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This room is often frequented by the students on their days off or in-between classes. It is a comfortable room with a wall full of windows and several couches that are constantly rearranged by the students. There are a few desks and tables next to the corner with the bookshelf, though the idea of anyone doing homework in here is laughable. There is one television, the remote to which is usually lost somewhere between couch cushions. There are also desktop computers available for use by the desks.

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Monday, May 25th

X-Men Center 3rd

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2011-12-28 [Figgy]: So the new kids don't even find it weird that a disembodied voice just spoke to them? Or even notice? :>

2011-12-28 [AccountUnavaili able]: Uhh... Ok I got nothing.

2011-12-28 [Figgy]: Just pay attention to all the posts in the RP. You don't want to miss anything important.

2011-12-28 [Flisky]: Kind of like no one mentioning someone vanishing. :D

2011-12-28 [AccountUnavaili able]: It has only been a day, and people are only just emerging from their rooms, Lucas seemingly the only one who went to class by the looks of things :P

2011-12-28 [Flisky]: Mihir went to class and then went to his room. And Endelyn is being left behind. Just pointing out.

2011-12-28 [Figgy]: I don't think people are going to really notice unless they hang out with Addy on a daily or nearly daily basis, though. And even then, those people are distressed about other things (Endelyn losing friends, Light nearly having a mental breakdown over the night before, Vlad stressing over his sister.). I mean, Shade is even gone and the only one who knows is Light, and she's not about to spout it off to the world.

2011-12-28 [Flisky]: Yeah. The only one I really expect to notice is her roommate. Addy's only real friends are all having personal issues. :P

2011-12-29 [XxTsomexX]: Endelyn notices, shes just not sure what she should do about the situation.

2011-12-31 [Flisky]: Hmmm...a 19 year old and a 16 year old... XD

2011-12-31 [AccountUnavaili able]: It's not that bad...

2011-12-31 [Lirerial]: lol yea... decided it could be interesting lol

2011-12-31 [Flisky]: But it is still technically illegal...*whistles as she walks away from this one*

2011-12-31 [AccountUnavaili able]: Legal age is 16 over here... plus this is the X-men, anything can happen :D Plus this'll be all about Lire's inner conflict etc.

2011-12-31 [Lirerial]: hmmm I don't remember what her inner conflict is now lol and yea, 16 is legal where I am too

2011-12-31 [Flisky]: In NY, age of consent is 17...*feels like this conversation has already happened somewhere else...*

2011-12-31 [AccountUnavaili able]: Plus remember Lucas is a clone... He's actually an 80 year old man.

2011-12-31 [Flisky]: *rolls eyes* So he's either too young or a dirty old man?

2011-12-31 [AccountUnavaili able]: Exactly. But hey, it's not like they're having sex on the couch, Lucas is a little more innocent than that.

2011-12-31 [Flisky]: No, that's more of a Light and Shade thing to do...or was, anyway.

2011-12-31 [AccountUnavaili able]: Awkward...

2011-12-31 [Flisky]: Not dating...sure... XD

2011-12-31 [Lirerial]: lol

2011-12-31 [Flisky]: Gonna wait for people in the room to respond.

2011-12-31 [Flisky]: Give me a bit guys. Having internet issues.

2011-12-31 [La Luna]: Take your time Flisk. :3

2011-12-31 [AccountUnavaili able]: No rush :)

2012-01-01 [Figgy]: Hahahahahahahaha

2012-01-01 [Figgy]: That couch has been desecrated.

2012-01-01 [XxTsomexX]: Haha sorry, ill edit when I get a chance. Unfortunately my kindle wont let me scrollball the way down to edit.

2012-01-01 [XxTsomexX]: Nvm fixed it lol

2012-01-01 [Duredhel]: Gawd... I've said a bunch of times I don't mind characters getting together, what does get to me though is seeing people ditching everything about what makes they're character who he/she is just because their so desperate to get them together with someone. C'mon, seriously, let's step it up, if you have a character concept, stick with it and don't betray it for some vicarious dry humping.

I guess it bugs me because I've made a loner character too and I don't go around changing who Dani is just to make other characters like her. It was IN character for Shade to jump in bed with someone he didn't know very well, it would not be for Dani even if I wanted to. If you want to play a slut, make a slut character (a hyperbole, but the idea stands). If you don't have the skill/discipline to play a character with a troublesome past or social issues, then don't make one like that.

Sorry I'm such a hardass about this, guys, but seriously, it gets annoying because we go through this with someone every week.

Again; If you can't make a character with a traumatic/difficult past (because those things always reflect on the character's present attitude) then don't make one. Nothing wrong with making a cheerful, promiscuous, social butterfly character and playing it that way. Just don't make an assassin/experiment/loner/social pariah/etc and then play it like a cheerful, promiscuous social butterfly.

PS - On a totally different note, Luna has gotten WAY better at playing Maggie.

2012-01-01 [Figgy]: They're* ^

2012-01-01 [Flisky]: I hope that wasn't directed at me. Because I pointed out that Mihir is acting out of character...mainly because I want to see how long it'll be until he flips. XD

2012-01-01 [Lepellier]: Whoahoycarp, Nathan got totally lost here it seems...

2012-01-01 [Duredhel]: Nah XD, it wasn't, Flisk.

2012-01-01 [XxTsomexX]: That's why I am having Endelyn make some light conversation with him :) I had gotten lost in there as well

2012-01-01 [La Luna]: ^.^ Yay. Thanks Dur. I really appreciate it.

2012-01-01 [AccountUnavaili able]: Sorry, hope I didn't mess things up too much :S

2012-01-01 [Flisky]: Gotta love Endelyn. :D

2012-01-01 [XxTsomexX]: Addy is like her best friend, or course shes going to be worried about her

2012-01-01 [Flisky]: I'm just curious what's going to happen during the three weeks when she doesn't reappear.

