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This room is often frequented by the students on their days off or in-between classes. It is a comfortable room with a wall full of windows and several couches that are constantly rearranged by the students. There are a few desks and tables next to the corner with the bookshelf, though the idea of anyone doing homework in here is laughable. There is one television, the remote to which is usually lost somewhere between couch cushions. There are also desktop computers available for use by the desks.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Center 3rd

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2012-01-01 [Flisky]: Gotta love Endelyn. :D

2012-01-01 [XxTsomexX]: Addy is like her best friend, or course shes going to be worried about her

2012-01-01 [Flisky]: I'm just curious what's going to happen during the three weeks when she doesn't reappear.

2012-01-01 [La Luna]: Laurel's gonna notice around day 2 or 3 xP She's a little slow...

2012-01-01 [XxTsomexX]: Endelyn will at first be panicky, then will be sad assuming she just up and left. However the moment addy comes back, Endelyn with probably tacklehug her and snuggle her to death.

2012-01-01 [Flisky]: Yeah, whoever wants to witness Addy's return should loiter in the east hall after the time jump. Just saying. (It would probably also be fortuitous if someone big *cough*Vlad*cough* was there to restrain her when the time comes.)

2012-01-01 [Figgy]: Bad Ass Mother Fucker >>

2012-01-01 [Lepellier]: I know what it means, not saying that Nathan does.:P

2012-01-01 [Flisky]: *falls over laughing*

2012-01-01 [XxTsomexX]: Endelyn doesn't know what it is either. She just knows it as addy's way of transporting.

2012-03-09 [Figgy]: Post post! :D

2012-03-12 [XxTsomexX]: D: Awww I wanna hug her. I'm so sorry Jonas is a dick Daniela!! D:

2012-03-13 [Lepellier]: Sorry, bit of mental dialog there.

2012-03-13 [AccountUnavaili able]: Erm, Nathan's turn?

2012-03-14 [Lepellier]: Should be daniela reacting to the orb.

2012-03-14 [Duredhel]: I wanted to know if Lep was gonna post before I posted. I guess I'll go :O

2012-03-14 [Lepellier]: Ahh, sorry Dur. I was going by what seemed to be natural progression.

2012-03-14 [AccountUnavaili able]: Good thing I mentioned it then :P

2012-03-14 [Duredhel]: Ok :3
post post :D
let's make the best of all of us being online at once.

2012-09-06 [Figgy]: Ohhh, that couch >_>

And someone must've fixed the TV.

2012-09-06 [ZeoOfFire]: Ah, didn't know it was broken.
And I assumed a vague couch layout.
If you want the TV broken, she'll just lie down, maybe fall asleep. She probably will anyway.

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