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The long hall leads to the female students' dorms. The southern edge of the hall is home to a pair of elevators leading to the various floors. To the left is the X-Men Kitchen 3rd, which is a frequent destination to many students, along with the X-Men West 3rd hall, where the dorms from 301 to 308 are held. On the right side is the X-Men Lounge, where the students can relax and hang out, and the X-Men East 3rd, where the remaining dorms 309 to 316 can be found. At the top of the hall is a set of stairs leading down to the X-Men Center 2nd and male dorms as well as a set of stairs leading up to the mansion roof.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Coming down the stairs from the roof, Rook's steps were silent despite his speed of descent. He paused at the bottom stair to look upwards before stepping down one last time and waiting to the side for Gavin to appear.

It was only a second before the clicking of Gavin's talons could be heard. Skipping every other stair, the bird-boy was quickly beside Rook, giving him a smile like nothing happened. "Sooooo, pretzels and lemonade for you, right?"

Nadine stepped into the center hall and paused when she saw the boys. "Oh... hey Rook." She said after a moments hesitation, a little caught off guard by the appearence of other people when she'd thought most people were in bed already. "Hi Gavin." She then added, realizing she'd left the feathered boy out in her initial greeting. Not sure what else to say, she offered them a nervous smile and awkward wave before heading into the X-Men Kitchen 3rd.

Watching as Nadine passed by, Rook didn't even wave. He was in an ill temper and nothing at the moment was going to help. Gavin's words sank in after a moment and he nodded, choosing to stare sullenly at the floor rather than look at anyone else. The sudden anger at the girl upstairs was unexpected and Rook wasn't sure what to do with it all. He didn't really get angry. That was more a Gavin thing.

Gavin absently waved a hand at Nadine when a thought crossed his mind. People. In the kitchen. Probably not a good idea. Maybe walking down the stairs to the cafeteria instead would help Rook cool down? "So what's your deal with chocolate, anyways?" The feathered teen turned towards the stairs to X-Men Center 2nd and walked in his usual confident stride--except this time he peeked over his shoulder to make sure Rook was following instead of just assuming he would.

Rook usually took the stairs, so unsurprisingly he went right for them. He secretly wanted to get to his room and raid his stash of non-dairy goodies he had hidden in his room. Gavin might not follow though. "I am allergic to milk," he said quietly, his accent becoming a little more pronounced since he wasn't focusing on enunciating like he usually did. Rook started down the stairs to X-Men Center 2nd without any more words.

"Really? Huh..." Gavin continued to X-Men Center 2nd, mentally crossing off dairy items from the list of goodies he wanted to push on introduce Rook to.

Leaving the hall that led to her room, Flame paused before she headed down the stairs, unsure if Shana would already be at Xavier's office working, or doing her own thing and was else where on the grounds, or out at town. Short of calling on Danger, and rather leaving that until needed, she headed down the stairs to X-Men Center 2nd.

Faro came out of the kitchen and headed for the elevator. She hit the call button, and when it arrived she lounged at the doorway with her foot against the gap where the doors slid out to prevent them from closing while she waited on the others.

'You maybe wanna take a dip in the lake?' Valerie asked as she slipped out of the doorway from the X-Men Kitchen 3rd, and after she located Faro by the elevators. Flashing her friend a smile, she sidled-up to brunette, her eyebrows raised questioningly as she awaited a response.

Mark zipped into the elevator with surprising speed in his chair. Thinking the question was for him Mark cast his gaze away for a bit to hide the disgust of the though of all the bacteria and microbes that could bne in that lake. "Im not the best swimmer, though my exo suit arms and legs are water proof."

Hurrying behind Mark so that she didn't keep Faro and Valerie waiting, Nadine scooted into the elevator just in time to catch their conversation about swimming in the lake. "I like swimming." She added quietly. Which was actually an understatement. Nadine loved to swim, she had been one of the best swimmers on her team and would still be doing it if not for the sudden manifestation of her powers while she was in the pool at school.

