tell Gavin where he was going before he vanished down the X-Men East 2nd hall, making a beeline for his room.

Luckily, Gavin was still wary of Rook's mood, so instead of continuing to walk and talk--assuming that the smaller boy would follow and listen--he actually noticed the flighty reaction and sprinted after him to X-Men East 2nd.

Echo didn't really seem to notice, or care much about Gavin and Rook as they went past behind him. He had deemed them non-threatening enough at the time and instead spoke to the floating, ghostly girl in front of him. "Ah... Ez IS easier." replied the young man, cocking his head a bit and focusing his violet eyes on her. "My name is Echo. I take it you're a mutant then, if not a ghost?" he added before asking a question in turn. "Uhm.. is this some sort of astral projection?" he asked. He had some experience with astral projections, in fact, his own power worked somewhat similarly, as a projection of psychic power. The ability also allowed his constructs to interact with astral projections, but this felt... different.

Ez craned her neck around, watching the two people pass. "Hi Echo! It's nice to meet you." Ez continued peering around curiously. "I'm not really a ghost, I'm just ghost-ing," she emphasized, turning the noun into a verb. "And I am a mutant. This is my ability, though I consider it more of an instability," she explained, snickering at her own bad joke. "If you don't mind, can you turn around, or cover your eyes, or something, please, Echo?"

"Uhm.. Nice to meet you too... You ability, you say?" replied Echo as he looked at the semi translucent girl up and down, stroking his chin as if in deep contemplation. "Ghosting, so can you only be een and speak or can you... move stuff?" he replied, he didn't remember this girl from his time, so she was either dead by then or maybe his arrival had began to change things within this timeline. "Cover my eyes?" he asked, not too sure. "Why would I expose myself like that?" he added, crossing his arms now and stubbornly standing his ground. Still, he was within the mansion and in plain sight of Danger. If there was a safe place in a world filled with mutants and fanatics, this was it. With a sigh, he continued "Just.. make it quick." before finally closing and covering his eyes, wondering why the girl had requested it of him.

Walking in on the two, Flame raised a brow at the situation, keen to get to Xavier's office to hopefully find Shana there, but also curious to what was going on. They seemed a bit old for hide 'n seek, "Should I even ask?" Her eyes shifting from Echo to the girl she didn't recognize.

Ez looked over her shoulder to glance at the other person now in the room. "Um, hi," she greeted the other girl, as she began to blush. "Sorry, Echo, I can't solidify yet. You can open your eyes and I can try again later, unless you know somewhere I can hide from everyone."

Lire walked into the hallway and blinked when she noticed the stranger's in front of her. 2 girls and a guy, one of the girls looked vaguely familiar... strange since she was covered in scales. Normally the feeling would've made her pause and maybe try to talk to the girl but the alcohol was really hitting her hard and she was feeling particularly single minded in her quest to find either enough drinks to revive the fun she'd been having or her motorcycle so she could go home.

"Hello," Flame offered back before questioning Echo, "Have you seen Shana?" Since he arrived, the boy seemed more than willing to more or less do as Flame said. It was a little strange, yet also nice not to have to explain or get back chat like with some of the other teens. Casting a glance towards Lire's entrance, Flame felt a strong pang of guilt over the fact she had been too god damn busy to notice the girl that she had gone missing, had suffered enough of an injury to lose memories. And after she promised to protect Lire too. What kind of leader was she... "Hey, how you doing?" Flame wouldn't have too much of a problem with Lire being drunk, provided it didn't encourage any of the underage kids to try it, however, she would stop the girl from driving if she caught onto Lire's thoughts. That was just plain stupid.

Ez smiled at the girl asking questions to Echo, and asked her, "Who's Shana? What does Shana look like? I'm Lucretia Priscilla Maria Esmeralda the Third, but you can call me Ez! I just got here and have only met Echo, but I've seen some other people passing by. Who are you?"

Lire blinked as Flame spoke to her and, while normally the scaled girl's expression would make her curious, Lire was still intoxicated and the remnants of her nightmares were still clouding her mind. "Do you know where René is?" She asked suddenly after Ez had finished introducing herself.

Ez looked at the two women, turning to the one who had spoken most recently, "Who, me? I don't know where anyone is. Or really WHO anyone is. Both, really, where or who. I just got here! Are... are you okay?"

X-Men Foyer (via stairs)
X-Men Center 1st (via elevator)
X-Men Center 3rd (via stairs, elevator)
X-Men Complex 2nd (via elevator)
X-Men Complex South (via elevator)
X-Men Basement (via elevator)
X-Men Kitchen 2nd
X-Men Music Room
X-Men West 2nd
X-Men East 2nd

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Stepping out of the elevator, Shawn quickly peeked around the hallway before heading over to the doorway through to X-Men East 2nd.

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