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The Dormitories

This is the page with links to everyone's dormitory room. Dorm rooms can be owned by a single character, or shared by two, the choice is yours. The dorms will need a description of how they look – which means you'll have to put some little descriptive text at the top of your room.

Please first leave a comment at the bottom of the page indicating whether you have chosen a room or if you are seeking a roommate. Once conditions have been decided between you and other players or the GMs, one of the GMs will edit the page and add your character to your specified dorm room.


Second Floor Dorms: Boys' Floor

West Wing - X-Men West 2nd

Dormitory 201: Mark Banster
Dormitory 202:
Dormitory 203: Sage Miller
Dormitory 204: Justin Alphar
Dormitory 205: Nikolas Tastern
Dormitory 206: David Ze'ev
Dormitory 207: Kyle Bedlington
Dormitory 208: Mihir Proudclaw

East Wing - X-Men East 2nd

Dormitory 209: Mimic, Kobayashi Hisoka
Dormitory 210: Anthony Havelock, Timothy Maxwell
Dormitory 211: Devlin Macintosh, Gavin Zhou
Dormitory 212: Shawn Adian Deveau, Alex Matthias
Dormitory 213: Shade, Light Blackburn
Dormitory 214: René Chastain
Dormitory 215:
Dormitory 216: Vincent Gladstone

Third Floor Dorms: Girls' Floor

West Wing - X-Men West 3rd

Dormitory 301: Eleanor A. Hayes
Dormitory 302: Maria Bortolotto, Jadean Pemoda
Dormitory 303: Quin Mistoke
Dormitory 304: Sarah Criss, Isabelle Black
Dormitory 305: Elizabeth Charms
Dormitory 306: Luloah Esther Akins, Nora White
Dormitory 307:
Dormitory 308:

East Wing - X-Men East 3rd

Dormitory 309: Daniela Morgan, Shana Grace Tilar
Dormitory 310: Nadine Volkov, Arya Tam
Dormitory 311: Lirerial, Kiora Collins
Dormitory 312: Sasaiya Moscoso, Victoria Adelaide Deveau
Dormitory 313: Brunelda de Pace
Dormitory 314: Amelia Thornwell, Glamourfae
Dormitory 315: Valerie K. Sprouse, Olexis Solnes
Dormitory 316: Adrianne Wagner, Coral Zhou

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2014-07-17 [Flisky]: I have two males...I could...make another? *has no idea what she's offering but is sometimes kind of bored*

2014-09-08 [Figgy]: Moving Light to Shade's dorm now, even if it's not official in-game yet.

2014-09-09 [Evolution X]: okay

2014-10-03 [Figgy]: Guys, would really appreciate if you let me handle the Dorm changes...

2014-10-03 [Figgy]: It's also best if you post something here first, in case someone wants a roommate >_>

2014-10-03 [Kbird]: Sorry.

2014-10-03 [Figgy]: Nothing against you. As you can see, the page wasn't up-to-date, and that as well as the table (which is much less confusing than it was before) is why I prefer to edit the page myself.

Putting a disclaimer up top so newbies are reminded XD

2014-10-10 [Celtore]: Anyone looking for a roommate?

2014-10-11 [CuteCommander]: If female, Maria is open to it

2014-10-12 [Celtore]: Awesome! Figgy if it's good with you, I'll take it! lol

2014-10-23 [twitchboy]: huh the guys somehow ended up not sharing after people dropped

2014-10-23 [Figgy]: Hm?

2014-10-23 [twitchboy]: hall 2 west is all roommate free XD

2014-10-23 [Figgy]: East always seems more favorable. I kind of automatically write it :/

2014-12-11 [Kalma]: Glamourfae is looking for a room - any female students open to having a roommate? I realize there are open rooms, but she'd prefer having a roomie.

2014-12-16 [Figgy]: None of the available lady characters want a roommate?

2014-12-18 [Kbird]: Amelia doesn't care, so long as she doesn't snore loudly. XP

2014-12-20 [Kalma]: Not too loud!

2014-12-23 [Kbird]: XP then she'll have no problem.

2014-12-29 [Kalma]: YAY Glamour has a dorm and a dormie! *bounces with excitement*

2015-01-01 [Kbird]: Amelia gets a socializing buddy!

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