Faro was about to answer Valerie when the others came through. She couldn't help but smile at the mix-up. When the others were done she turned to Val. "I think I've had enough of swimming today," she said quietly. "But if it gets quieter I might join you for a dip." She stepped into the lift with the other two and waited for Valerie to join them.

Valerie cast Nadine a bright smile as she commented about liking swimming, and she did the same to Mark when he mentioned the constraints of his exo-something-or-other. 'Well, maybe we can pl--uhhh,' she started to say, but playing games ended poorly last time. 'Whatever you want to do!' the blonde then chirped to Faro, changing the topic suddenly and awkwardly, hoping to keep the other young woman's spirits up, although she did add within reason as a mental side-note. Slipping in with the others, Val jabbed at the down button, and the elevator descended to the X-Men Center 1st.

As the lift took them to X-Men Center 1st, Faro gave Val an appreciative smile.

X-Men Center 2nd (via stairs, elevator)
X-Men Center 1st (via elevator)
X-Men Complex 2nd (via elevator)
X-Men Complex South (via elevator)
X-Men Basement (via elevator)
X-Men Kitchen 3rd
X-Men Lounge
X-Men West 3rd
X-Men East 3rd
X-Men Mansion Roof

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2013-08-15 [Duredhel]: XD No prob. Is Olivio not going to his room then?

2013-08-15 [ancienteye]: He's still feeling a little awkward from Daniela's shyness. He's probably going to wait until one of the girls make a move to head to their own rooms. That's what I do when I feel shy.

2013-08-15 [Duredhel]: XD gotcha.

2013-08-15 [twitchboy]: gotta wait for olivio to head down the hall

2013-08-19 [Figgy]: .. why is there no Ulric post here?

2013-08-19 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: There is. At the very bottom.

2013-08-19 [Figgy]: I left that comment before there was one.

2013-12-01 [Figgy]: the fuck?

2013-12-01 [Flisky]: FIIIXED it. ^_^

2013-12-01 [~Valkyrie~]: Sorry, I'm posting from my tablet and sometimes it decides to jump to a random spot toward the top of the page as I type. I guess I missed something while I wastrying to fix it. Thanks for getting it for me Flisky.

2013-12-01 [Flisky]: *salutes* I am the code fixer. It's what I do.

2013-12-01 [Figgy]: Light is so about to come agitate this shit >_>

2013-12-01 [Lirerial]: Lol bring her out!

2013-12-01 [~Valkyrie~]: OK!
I'd love to see Mihir walk in on this too, once it gets going, lol.

2013-12-01 [Flisky]: You don't want Mihir and Light in the same room ever.

2013-12-01 [~Valkyrie~]: Lol, I was not aware of that

2013-12-01 [Lirerial]: I am now curious

2013-12-01 [Figgy]: They really just sort of hate each other :/

2013-12-01 [Flisky]: They have a complicated relationship. Which is funny. Because they would actually get along amazingly well otherwise.

2013-12-01 [Figgy]: Perhaps that can be fixed at some point ;3 say if they get kidnapped or something.

2013-12-01 [Flisky]: That's what I was thinking. :D Which is part of the reason I wanted them to get kidnapped together.

2013-12-01 [Figgy]: Sweeeeeet

2013-12-01 [Flisky]: ^_^

2013-12-01 [Figgy]: *rolls around till she can post*

2013-12-02 [~Valkyrie~]: The term "cat fight" seems to insinuate scratching, slapping, and hair-pulling. These two are both trained in bad-ass. :p

2013-12-02 [Flisky]: I want to see one of them actually try to take on Rook.

2013-12-02 [~Valkyrie~]: It would be interesting

2013-12-02 [Figgy]: Light doesn't really have much to react to yet so you guys can keep going for a while.

2013-12-02 [Duredhel]: I love posting with Shade because everything about him is just mean and snarky. When posting with Dani things have to stay nice XD even in the post itself.

2013-12-03 [Lirerial]: Figgy, Dur, Angel and I are going to stall a bit and wait to post, we're waiting on Mihir to get here from Mission Control

2013-12-03 [Figgy]: ..... Whyyyyy?