2012-01-01 [La Luna]: Laurel's gonna notice around day 2 or 3 xP She's a little slow...

2012-01-01 [XxTsomexX]: Endelyn will at first be panicky, then will be sad assuming she just up and left. However the moment addy comes back, Endelyn with probably tacklehug her and snuggle her to death.

2012-01-01 [Flisky]: Yeah, whoever wants to witness Addy's return should loiter in the east hall after the time jump. Just saying. (It would probably also be fortuitous if someone big *cough*Vlad*cough* was there to restrain her when the time comes.)

2012-01-01 [Figgy]: Bad Ass Mother Fucker >>

2012-01-01 [Lepellier]: I know what it means, not saying that Nathan does.:P

2012-01-01 [Flisky]: *falls over laughing*

2012-01-01 [XxTsomexX]: Endelyn doesn't know what it is either. She just knows it as addy's way of transporting.

2012-03-09 [Figgy]: Post post! :D

2012-03-12 [XxTsomexX]: D: Awww I wanna hug her. I'm so sorry Jonas is a dick Daniela!! D:

2012-03-13 [Lepellier]: Sorry, bit of mental dialog there.

2012-03-13 [AccountUnavaili able]: Erm, Nathan's turn?

2012-03-14 [Lepellier]: Should be daniela reacting to the orb.

2012-03-14 [Duredhel]: I wanted to know if Lep was gonna post before I posted. I guess I'll go :O

2012-03-14 [Lepellier]: Ahh, sorry Dur. I was going by what seemed to be natural progression.

2012-03-14 [AccountUnavaili able]: Good thing I mentioned it then :P

2012-03-14 [Duredhel]: Ok :3
post post :D
let's make the best of all of us being online at once.

2012-09-06 [Figgy]: Ohhh, that couch >_>

And someone must've fixed the TV.

2012-09-06 [ZeoOfFire]: Ah, didn't know it was broken.
And I assumed a vague couch layout.
If you want the TV broken, she'll just lie down, maybe fall asleep. She probably will anyway.

2012-09-06 [Figgy]: XD Nah, we can say the TV got fixed.

And I definitely wasn't talking about the couch's layout >_>


2012-09-06 [ZeoOfFire]: Hey, there is also one "best couch".
Or is it something about how the student's have rearranged them?
That my mind is telling me I might not want to know...

2012-09-06 [Figgy]: You might not want to know.

I guess you could say it was rearranged. A little. Maybe.

2012-09-06 [ZeoOfFire]: ...Hope they aren't stained.
Or maybe I've gone too far with my imagination.

2012-09-06 [Roma]: Probably not far enough.

2012-09-06 [Figgy]: Chocolate staaaain.

Some stay dry and others... make some stains.

2012-09-06 [Figgy]: You guys I hate myself.

2012-09-06 [Figgy]: Wait why did I use stain twice?

2012-09-06 [Flisky]: Now I keep saying 'stain' in my head and it sounds weeeiiirrrrd!

2012-09-06 [The Past]: *pats on the back* There there

2012-09-06 [ZeoOfFire]: I hope it's chocolate.
And not trouser chocolate.
Or trouser white chocolate.
Or trouser strawberry sauce.
Or...I should stop.

2012-09-06 [Figgy]: It's chocolate.
But you should ask yourself... whyyy?

2012-09-06 [ZeoOfFire]: The more I guess, the worse you'll find my imagination.
I'll start with a guess of "body chocolate"?

2012-09-06 [Figgy]: BINGO

2012-09-06 [XxTsomexX]: Ehehehehehe

2012-09-06 [Figgy]: You know those choclate ice cream stick things?

Yeah it was kinda like that.

2012-09-06 [ZeoOfFire]: Hmmm...Now the question is...Who?
Wait, chocolate ice cream sticks?

2012-09-06 [Figgy]: You'll figure it out.
I promise.
Everyone else already knows.

2012-09-07 [Figgy]: XD

2012-09-07 [ZeoOfFire]: Hey, it worked to stretch an otherwise pretty boring post.

2013-01-19 [Evolution X]: pause for halo or post?

2013-01-24 [Ms. Steel]: I'm going to hold on posting Halo for the moment, since she's just being all weird and non-social in the corner, unless someone directly addresses her er somethin'.

2013-01-26 [Figgy]: There.... there there there

2013-01-26 [Figgy]: Are Anthony's lips chapped yet?

2013-01-26 [Evolution X]: Not yet. ._.

2013-01-26 [Figgy]: Get him some Chapstick!

2013-02-02 [The Past]: Shit, sorry for the hold up guys, didn't realise it was my turn :>

2013-02-05 [Evolution X]: .... soooooo... who's next?

2013-02-05 [Flisky]: Tim.

2013-02-05 [The Past]: Sorry, keep forgetting about this guy XD

2013-02-05 [Flisky]: Poor Tim.

2013-02-05 [The Past]: Hey, he's small enough to forget about XD

2013-02-05 [Flisky]: *pats self down* Now where did I leave my Tim...oh, right, he's in the lounge. XP

2013-02-09 [Figgy]: Tim? :>

2013-02-10 [The Past]: Sorry, been out for the count thanks to work. On it.

2013-02-13 [Evolution X]: sorry, didn't realise it was my turn

2013-02-13 [Figgy]: TIIIM YEAHHHH!

2013-02-13 [The Past]: Godamnit! I swear I just looked here earlier I swore it wasn't my turn XD

2013-02-16 [Evolution X]: TIMOTHY!

2013-02-16 [The Past]: I know I know. Gah, totally running out of stuff to think to type :/

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