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This particular Metro-North station is located in the hamlet of Purdy's, the closer of the two train stations in Salem Center. Inside there is dark wood and marble nearly everywhere. Most noticeable is a grand white clock that tells the hour in Roman Numerals as it winds its way around, inset in the elaborately carved marble wall. There are ticket windows lining one wall, and benches everywhere as people wait for their trains. A large staircase on the west end has people climbing and descending as trains come in, and hung intermittently from the ceiling are boards with flipping numbers and letters telling of the status of the trains. Posted largely near the entrance is a schedule of trains and their destinations. There are vending machines and newspaper machines lining the walls as well. One television is playing the news in a corner amongst the most benches. A few bored looking security guards are wandering around, eating a late breakfast, and sitting, respectively.

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Monday, May 25th

X-Men Salem Center

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2012-03-09 [Figgy]: Post post! :D

2013-05-07 [Lirerial]: Poke?

2013-05-07 [Flisky]: Sorry. I was going to post today but I completely forgot.

2013-05-07 [Lirerial]: Lol it's ok

2013-05-12 [Lirerial]: Lire nodded with a smile. This was going to be interesting. She wasn't sure she'd ever been on public transportation... It was to risky for a girl that prefered a vehicle driven and maintained by herself. "Yes, I am."

2013-05-13 [Lirerial]: Lire boarded the train after Mihir and settled her backpack at her seat and placed her computer case on her lap. She sighed as the train started and leaned her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes. Even though she appeared relaxed, she was far from it, her ears were alert for any stray sound that might signify an attack. She had seen enough places disappear and simply she had no interest in watching another place fade away even though she planned on returning.

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