2013-12-03 [Lirerial]: Because we'd plotted with Flisky about this and we have an ending in mind that Mihir is kinda important for :)

2013-12-03 [Lirerial]: We'll keep posting, we just kinda need Mihir for the very end....

2013-12-03 [Figgy]: Oookay. Well, unless they do something else, Light and Shade are just gonna end up walking off. Light thought it might be more interesting than this >_>

2013-12-03 [Duredhel]: Uhm.. yeah if the end is decided already then I don't see the point of Light and Shade here XD. Just gonna move Shade out so it doesn't get crowded, don't wanna slow down the posting.

2013-12-03 [Lirerial]: Ok, sorry!!! :/

2013-12-03 [Figgy]: Light and Shade were sort of serving as a ploy to suggest DR exercises, btw. But yeah, things aren't gonna escalate enough for them to do that, so they might just move out XD

2013-12-03 [Lirerial]: Damn it all :/ I really wanted to do that to

2013-12-03 [Figgy]: I'm sure they can find another opportunity to do it before the day ends. They'll just have to run into each other again. :)

2013-12-06 [Figgy]: Err, should I post here before a Kiora post? Light's gonna react to what she just saw :s

2013-12-06 [Figgy]: Ok, I just went ahead and posted. We can leave it there until Mihir shows up, or whatever.

2013-12-06 [Lirerial]: Kiora!!!!!! Lol

2013-12-06 [~Valkyrie~]: Sorry! For some reason I got it in my head that I'd already posted.

2013-12-06 [Lirerial]: And now we need Mihir lol

2013-12-07 [Figgy]: So now are we just gonna wait on Mihir? Cause Light's ready to electrocute someone , and if she does that, it might screw up your plan. :/

2013-12-07 [Lirerial]: Yea, now we're waiting on Mihir. :P Damn Twitchy! Lol

2013-12-07 [Figgy]: Okay

2013-12-07 [Flisky]: Mihir is waiting on Twitch to post. Then he'll be escorting Rage upstairs, I believe.

2013-12-07 [~Valkyrie~]: OK :)

2013-12-07 [Flisky]: I'm going to give Twitch until tonight before I'm moving Mihir. :/

2013-12-07 [~Valkyrie~]: Lol, OK. I think he's sort of sporatic as far as being online goes...kinda like me recently.

2013-12-07 [Figgy]: I mean, he logged in a lot yesterday, but considering the time of the year, I'm assuming he's busy with finals and just hasn't said anything.

2013-12-07 [Flisky]: From someone who works full time and has a lot of...extra curriculars, there's always time to say 'yo, I'll be a minute'...

2013-12-07 [Figgy]: Agreed, but, y'know.. not everyone sees it that way, I guess.

There's a reason why we ask people to let us know when they won't be posting for a while.

2013-12-10 [~Valkyrie~]: Ugh, that whole post feels clumsy and awkward. I hate being sick

2013-12-10 [Figgy]: I think it's fine. I'll post here tonight.

2013-12-10 [~Valkyrie~]: Ok

2013-12-11 [~Valkyrie~]: My tablet has decided that my browser will crash every time I try to edit this page. Would somebody please post this up for me?

The moment she was touched, Kiora instinctively struck out, knocking Light's arm away. It was then that her brain registered Mihir's presence, "You're back." She smiled, trying to make her muscles stop twitching. As soon as she saw that Lire had left she groaned, holding her head in her shaking hands. She felt like she'd been fried.

2013-12-12 [~Valkyrie~]: Thanks

2013-12-12 [Figgy]: welcome

2013-12-12 [Flisky]: Now if someone could get Figgs to post. ;D

2013-12-12 [Figgy]: Whaaat, my turn already?

Gimme a bit and I will :3

2013-12-12 [Flisky]: ^_^

2013-12-12 [Figgy]: Thar.

2013-12-12 [Flisky]: Look at them, being all civil and stuff.

