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The majestic structure of the double grand staircase is usually the first thing a person notices upon entrance from the X-Men Entrance Court. The stately mahogany structure leads the way to X-Men Center 2nd, but if one looks beyond the centerpiece of the foyer, it could be noted that the rest of the room is just as handsomely appointed. From the precisely-tiled, variegated slate flagstone floor to the artwork adorning the austere walls, this vestibule of the mansion speaks of pristinely-kept good taste. Under the center of the staircase is an archway leading to X-Men Center 1st.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Entrance Court
X-Men Center 1st
X-Men Center 2nd

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2013-02-20 [Duredhel]: XD Caleb's powers make people trust him, I reckon, not induce 'immediate wanting'.
I mean, it's ok if you guys want people to get together, hell, we encourage it :>
But do it well, take your time. Trust me, when something is rushed and forced, it shows. Hell, even our newest player picked up on it right away and had her char comment on it.

2013-02-20 [Figgy]: When you rush something, it can also tend to get really boring really fast. And yeah, makes everyone go wtf.

2013-02-20 [Lirerial]: Lol I'll remember that. Btw just to let everyone know, if I mess up a posting please tell me. I'm on my phone and can't always see everything. Plus on some posts I'm having to rewrite my previous comments that happen to be on the page.

2013-02-22 [The Black Goat]: sorry didn't mean for what he said to be literal, just to get her to like him more,trying to play off of the flirty vibe. Also I got sick of "you can trust" and "I'm a good guy" variations =P

2013-02-22 [Figgy]: Nox - Caleb

2013-03-05 [Duredhel]: Nox has been gone for a couple days so I'm going to stash Caleb. You guys can keep posting :O

2013-03-17 [Flisky]: Ahhh! Limbo! *flails*

2013-03-18 [Lepellier]: Ach...Sorry... Lep did a brain dead.

2013-03-22 [The Black Goat]: Caleb found himself alone in the foyer and pulled out his phone to look up the directions to the restaruant he was taking Daniela to, as well as bookmarking the hote he hoped to bring her to after dinner.

2013-03-22 [Duredhel]: We'll hopefully have Dani down within the hour.

2013-03-28 [Duredhel]: Sorry we took so long, Nox XD. We finally got Dani here.

2013-03-28 [The Black Goat]: No big =) I'll post Caleb tonight when I get home, on driving detail right now

2013-03-29 [Duredhel]: yay :>

2013-04-02 [Figgy]: Caleb didn't even notice Light?

2013-04-02 [Duredhel]: I was wondering about that too...

2013-04-02 [The Black Goat]: Eh damn I forgot about her

2013-04-02 [Duredhel]: You can still edit XD

2013-04-03 [The Black Goat]: I will go back on my laptop

2013-04-04 [Figgy]: *waiting until stuff gets changed before I post*

2013-04-05 [The Black Goat]: can i just have: He noticed the girl with the lavender hair walk past the group, but given his current situation he decided it was best not to acknowledge her.

tacked on to the end? my laptop is down

2013-04-05 [Figgy]: That's fine

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