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A set of stairs leads from the X-Men Gym down to the separated pool area. The smell of chlorine takes over the air whenever someone enters. The carefully tiled floor offers traction for wet feet, and the pool has two sections, a shallow end and the diving end. The shallow pool goes from three to five feet and is good for doing laps and playing with the random pool gear often strewn about. The deep end has a board for diving on the far side. The entire pool can be sectioned off into five lanes or the shallow and deep end. There is also a volleyball net that can be stretched across it and a slide that can be connected in place of the diving board. Both men's and women's changing rooms can be located on the east wall.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Gym
X-Men Men's Changing Room
X-Men Women's Changing Room

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2013-10-24 [ancienteye]: Olivio's an empath, so whatever emotions the other characters experience affect his actions. :/

2013-10-24 [Figgy]: Nox can't play Nadine right now, so it's best to ignore her.

2013-10-24 [Duredhel]: Pretend she's not there.

2013-10-24 [ancienteye]: Oh. Ok.

2013-10-30 [twitchboy]: hello?

2013-11-13 [The Black Goat]: ohhh is olivio gonna follow nadine?

2013-11-13 [ancienteye]: Possibly. He's panicking too, now. XD

2013-11-13 [The Black Goat]: lmao the two of them just freaking out together

2013-11-13 [ancienteye]: XD

2013-11-19 [The Black Goat]: eep! Nadine is Lexi's weakness =D

2013-11-21 [The Black Goat]: a person scarf 0_o not at all creepy lol

2013-11-22 [twitchboy]: Lexi is like jake the dog lol

2013-11-22 [ancienteye]: I love Daniela's description of Olivio. XD

2013-11-27 [Duredhel]: Will Olivio go forgotten and abandoned again? XD

2013-11-27 [ancienteye]: Ah! I've been busy and have no clue where he should go... >____>

2013-12-07 [ancienteye]: He's more decisive if no one else is in the room, apparently...

2014-05-12 [ancienteye]: I can't decide if Coral should be in the inside pool, outside pool, or lake....

2014-05-12 [Ms. Steel]: But it's so nice outside!

2014-05-12 [ancienteye]: Coral's a cold-weather fish, so she might stick inside while it's so sunny. XD On the other hand, it's still novel for her to not be in hiding, so she might be out enjoying having people to talk to.

2014-05-12 [Ms. Steel]: The lake water would still be pretty chilly, since it's early in the season.

2014-05-12 [ancienteye]: Probably the lake, then. Thanks! :D

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