2013-12-12 [Figgy]: :3

2013-12-12 [The Black Goat]: wow this place is about to be a cluster fuck ^^

2013-12-12 [The Black Goat]: The elevator opened up to reveal Nadine and Kaia. Without looking first Nadine stepped out, wanting to give the other girl enoug room to follow with her stuff. "Are you sure you don't need any.." She stopped midsentance as she realized that the hallway was full of people. The was a guy helping one girl up off the floor; it took a moment for her to understand that there might have just been a fight among some of the students, everyone was so tense. A different girl's lilac colored hair also caught her eye, and as she stared at the scene she thought to herself what a pretty color it was. Feeling shy she edged closer to the wall, throwing another glance back to Kaia. "Umm what's your room number again?"

2013-12-12 [Flisky]: Kiora looks normal right now. Just so you know. Which is why Mihir doesn't recognize her.

2013-12-12 [The Black Goat]: shit, forgot about that

2013-12-12 [~Valkyrie~]: Why is it just this page I can't edit? I'm gonna switch to my computer in just a minute then post.

2013-12-12 [Lirerial]: Sometimes if the page is to long you can't post

2013-12-12 [~Valkyrie~]: The whole browser crashes, but not until I scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and tap the spot where I want the curser. Oh well, it's easier to post from my computer anyways.

2013-12-14 [The Black Goat]: kaia post?

2013-12-14 [The Black Goat]: lol hallway is not clear, poor nadine is still waiting for kaia to get out the elevator

2013-12-14 [GarnetLullabies]: womp womp sorry for the wait I didn't see that you had posted

2013-12-14 [The Black Goat]: "Umm... I don't know." Nadine replied, looking around but finding that everyone else had already cleared the area. "That guy went with her though- I think they're okay." Her stomach rumbled a little bit, it was probably already lunch time and she hadn't eaten since this morning. As much as she didn't want to just brush off the fact that someone might have gotten hurt, she didn't really want to go hunting through the whole mansion- which seemed pretty big- to find her. Plus she was still in her wet bathing suit. "I'm sure that they can take care of her..."

2013-12-15 [The Black Goat]: Nadine returned the hug, but look slightly surprised if not a little worried. She hoped that Kaia didn't think she was trying to ditch her or anything. "Well umm hey, I was thinking after you drop your stuff off and after I get changed we can maybe meet in the kitchen?" She said, giving a partial nod to the marked door just ahead of where they were. "Unless you'd rather not, it's no big deal." The girl had felt the need to add that last part just in case she was coming off as pushy. The last thing she wanted was to scare Kaia off or anything.

2013-12-15 [Flisky]: That's...the cutest thing ever! XD

2013-12-15 [GarnetLullabies]: Oh my god thank you. Kaia is usually not SUCH a spazz, (or maybe she is and she's in denial) but she is definitely not used to being around attractive boys her age.

2013-12-15 [Flisky]: He's about to make it ten times worse...

2013-12-15 [The Black Goat]: tee hee Nadine left poor Kaia to fend for herself

2013-12-16 [GarnetLullabies]: The secondhand embarrassment is real.

2013-12-16 [Flisky]: Just wait until she learns how he keeps his fire burning. ;D

2013-12-16 [The Black Goat]: O-0

2013-12-16 [The Black Goat]: As she entered the main hall Nadine looked around, then headed to the X-Men Kitchen 3rd to grab some lunch and wait for Kaia.

2013-12-19 [Figgy]: Is Kaia going to actually go into the kitchen?

2013-12-20 [GarnetLullabies]: yes I was waiting for everyone in the kitchen to be active again, I'm about to post there

2014-01-06 [~Valkyrie~]: I guess I'll give Lire and Light until tomorrow before I have Kiora catch up with him. Just in case they want to do anything.

2014-01-06 [Figgy]: Light's not going to stop her, at least.

2014-01-06 [~Valkyrie~]: OK, I'll give Lire a chance then move on.

2014-02-05 [The Black Goat]: I don't think light is covering quins mouth, she's covering her own.

unless I just misread your post =P

2014-02-05 [Kbird]: It wasn't sure...

2014-02-05 [Figgy]: ... Er, yeah, Light was covering her own mouth.

2014-02-05 [Duredhel]: Just correct your post and don't worry about it K.

2014-02-15 [Kbird]: Alots going on next weekend so I probably wont be on much....heck i dont know how much be on for this week, period.

