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The majestic structure of the double grand staircase is usually the first thing a person notices upon entrance from the X-Men Entrance Court. The stately mahogany structure leads the way to X-Men Center 2nd, but if one looks beyond the centerpiece of the foyer, it could be noted that the rest of the room is just as handsomely appointed. From the precisely-tiled, variegated slate flagstone floor to the artwork adorning the austere walls, this vestibule of the mansion speaks of pristinely-kept good taste. Under the center of the staircase is an archway leading to X-Men Center 1st.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Entrance Court
X-Men Center 1st
X-Men Center 2nd

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2013-04-05 [Figgy]: That's fine

2013-04-09 [Duredhel]: There XD. One more post from Nox and we should be able to finally move Dani and Caleb away.

2013-04-09 [The Black Goat]: I'm on it

2013-04-09 [The Black Goat]: Thanks Flisky =)

2013-04-09 [Flisky]: No problem. ^_^

2013-06-17 [twitchboy]: Which room should we take

2013-06-17 [Figgy]: Asking GM or Valera?

2013-06-17 [AccountUnavaili able]: I think we're in room 201, it was the one Ryan was originally gonna take, is that ok?

2013-07-13 [Duredhel]: Ancient, it's safe to assume whatever Olivio needs is in the envelope XD, don't worry.

Not trying to be mean or anything :> we just have enough characters stuck in place as it is XD. Whatever we all can do to make the RP flow and move faster, we ought to.

2013-07-13 [ancienteye]: Ok. :) I wasn't sure how much information would be on the letter or anything... This is really my first time jumping into an RP that isn't just starting, so I feel very inexperienced... Should Olivio go unpack first and meet people later, or is there something else he needs to take care of?

2013-07-13 [Duredhel]: No prob :3.
You can take him whenever you'd like, honestly. In general its good to avoid places with 3+ characters because when you have that many players you're always stuck waiting on someone.

A good thing to do is use the plottage page to come up with some interaction and the sort BEFORE your char runs into other characters. Otherwise it sometimes becomes like...

"Hi! I'm a new person in the mansion!"
*awkward silence*

2013-07-13 [ancienteye]: Ah... Ok! *off to look up the route to his dorm and who is on that route*

2013-07-13 [ancienteye]: Looks like my path is all clear. :P

2013-07-13 [ancienteye]: I'm sorry if that seems a little absent-minded of Olivio, but I'd rather add to a post then delete it entirely. ^_^"

2013-07-24 [Lirerial]: Sooo... does Hilery get to mistake the gesture and try to shake his hand?

2013-07-24 [Flisky]: Yes. ^_^ I encourage this.

2013-07-24 [The Black Goat]: if rook touched her enough and made her human enough times would she start aging lol?

2013-07-24 [Flisky]: I can only assume so.

2013-07-24 [Lirerial]: I would think so, I just can't decide if it would be rapid like her body playing catch up or just normal, picking up where it left off, eh nvm sticking with her picking up where she left off

2013-07-24 [XxTsomexX]: Pfft, silly Hilery. You don't have to be 6 to go on an adventure. BILBO WAS 50.

2013-07-24 [Lirerial]: That was like being 6 in hobbit years lol

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