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The majestic structure of the double grand staircase is usually the first thing a person notices upon entrance from the X-Men Entrance Court. The stately mahogany structure leads the way to X-Men Center 2nd, but if one looks beyond the centerpiece of the foyer, it could be noted that the rest of the room is just as handsomely appointed. From the precisely-tiled, variegated slate flagstone floor to the artwork adorning the austere walls, this vestibule of the mansion speaks of pristinely-kept good taste. Under the center of the staircase is an archway leading to X-Men Center 1st.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Entrance Court
X-Men Center 1st
X-Men Center 2nd

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2013-07-24 [Lirerial]: That was like being 6 in hobbit years lol

2013-07-24 [XxTsomexX]: Its more like our 25-30 actually

2013-07-24 [Lirerial]: Ahh my mistake :)

2013-07-24 [XxTsomexX]: I love LOTR and The Hobbit. Loooove it.

2013-08-12 [Lirerial]: Sorry... I don't know what to do with her much :/

2013-08-15 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Ulric nodded briefly in greeting at the three strange-looking people in the room and then turned his attention to Nadine when she spoke up about their rooms. He took her key to inspect it for himself, then shrugged and handed it back to her with a reassuring smile. "That's alright. Maybe you'll have a roommate to keep you company?" he suggested encouragingly. He then looked around again, his smile vanishing quickly. "Where do we start...?" he wondered aloud, then slowly approached the three strangers. "Excuse me... My sister and I are new here. I'm Ulric and this is Nadine. Is there someone we need to maybe talk to before we go find our rooms and settle in?"

2013-08-15 [Figgy]: Gonna move Endelyn to her room tonight. Feel free to skip over her.

2013-08-16 [Flisky]: Just for the record, Rook is touching Hilery, so she looks normal right now.

2013-08-16 [The Black Goat]: she released his hand though

2013-08-16 [Flisky]: She would still look normal for a bit. With physical mutations, they don't change back right away.

2013-08-16 [The Black Goat]: oh, Iwell devlin saw her as still being white so thats what I went with =P

2013-08-16 [Flisky]: Damn it, I forgot to answer Devlin. *re-edits*

2013-08-16 [Lirerial]: how long do they last?

2013-08-16 [Flisky]: For physical mutations, it depends on the mutation. Like for Addy and Kiora, they have to regrow fur. Pigments have to resettle into cells. Stuff like that. While she would be able to use her powers, she would look normal until she did so.

2013-08-16 [Lirerial]: Her powers count on her physical mutation though; she can't disentigrate into sand if she's in her physical form

2013-08-16 [Flisky]: Once she disintegrated, I would assume her form would revert. If she tried. ^_^

2013-08-16 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Uh... who's going to post now? Should I, or are we waiting on someone or...?

2013-08-16 [Lirerial]: You can go ahead

2013-08-16 [Lirerial]: well wait on Figgs Endelyn is supposed to post but idk if whe's active anymore or not

2013-08-16 [The Black Goat]: Nadine hesitated; she'd been about to follow the young pair, but at the touch of his hand on her shoulder she turned back around to face him. "Whatever you think is best Ulric, it doesn't matter to me." She emphasized her point with a slight shake of her head and a gentle smile.

2013-08-16 [The Black Goat]: ^

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