2014-02-16 [Flisky]: Do you want us to go on without you?

2014-02-16 [Evolution X]: I have no idea where to put my guy... I think he's just in his room for now.

2014-02-16 [Flisky]: Someone should...find him?

2014-02-16 [Evolution X]: Addy's busy isn't she?

2014-02-16 [Flisky]: Addy is recovering from a gunshot not really. Other than dealing with Lexi.

2014-02-17 [Kbird]: Well Quin is pretty shy so she won't say much...she might fallow and watch them though.

2014-02-21 [twitchboy]: quin?

2014-02-21 [Figgy]: Kbird, I'mma challenge you a bit: Try to do posts with more than one or half of a line 8>

2014-02-21 [Kbird]: Okay sorry.

2014-02-21 [Figgy]: No apologies needed. Just try to feel out the character and give players more to read and react to :>

2014-02-23 [Kbird]: -___- Mark is such an egotistical jerk..

2014-02-23 [Figgy]: Nice improvement, K :)

2014-02-23 [Kbird]: ^_^ thanks

2014-02-23 [Evolution X]: gahhhh I wanna do something but I don't know what to do and I don't want to be rude and just go "whatever I'll do this..." and... It'll honestly just be anthony walking into his room, walking out again and going to do something random...

2014-02-23 [Kbird]: :/ hmmmm I think there was someone who had to people with nothing to do...

2014-02-23 [twitchboy]: lol Mark is a new character type for me ;) his chair is electric btw

2014-02-23 [Kbird]: Oh I thought moved it.

2014-02-25 [Flisky]: Uh...Twitch...Tory has been holding the elevator door open for two posts now.

2014-02-25 [Figgy]: Uh... I get that Mark is supposed to be an electronically-gifted mutant, but as a GM, I'm gonna say he can't do everything he thinks he can. The entire mainframe of the mansion is extremely complicated and highly secured in order to ward off attacks or intruders. If getting into the mansion was as easy as Mark thinks it is, the company that has been fighting against the X-Men would just need one technopath to utterly destroy them.

That said, if he tries to force his way into the system, he'll certainly get kicked out by Danger. Hard :/

2014-02-25 [twitchboy]: Flisky-mark was in the elevator two posts ago
"His chair whirred as it entered the elevator."
Figgy- thats fair i would expect as much, beside i haven't tried to have him hack in to the mainframe yet, the files he does have are just the floor plans available to the public on public record, which would exclude things like the secret hangar, McCoys lab, ceribro etc, he is an arrogant character so he simply assumes he could do it, he hasn't tried but things like the school wifi would be free for him to access general information i would hope.
I expected GM interaction if he tried stuff like that, why do you assume i would try to power play so hard?

2014-02-25 [twitchboy]: I suppose i wasn't clear with my post by "He waited patently for someone to press the down button before he accessed the mainframe and did it himself." I meant he is waiting for someone to do it and if he got impatient he would do it himself. I didnt mean for it to seem like he actually did it, just the notion that he was wanting to. Ill change it so its clearer

2014-02-25 [Figgy]: I didn't assume and I read everything as you had intended it. I was making a preemptive strike because of the way things were happening in Mark's posts. I've seen a lot of people try to use their characters to powerplay and godmode a ridiculous amount, but as long as you aren't, then it's fine. I just wanted to be clear about how things would work.

2014-02-25 [Figgy]: Hey, K, make sure you link the same thing Flisk did in Tory's post in yours. They're all taking the elevator down. :)

2014-02-25 [Kbird]: Oh okay

2014-02-25 [Figgy]: ... Not quite what I meant XD.

Here, you would want to have Quin stepping into the elevator and going down to X-Men Complex South. Then, you'll need to post her arriving there, along with Tory (who has already been posted there.)

2014-02-25 [Kbird]: Quin already stepped into the elevator..

2014-02-25 [ancienteye]: What Figgy's saying is that Quin isn't in Complex South, yet. They're /in the process/ of going there.

