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The very center of the room holds an interactive map with holographic technology to a three dimensional display can be viewed. The walls are covered with various forms of technology, including computers, radars, a large television with a camera for video conferences, and manual controls for the various pieces of security equipment around the mansion. One wall has a large world map covered with colored lights whose point and purpose is only known by fully fledged X-Men.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Complex North
X-Men Mission Postings

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2013-11-22 [Flisky]: I thought there was another post??? I'm confused.

And Figgs, should I have Mihir play damage control? (His talent is natural leadership...)

2013-11-22 [The Black Goat]: There was a rage post

2013-11-22 [Figgy]: Lire asked me to remove it sooo.
If someone else gets angry probably, cause they're gonna make Shana wanna punch them. With a steel fist :P

2013-11-22 [twitchboy]: I love how Mark is adding to the fire lol it amuses me

2013-11-22 [Flisky]: Gotcha. :)

I'll have him step in next post.

2013-11-22 [Flisky]: anyone going to post?

2013-11-22 [Figgy]: There's too many people here for a particular order, so whoever wants to go first, go ahead.
I'll probably do a short danger post in a few.

2013-11-22 [Flisky]: I was waiting for either Twitch or Lire, doesn't matter who at this point.

2013-11-22 [Flisky]: I'll give Twitch another half an hour to get back online before I post.

2013-11-23 [Duredhel]: XD Mark has to be the densest genius I've ever seen.

2013-11-23 [Figgy]: I don't even... I don't understand why he's even pissed. :/

2013-11-23 [Flisky]: Either way, I think it's your turn, Figgs.

2013-11-23 [The Black Goat]: lmao

I'd say Mark seems book smart, but not people smart ^^

2013-11-23 [Duredhel]: Probably XD. It tends to happen.

2013-11-23 [Figgy]: it'll be a bit before I'm able to. got work all day for the next two days and a research paper I need to work on. I'll try to find time in between.

2013-11-23 [twitchboy]: Nox has hit it on the head, read his history lol

2013-11-23 [The Black Goat]: go me! : does pointless victory lap around room:

2013-11-23 [Flisky]: *trips Nox*

2013-11-23 [The Black Goat]: :falls flat on face:


2013-11-23 [Flisky]: *sits next to and pets*

2013-11-23 [The Black Goat]: lmao, did I turn into a doggy?

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