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This room is often frequented by the students on their days off or in-between classes. It is a comfortable room with a wall full of windows and several couches that are constantly rearranged by the students. There are a few desks and tables next to the corner with the bookshelf, though the idea of anyone doing homework in here is laughable. There is one television, the remote to which is usually lost somewhere between couch cushions. There are also desktop computers available for use by the desks.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Center 3rd

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2011-12-28 [Figgy]: So the new kids don't even find it weird that a disembodied voice just spoke to them? Or even notice? :>

2011-12-28 [AccountUnavaili able]: Uhh... Ok I got nothing.

2011-12-28 [Figgy]: Just pay attention to all the posts in the RP. You don't want to miss anything important.

2011-12-28 [Flisky]: Kind of like no one mentioning someone vanishing. :D

2011-12-28 [AccountUnavaili able]: It has only been a day, and people are only just emerging from their rooms, Lucas seemingly the only one who went to class by the looks of things :P

2011-12-28 [Flisky]: Mihir went to class and then went to his room. And Endelyn is being left behind. Just pointing out.

2011-12-28 [Figgy]: I don't think people are going to really notice unless they hang out with Addy on a daily or nearly daily basis, though. And even then, those people are distressed about other things (Endelyn losing friends, Light nearly having a mental breakdown over the night before, Vlad stressing over his sister.). I mean, Shade is even gone and the only one who knows is Light, and she's not about to spout it off to the world.

2011-12-28 [Flisky]: Yeah. The only one I really expect to notice is her roommate. Addy's only real friends are all having personal issues. :P

2011-12-29 [XxTsomexX]: Endelyn notices, shes just not sure what she should do about the situation.

2011-12-31 [Flisky]: Hmmm...a 19 year old and a 16 year old... XD

2011-12-31 [AccountUnavaili able]: It's not that bad...

2011-12-31 [Lirerial]: lol yea... decided it could be interesting lol

2011-12-31 [Flisky]: But it is still technically illegal...*whistles as she walks away from this one*

2011-12-31 [AccountUnavaili able]: Legal age is 16 over here... plus this is the X-men, anything can happen :D Plus this'll be all about Lire's inner conflict etc.

2011-12-31 [Lirerial]: hmmm I don't remember what her inner conflict is now lol and yea, 16 is legal where I am too

2011-12-31 [Flisky]: In NY, age of consent is 17...*feels like this conversation has already happened somewhere else...*

2011-12-31 [AccountUnavaili able]: Plus remember Lucas is a clone... He's actually an 80 year old man.

2011-12-31 [Flisky]: *rolls eyes* So he's either too young or a dirty old man?

2011-12-31 [AccountUnavaili able]: Exactly. But hey, it's not like they're having sex on the couch, Lucas is a little more innocent than that.

2011-12-31 [Flisky]: No, that's more of a Light and Shade thing to do...or was, anyway.

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