2014-02-25 [Kbird]: Oh okay. <img:44166_1164144921.gif> my bad misunderstood

2014-02-25 [Figgy]: It's all good

2014-02-25 [Figgy]: Uhm... I'll just do it for you.

2014-02-25 [Figgy]: I posted Quin in X-Men Complex South, so you'll have to go there and watch the page to know when people have posted.

2014-02-25 [Kbird]: Okay V~V I'll do better.

2014-02-25 [Figgy]: It's ok. I think maybe being shown things will help you get them better?

2014-02-25 [Kbird]: Probably...I'm not really used to this format...

2014-02-25 [Figgy]: It's not too complicated. Just make sure you move to different areas when you need to, and link the area you move to. It's really easy once you do it a couple of times.

2014-02-25 [Kbird]: do I know what old stuff though? I'm used to hr dividers seperating old from new...

2014-02-25 [Figgy]: You'll just have to read the posts to figure out who is in the area and who is interacting with your character. Newer stuff is always towards the bottom. And if it's anything that didn't happen in the current in-game day, it will be archived to the RP's history.

2014-02-25 [Kbird]: Okay.

2014-03-05 [Duredhel]: Gonna wait for Nox to post here before I post. After all, Nadine was following right after Kenna.

2014-03-06 [Figgy]: .. Nadine post?

2014-03-06 [Flisky]: I don't want to post without a Nadine post to react to Shawn before Anthony exits. :/

2014-03-09 [Flisky]: Nevermind. It's been three days.

2014-03-13 [The Black Goat]: I'm working on one, sneaking it in at work =/

2014-03-14 [Duredhel]: Er... should I just go ahead and post with Kenna then? >_<

2014-03-14 [The Black Goat]: The first thing Nadine saw when she entered the center hall was her new friend Kaia, and though she was just about to ask Kenna who the X-Men were, she immediately forgot about that. "Oh- Kaia are you okay?!" She cried, rushing over to her friend though the sight of all that blood made her stomach roll. The sudden flare of heat and flame coming from the kitchen stopped her in her tracks, eyes wide and fearful as she recoiled and stepped further back. "What was that?!?"

2014-03-21 [GarnetLullabies]: I'm going to try to post tonight but no guarantees, might be tomorrow sometime. <3

2014-03-22 [Duredhel]: We'll wait in Kaia then :>

2014-03-25 [The Black Goat]: oh shit its my post isn't it, thought I was waiting on someone, my bad guys!

2014-04-02 [Figgy]: Hey, V, you should mention in your post that Vhnori either ignored the others in the hallway because she wanted to get to her room, or edit and have her stop and say hi to people :O Currently, Shawn, Kaia, Kenna and Nadine are in the hallway.

2014-04-03 [Duredhel]: Nadine? :O

2014-04-03 [Vhnori Valmos]: Ah good point, I'll have her ignore everyone for now. She can get to know people after she gets her thoughts together. I would just have her interact but I am just about to switch my video card to my high end one that has been having problems, im trying my hardest to make this thing work, lol.

2014-04-03 [The Black Goat]: On my way lol

2014-04-06 [Figgy]: Hey, Garnett, can you post where Kaia was going?

2014-04-10 [Duredhel]: Is Nadine going? :O
Should we interrupt the tour?

2014-04-10 [The Black Goat]: Will post tonight or tomorrow, depending on home lifestyles

2014-04-18 [Vhnori Valmos]: So, is Coral going to follow Vhnori onto the elevator or is she just going to mysteriously end up on the next floor? Lol

2014-05-12 [Figgy]: Added a roof page, guys :3

2014-05-13 [Figgy]: There ARE two elevators.

2014-05-13 [Vhnori Valmos]: Oh, dur, most places have two elevators, I feel stupid, lol

2014-06-10 [ancienteye]: ...Oops. Should I change Gavin's post?

2014-06-10 [Figgy]: Why?

2014-06-10 [Duredhel]: :O if you consider it necessary.

2014-06-10 [ancienteye]: Because he asks Daniela a question as though she didn't just walk off. ^-^"

2014-06-10 [Duredhel]: He could've yelled that at her as she left :O.

