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The major item that dominates the hangar is the sleek black jet sitting in front of the underground airstrip. An airport style ladder sits nearby to allow access to the many panels on the jet, and a number of tool boxes and kits sit around it. A large fuel hose is connected to the wall and the underground fuel reservoirs. On the wall in between the doors to the X-Men Basement and X-Men Garage sits the electrical control panel. On the back wall is a complete workstation for various items for the jet and all the attachments. A locker in the back corner holds helmets and flight suits for newer pilots.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Basement
X-Men Garage

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2013-08-23 [Haunted Fate]: Ugh, I feel your pain. I have 8 ams three days of the week and am usually in class for 4-5 hours those days. Then I come back to work, too. xD

2013-08-28 [Duredhel]: I want missions to start 8<

2013-08-28 [Figgy]: Hush

2013-08-28 [The Black Goat]: :snickers:

2013-08-28 [Figgy]: Gonna cut conversations short here (though you can go back and post if you want) and have the teams head out to their missions. Good luck!

2013-08-28 [Lirerial]: Yay!!!!

2013-08-28 [Figgy]: Yaaaay go post in the missions :>

2014-04-30 [The Black Goat]: I'm confused, how did Lexi get involved?

I better go read the hunt :P

2014-05-01 [The Past]: It's another Lexi, not the one from the house :) Well, not the current one from the house.

2014-05-01 [Ms. Steel]: Plus, it's 'Lexy', not 'Lexi' ;-) Minor differentiation, but, ya know...

2014-05-01 [The Black Goat]: Ahhhhh soooo confuse d there for a bit lol

2014-05-01 [Figgy]: Hahaha sorry. She was my first character in XMRP and her name was already Lexy :>

2014-05-01 [Ms. Steel]: And I'm Lexi, too!! :-D

2014-05-01 [Figgy]: This is true!

AND my dog's name is Lexy :3

2014-05-01 [The Black Goat]: ARGH!

:falls over:

2014-05-08 [The Past]: I'm a little concerned about getting into the infirmary while it's still so busy. If this does get moved on due to time change, I say Lexi gets put in for healing, as well as either of the girls if they need it. If not, encouraging words all around, and told to get some R&R for the good work. Flame will of course be growing her arm back for a few days to a week.

2014-05-08 [Figgy]: Yeah, don't worry about getting them there. We can pretend Lexy got to the infirmary safe and sound. If you'd like, we can set up a side page with everyone from that mission getting to talk to Lexy after she wakes up, though I'm not sure if it's important. It'll just give a little background on what exactly happened :>

2014-05-08 [The Past]: What is happening with her? Is she going to stick around or head back to her work?

2014-05-08 [Figgy]: I'm honestly not sure yet. I haven't had time to really think about that.

2014-05-08 [The Past]: ok :)

2014-05-12 [CuteCommander]: Yeah apologies I didn't add any more posts -_-

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