2014-06-10 [ancienteye]: XD Then I probably only have to change one word.

2014-06-18 [Figgy]: Sorry for the rush in getting them out, but Evo is waiting on me.

2014-06-19 [twitchboy]: can we get a gavin post? Lexi needs to move at some point to go see her sister

2014-06-19 [ancienteye]: Oh! Yeah. ^^"

2014-06-19 [ancienteye]: *was trying to post, then realized something* How light is Lexi?

2014-06-19 [twitchboy]: no bones, she rides around on addy's shoulders no problem

2014-06-19 [ancienteye]: Ah. Thank you. :P

2014-06-20 [The Black Goat]: Bahhaha Gavin XD

2014-06-20 [ancienteye]: XP

2014-07-31 [The Black Goat]: Brunelda should meet Sai in dog form, I'm sure it'd be hilarious XD

2014-07-31 [Evolution X]: Is she in the east?

2014-07-31 [The Black Goat]: Nah she's chilling out by the kiddie pool, but I could only imagine her response to it (Brun makes me lol hardcore)

Does she have empathic abilities like miles did? Because Sai knows how to broadcast so to speak in order to be better heard

2014-07-31 [Evolution X]: She doesn't really have an empathic ability, just the ability to read minds.

2014-07-31 [The Black Goat]: Ah, can she telepathically send out messages as well?

2014-07-31 [Evolution X]: yup

2014-07-31 [The Black Goat]: They could converse without anyone knowing lol

2014-08-01 [Figgy]: Hey, K, you know you can post more than once a day, right? XD

2014-08-01 [The Black Goat]: hell we'd even let you post THREE times a day XD

2014-08-01 [Kbird]: ^-^' okay..I wasn't sure since it's such a busy area

2014-08-01 [Figgy]: Yeah, as long as you aren't ignoring any other characters there, or as long as you write your character intentionally ignoring other characters, you're golden to post as much as you want XD

2014-08-01 [Kbird]: okay then. :3

2014-10-13 [Ms. Steel]: I'll post later today. :-)

2014-10-20 [Flisky]: Lire, have Rage's elevator stop on the first floor. ^_^

2014-10-20 [Lirerial]: Kk :)

2014-10-21 [Ms. Steel]: Val and Jadean are pretty much going to watch Faro get drunk, huh? ;-)

2014-10-21 [Synirria]: Pretty much lol

2014-10-23 [Ms. Steel]: I probs won't have time to post Val until tomorrow night or even Saturday, unless, by some incredible turn of events, I finish work early tonight...

2014-10-23 [Synirria]: Work sucks

2014-10-23 [Ms. Steel]: Eh, work is necessary. It's just that we've got three shows to open in four weeks, hundreds of costumes to build, one of the shows opens tomorrow, two open with in a week of each other, and it's been all fittings all the time during the day, in addition to having class and teaching a new wardrobe how to, uh... wardrobe.

PLUS life wouldn't be anything without extra-curricular activities! :-D in all of my copious free time...

2014-10-23 [Synirria]: Oooo, what do you do? Obviously something with clothing :P

2014-10-23 [Ms. Steel]: I work in a theatre costume shop at a college. :-)

2014-10-23 [Synirria]: That's pretty sweet. I can't sew worth shit.

2014-10-23 [Ms. Steel]: Some days, I can't believe that I get paid to do what I do, some days there isn't enough money in the world...

2014-10-23 [Synirria]: Lmao I have a job like that :)

2015-01-06 [Flisky]: Gonna wait for an Ez post. Just to be polite.

2015-01-06 [ancienteye]: Ok. XD

2015-01-11 [Kalma]: sorry - thank you - it's actually a little difficult for me to keep track of when stuff is happening in game since i can't figure out of there's a time stamp on the in game stuff and people don't always comment in the chat when they update in game

2015-01-11 [Kalma]: i guess what i mean is i can't tell who is in what room necessarily because i don't know how long ago some of the stuff was posted, if that makes sense

2015-01-11 [ancienteye]: Ah...Sorry. ^-^

2015-01-12 [Kalma]: No need for apologies, I'll get the hang of it!! :D

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